Use Indian Debit card as Credit card (international) for online purchase

If you are having ICICI bank Visa Debit card, you can use it  credit card for online purchase.

If you want online purchase from foreign website, in most of the case you will have option to pay through PayPal. If you see paypal as a option for payment, you can use your ICICI debit card as credit card there.

Here is the steps.

1. Create Paypal Account, they will ask you about PAN number to fill.

2. Go to shopping website, opt the payment option as PayPal.

3. For payment you will be redirected to PayPal website, get logged into PayPal, use the option to pay by credit card.

4. Fill you VISA Debit card number issued by ICICI bank, fill the expiry date as given on debit card, in CVV number, fill the CSC numbers (“Card Security Code”) that is 3 digit number provided at back of debit card next to signature space, also fill name and address.

5. Submit the payment, your debit card debited with equivalent amount in Indian Rupess.

In this process, they will not ask the pin number of debit card for authorization of payment, So make payment carefully. amount will immediately get deducted  from you your bank account, so your account get accessed to PayPal  directly.

Only ICICI bank (not other bank) debit card (VISA) can be used in this way.

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