Voter ID Card Registration Online in India: Easy and Free (Updated)

In India, Voter ID card is important Identity document for lots of work. You can get your Voter ID card easily by filling  application form  online.

Here is the website for online registration for voter ID card- (on clicking the link you will visit the official site for Online registration of Voter ID Card). The official site for election commission is

Please to apply for Voter ID card  online, do the following,

1. Keep ready your passport photo (colored), ID Proof, Date of Birth Proof, Residential Address Proof etc scanned copy in soft format.

2. at please select New New User Registration

3. Here you will require to fill the form with giving mobile number, email etc

4. on submitting above, you will be redirected to select the electoral Officer in your area, you can search it at this link

5. After that you will be redirected to fill Form 6 for new voter ID card, on this page you will be required to upload photograph, and other proof details.

6 . After submitting it, you will be given tracking number and for getting the Voter ID card you can contact your selected electoral Officer in your area.

The address proof document is required for the BLO (Booth Level Officer) to come and verify your residence status. Therefore, it is not essential for the address proof document to have your name, but needs to have only the address of the place you are staying at.

You can use address proof document on the name of your parents, relatives, friends etc. with whom you are staying. During address verification, the person whose name appears on the address proof document needs to confirm that you are staying at the same address.

Full answer of all FAQs about voting is here.  Voter ID card will be ready after few days of submission of application.

Currently there is no requirement for Voter ID card for voting purpose, only your name should be there on voter list.

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