Verify PayPal account with your Debit Card (ATM Card) In India

October 30, 2009

If you don’t have credit card or don’t want to use your credit card, you can still verify your PayPal account using your DEBIT CARD (ATM CARD).

You can not use directly your debit card number in your paypal account for verification. You need to make virtual credit card by using your existing DEBIT card. Use that Virtual credit card to verify your PAYPAL account.

Here is the procedure for getting VCC (Virtual credit card) HDFC Netsafe card using your HDFC bank debit card (ATM card).

netsafe credit card VCC

1. Register at HDFC Netsafe card

2. Use your HDFC debit card for input data.

3. After registration, login with your created login name and password.

5. Make Netsafe card of around 120 Rs.

6. Your VCC (Virtual credit card) HDFC Netsafe card is ready for use, note down card number, expiry date and type of card (VISA or MASTER CARD)

7. Login into paypal, and verify it using above VCC card number and expiry date.

8. If above step is successful, login again at HDFC netsafe account.

9. Check on all account> all transactions, in description of recent transaction, you can see 4 digit number with other alphabets,(like pp*8147paypal) note down that 4 digit number. For example 8147 is the number in above code.

10. Login at PayPal, confirm your card by entering that 4 digit number.

Your PayPal account is verified now. There will not be any restriction in future in your PayPal account for any amount of transaction.

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  1. surendra says:

    dear sir,Thanks for the information.I have successfull verified as per your guidance but unable to pay through Paypal account for site.Please guide me throughly.

  2. vishram says:

    My debit Card is UNION BANK OF INDIA ,From Inian nationalized Bank.

    I am created My account in Paypal .

    How to verify my Paypal A/C with my (UNION BANK OF INDIA) Debi Card.

    Please give Idea.


  3. rahul says:

    can i use kotak bank also for net safe ..? or its only for HDFC bank ..?

  4. Manuel says:

    Are you sure about this? I mean, NetSafe is said to be for one time usage only. It is valid for 24hrs. Afterwards you need to generate another NetSafe values. Could you please confirm?

  5. sandeep says:

    sir My debit Card is UNION BANK OF INDIA ,punjab national bank of india both cards are not accept the paypal account.which bank debit card will accept the payal a/c.
    peless tell the information urgent.

  6. s.sudhakar says:

    please give me a detail of the HDFC net safe card. Are you sure paypal account link to my bank account verify use.

  7. m.oturkar says:

    Netsafe HDFC bank
    if i purchase above card what’s its validity for pay pal
    is for 24 hrs only, please reply i want to verify for pay pal

  8. shikha says:

    i have union bank of india atm card can you accept paypal account pls informe me

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