Upload PDF file & get quick download link free in safe way

If you want  a website which provide facility to upload pdf file upto size 2 GB and quick download link of the PDF file, the website which provide this facility for free is http://ge.tt/

at http://ge.tt/ you can upload any pdf file for free. The file will be available for download for 14 days. If you want to delete the file from the server, you should make account in http://ge.tt/. Account making is too easy, you just need to provide any  email ID as username and chose any password, they will not sent email to validate your email.

After login with email ID and chosen password, you can upload file in quick way, you will also get link for the pdf file to download as soon as you start uploading it.

You can delete the file in single click, the file will removed from server forever. You can also see the the number of times the file is downloaded from server.

It’s quick safe and easy way to share a file.

The above website is more useful when you don’t want to send file by email or file size is too large for  email.

You don’t require to download any software for using it. The website is free from any virus or lots of advertisement.

For downloading the file there is no requirement to create account in the website. There is no any time delay to start downloading the file.

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