Watch Hindi Movie online (full) on YouTube by renting or Purchase in India

Now in India, you can legally watch online Full length latest Hindi (Bollywood) or other Indian language movie on YouTube by Renting the video or purchasing the video in Youtube.

Just search the Bollywood movie name on YouTube, in some video you will see the price to rent the video. Just make google account and click the video of movie, you are now require to pay the the rental or the purchase fee by online payment method.

After successful payment, you are able to see the movie, remember that once you start the playing of movie , you need to finish the movie within 48 hr or stated time. You can start watching movie in first 30 day after payment.

Not all bollywood movies are currently available for rent. But some selected movies are available for online watch on YouTube.

Price start from Rs 50 and it can go up to any price depending on demand of movie.

Price of  HD quality movie is more than normal quality movie.

You can also Purchase the movie on YouTube, here the purchasing means that you can watch the purchased movie in YouTube as many time as you want. Purchased movie will always be available in your account for watching at any time.

The price you pay for rent or purchase, most of portion of the money will go to the producer of the movie. It is legal and movie owner authorized YouTube to stream the movie in YouTube with original quality.

you will not get option to download the movie.

This service of YouTube is very useful, if you are desperate to watch some movie, but it is not available to watch in theater, than you can rent the movie in low price and watch is in HD quality in your PC.

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