Find Train Coach position (bogie) & Platform Number online

If you want to find the bogie Position (Coach Position) of Indian railway train at any station, the official information for coach position is available online from before 2-3 hour of running of train at official website of Indian railway at the link

You just need to provide the PNR number. Here is the below screenshot you can see the information of coach position. Coach position indicate distance of coach from engine, i.e. Coach position 2 indicates that  the your coach is behind engine at 2nd number.


If you want the general Rake/Coach Composition of any train, here at this link  you can find Rake/Coach Composition, but the information may not be updated one at, so it will be better if you confirm the information from official source. Below is the screenshot of Train Coach position/ Composition available at



After opening the above website just inter the train number at box where “train” is written and click the search button. It not only provide the coach position but also give historical data of delay of train of previous dates on given station.

Train Platform potion can be found at

Just enter the Train number and then click “All Running Instances”, then click the start date of the train, you will get live status of train as well as platform number of train at given station, here is the screenshot.


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    What is SV1 coach

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    what is B1 coach in mahabodhi exp

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