Wi-Fi Router Health Effects

If you have Wi-Fi Router in your room, It will give significant radiation dose to your body, particularly to brain and is dangerous for your health. For child, it is more harmful.

Normally people keeps Wi-Fi router “ON” 24X7 hrs, so the accumulated dose on daily basis by router is higher in comparison to radiation dose received by mobile phone.

If Wi-Fi router is far away from you and you are getting enough signal , Wi-Fi signal will have strength from 30mW to 500 mW depending upon how powerful Wi-Fi router is.

If you compare the signal strength with mobile device, the mobile phone signal strength is around 125mW to 2W. Even though the strenght of Wi-Fi signal is less in comparison to mobile device but due to long duration of exposure, radiation does from Wi-Fi router is not much less.

Effect of radiation does from Wi-Fi router is not proven harmful with scientific proof, but you should be careful about the does received by it.

To make Wi-Fi router safe for health, do the following things.

  1. Install less powerful Wi-Fi router, if your home is small. For small home, range of router is not issue, even less powered Wi-Fi router will do the same work.
  2. Do not install Wi-Fi router in your bedroom or don’t place it at those place where you spend more time.
  3. Switch off the Wi-Fi router when not in use.
  4. Use “G” mode (not “n” mode, which is more powerful) if your all devices works perfectly with “G”mode.

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