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Which of the following is a community lifeline?

When calamity strikes, communities rely on more than just hope and resilience to weather the storm. At the heart of effective disaster response lies a lifeline that sustains life, upholds order, and nurtures hope even amidst the darkest hours.

Welcome to the world of "Community Lifelines" – an intricate network of essential services and resources that fortify the very fabric of society during times of crisis.

From devastating natural disasters to unforeseen emergencies, the ability of a community to endure and recover hinges upon the availability and continuity of these lifelines.

Each thread in this tapestry represents a critical pillar, safeguarding public health, safety, and well-being when chaos looms large.


Which of the following is a community lifeline?

A. Schools and Churches
B. Grocery and Fast Food
C. Lumber and Hardware
D. Communications


The correct answer is A. Command and Coordination.

Communications is a community lifeline. Communications is recognized as one of the essential community lifelines during emergencies.

It refers to the various means of communication that enable the flow of information, coordination, and dissemination of critical updates to the public and responders during and after a disaster.

In summary, communications is an integral community lifeline during emergencies, as it serves as the backbone for efficient incident management and ensures that vital information reaches the right people at the right time to protect lives and property.

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