Use and Benefit of Chronograph Watches

The only extra feature of Chronograph Watches from normal watch is that it can act as stop watch also. In most of mobile, stop watch facility is available. The same stop watch function is performed by Chronograph Watches in addition of showing normal time. Using stop watch feature in wrist watch is very handy, you can quickly start and stop the Chronograph function in your wrist watch.

Here are the list of main uses and benefit of Chronograph Watches.

1. Bigger and sporty looks of wrist watch- Normally Chronograph Watches are bigger in size and give very sporty looks. Many people mostly of young age, buy Chronograph Watches only for great looks, most of the people don’t or rarely use Chronograph function of watch.

2. Quick handy function of stop watch : Suppose you quickly want to know the travel time from home to office/school/college, you just start the  Chronograph function at start of travel by pressing the button on watch and stop it after reaching office/school/college, it will give instantly the  time of travel. You can calculate the same time by using normal watch by writing the timing and calculating the travel time. But in Chronograph Watch you dont need to calculate any thing, you will get the result as soon as you press the stop button.

Out of three dial for chronograph in most of Chronograph Watch, one is for hour and minute, other is for second and the last dial is for fraction of second (mostly for .05 Sec time difference).

Generally, You can run chronograph for maximum of 24 hour or 12 hour depending on model of watch, after these hour of running, position of chronograph will be same as previous, after that you need to manually record the number of repetition of cycle for accurate time measurement.

3.  Tachymeter Function: Most of Chronograph Watches  also provide Tachymeter reading. This is the values written on outer part of watch. Suppose you are on bus and want to know the speed of bus, just start the Chronograph when you see a km milestone and stop it when you see next, if the speed is more than 60km/hr, just check the postion of second handle in Chronograph,  for that second reading see the Tachymeter reading, it will give the speed in km/hr. Suppose the time from one stone to next is 50 Sec. You will see the Tachymeter reading at 50 sec location is 72, so the speed is 72 km/hr. Here again you don’t need to calculate manually the speed.

If you use Chronograph function more frequently, the battery of watch will get drained fast. So use it only when you require it.

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