What is Read i.ytimg.com – Guide for firefox users

When you read ‘Read i.ytimg.com’ at left bottom corner of firefox browser, don’t be worry for any thing wrong with your internet connection or your wordpress blog or websites.

This problem comes sometimes when you open a webpage or wordpress blog, that contains youtube video. Actually this sometime indicates that you need to click the play button of youtube video. After clicking the play button the “Read i.ytimg.com” problem will be solved.

Don’t think that at all other element of website is waiting for i.ytimg.com to complete. This is not true, Other element of your webpage will be loaded before finishing the above message.

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  1. Anaon says:

    Problem? This is no problem that needs to be solved.

    ytimg.com is YouTube’s image server. So if you see that message in status bar it means nothing more or less than: images are being loaded

  2. Tom says:

    Look at that website: http://www.rumorismo.com : same problem here.. the only thing that does not load is the very end of the page. (BTW: wordpress with easytube plugin).. Its kind of frustrating to see that FF hasn’t finished loading the page… website looks slow to me.

    What do you think?

  3. Pasan Indeewara says:

    ytimg is the youtube’s image server. Don’t panic. it’s no harm 🙂

  4. Abhi says:

    Thats exactly correct that y stands for you t for tube and img is a image collectively called as ytimg.com

    What to do if youtube images are not working on your word press blog ?

    Any Hints 🙂 ?

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