Get internet from Android mobile to PC or LAPTOP with USB

Android mobile does not provide PC suit for tethering Internet to PC or laptop, but without PC SUIT, you can still use your Android mobile internet (from GPRS or 3G)  to surf internet in PC or Laptop by connecting Android mobile to PC or Laptop by USB drive.

If you are using PC or laptop with WIFI facility, and if your Android mobile support WIFI Hotspot, you just ON the WIFI HOTSPOT and your PC or Laptop will detect the WIFI network from Android mobile, connect to WIFI, and surf the internet from PC.

If your Android mobile does not support WIFI HOTSPOT or if your PC or LAPTOP does not have facility to get internet from WIFI, you can connect Android mobile to PC by USB DRIVE and you can surf internet in your PC by using your Android Phone as modem.

For Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, make data connection available in phone > connect mobile with USB > in setting, tick on USB tethering> you PC will detect new hardware (modem) install it. after installation LAN will be shown ON in PC, try to surf net, you will see internet connection is working fine.

For Windows XP for installation of modem first of all you need to download “tetherxp.inf” file.

Download the following configuration file (tetherxp.inf) to your Windows XP computer. Typically, you can right click on the link and choose “Save As”. (source)

connect the mobile with pc, tick USB tethering on.

open that above file with word pad, read that file in wordpad, under AndroidDevices.NT.5.1, change the device id from USB/VID_18D1&PID_4E13 to whatever YOUR device ID is.

to get the device ID, open control panel> System> Hardware> Device manager> Network adapters> double click on android modem in details you will see device ID, use this ID in tetherxp.inf and save it.

Again connect mobile with PC, if ask for hardware location, chose that folder in which tetherxp.inf is available.

It will install the hardware, now you will see new LAN connection is connected. if it is connected you can now surf the web in PC.

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