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At the incident scene, who handles media inquiries?

During emergencies, natural disasters, or significant incidents, media attention often swarms the scene seeking information and updates.

In such critical moments, clear and accurate communication is crucial not only for the media but also for the public.

To manage this flow of information, the role of the Public Information Officer (PIO) becomes paramount.


At the incident scene who handles media inquiries?

A. Communications Officer

B. Public Information Officer

C. External Affairs Specialist

D. Media Relations Specialist


The correct answer is B. Public Information Officer

At an incident scene, the Public Information Officer (PIO) is typically responsible for handling media inquiries. The PIO acts as the primary point of contact between the incident response team and the media.

They are trained to effectively communicate with journalists, provide accurate and timely information, and manage the flow of information during emergencies or incidents.

The PIO's role is crucial in ensuring that the public and the media receive reliable information while maintaining control over the dissemination of details about the incident.

The Public Information Officer is a specially designated individual within the incident response team responsible for managing media inquiries and public communications during emergencies.

This role is vital in ensuring that the public receives reliable and up-to-date information while avoiding the spread of misinformation.

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