Watch TV in PC or laptop using USB External TV Tuner (Cost Rs 1600)

The most easiest and cheapest way to watch TV program (CABLE TV or satellite TV) in your computer or laptop is by using USB External TV Tuner card.

You compute operating system should be Windows XP. You will get TV program and its sound through your USB 2 port directly using  USB External TV Tuner.

external TV USB Tuner CARD

This USB external TV tuner will take power from USB port itself. You can also record the TV program Into your hard drive.

External TV Tuner Vs Internal TV Tuner CARD

If your using external TV tuner other than USB TV Tuner, you cant record the TV program and you need other sound device to connect with TV tuner, one external TV Tuner can not run on both CRT monitor and LCD monitor.

If you are using Internal TV tuner, you need extra work of setting up tuner inside the CPU, the process will be more complicated for laptop

USB External TV Tuner

All the above limitation will be removed if you will use USB External TV Tuner, it will connect with USB post on plug and play basis. Its size is low, no external power source required, it will run for all type of monitor, Its cost is also low. It will work in LAPTOP or desktop computer both. You can record the TV program in your hard drive. Other features are- Full function Remote Control included,User-Friendly Tv plus Adjustment Mode,Real-Time Mpeg Encoding Supports s-video and VCR Video Input, Make your own recordings or video conversion for VCD/DVD video

In India The price of USB External TV Tuner is just around Rs 1600 in India. For more details of product and price see here.

If you want to know more how to setup and use USB External TV Tuner, visit here (Transcend TV-Box USB 2.0 TV Tuner)

The TV program resolution will be as good as you get the resolution of high cost LCD TV, so you can save a lot of money if you use your PC for TV program.

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  1. Joe says:

    Do you mean that there is no need of a set top box or something like that for satellite TV?Really?

  2. Roy says:

    dude which brand is this? where can i buy it from?

  3. sonu says:

    i want purchase external tv tuner

  4. Raj timsina says:

    What is the price in UAE …and where can I buy this

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