Unlock Nokia Mobile handset ( cell phone) if you forgot the lock code

Some time you may find that your Nokia mobile is locked and you forgot the code (password) to unlock it. You may be unable to reset or disable the locking code of Nokia cell phone.

By some tricks you can reset the locking code of your Nokia mobile.

Here is the way

1. If you Nokia mobile hand set is supporting  Nokia PC Suite (you are able to connect your Nokia mobile to PC through Nokia PC Suite ). In this case,  just update the Nokia mobile firmware, you can download the firmware from Nokia website.

2. Just switch off your Nokia mobile. press the button 3, * and “Call” simultaneously and hold it and switch on the Nokia Mobile. Hold all three keys until you see formatting information on your Nokia handset. It will reset the locking code. If resetting is successful, you can put new locking code. It is better to not put any locking code because in future you may forget the new locking code also.

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