Top 5 best and most popular INDIAN VEGETABLE Dish ( Sabzi ) Recipes

Here is the name, list, pictures and recipes details of best and most popular Indian Vegetables Dishes.

1. Aloo Ki Sabzi (Dum Aloo) (spicy Fried Boiled Potato)

Boiled Fried potato is most popular vegetable dish in India. It is easy to make.

Recipe –

Boil the Aloo. Fry it with oil, onion and spices. After frying, cook it in small amount of water.

Learn here how to cook Aloo Ki Sabzi (Dum Aloo) in this video

2. Aloo Palak

Aloo Palak  is testy and healthy Recipe (Sabzi). Spice requirement is less. It take less time to cook.

Recipe –

Fry  the onions, add various masala and ginger garlic paste, cook the masala. Add potatoes and tomatoes and cook it. Add palak and salt.  Cook it for 20 minutes.

Learn here in this video how to make Aloo Palak

3. Patta Gobi  ki Sabzi (Cabbage Curry)

Cabbage is cheap vegetable, it is available on on most of the vegetable shop. It is easy to cook. Less oil is required. It is Healthy vegetable.


chop the cabbage and cook it with water, salt and turmeric, Add masala , chilly, salt in it. After cooking  put Tadka in it.

Here is this video recipe is given for Cabbage Curry

4. Matar Paneer

Mater Paneer is spicy dish, normally it is made on special occasion.


Cut the Paneer into cubes. Heat oil in a pan and fry the paneer until becomes soft and light golden color. Make Curry using various masala and oil. Cook fried Paneer and fresh green matar in it for sufficient time.

Learn here how to make Mater Paneer in this video

5. Chana Masala ( Chole Chana )

Chana masala is easy to make and. You can store chickpeas (Chana ) for whole month, you need to go to market every time you want good dish. Chana Masala is nutritious dish.


Cook the overnight soaked  chickpeas (Chana ) in pressure Cooker. In heated oil add Onion and Spices. Cook it and make curry. Add Cooked chana it in. Cook it for sufficient time.

Here is the video about method to make Chana Masala.

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