Window AC is more reliable than Split AC, Know why

If you want to compare Window AC vs Split AC, you will find that window AC requires less maintenance than Split AC. Overall you will find that Window AC is much better than split AC.

Here are the reasons: why Window AC is better choice:

1. In Window AC ( air conditioner) there is no tube run between two different places. Window AC is just like a box which is to be mounted in widow. If you see split AC, you will find long tube running between indoor unit and outdoor unit. If the distance is more between two unit, there will be less cooling in the room. To run the copper tubing, you need many penetration in wall, it involves a lot of civil work.

2.  There is more chance of coolant leak in between outdoor unit and indoor unit of Split AC because there are more number of joints in long copper tubing in split AC. Copper tubing may run in hot area, cold area, wet area etc, all these variation will make tube joints prone to failure. Chances of coolant leak is very less in window AC because, in Window AC, number of joints in coolant tube are less and all tubing are in AC panel, safe from outer whether.

3. Installation cost and handling cost is less in Window AC in comparison to Split AC.

4. Overall cost for same ton of AC, you will find Window AC is cheaper than Split AC.

5. General servicing frequency for Window AC is much less in comparison to Split AC.

6. Many people think that Window AC makes lot of noise. It is not true, the noise level in Window AC is not too much, if you reduce the flow, noise will further get reduced.

7. Many people think that, Window AC cooling effectiveness is less, but truth is that, for same ton rating, cooling effect for both Window AC and Split AC is almost same and electricity consumption will also be same if they are of same star rating.

From above points of view, it is clear that Window AC is better choice if you want peace in your mind for AC related problems.

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