Windows 7 (Genuine) price in INDIA starts at Rs 5900

Windows 7 india

Now you can purchase Genuine Windows 7 in India at starting cost of Rs 5900. Currently Windows 7 is available in India in 6 different edition. The lowest price is Rs 5900.

There are many reasons for you to use genuine copy of Windows 7 instead of Beta version of Windows 7. If you are using beta version, it can crash or expire at any time. You can not get updates and inbuilt antivirus updates in Beta version. If you are going to use Windows 7 for offline purpose only, you can continue with  beta version, because there will not be  virus threat from internet.

If you will be found using pirated copy of Windows 7  in office, Microsoft can sue you. For official purpose and for  more security you should always use original copy. Future upgradation and support will also be available for Genuine Windows 7 users.

You can purchase Original Windows 7 at any big computer store in your area.

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