Top 3 best Window AC (1 Ton) in India – Review & Price

If you select the best performing Window AC, it can be better choice than Split AC. If room size is small to medium, 1 Ton Window AC is sufficient to cool enough the room without continuous loading.

Window Air Conditioner is having flexibility to move to other room or other house without much cost and time involved. Window AC normally runs for many year without any trouble.

Best Choice of window AC is based on following.

  1. Cool the room fast
  2. less noise
  3. Less Vibration
  4. No Gas (Coolant) should leak for many year
  5. Compressor life should be much more
  6. Price should be reasonable
  7. Quick after sell service, maintenance and troubleshooting

Based on above the following three Window AC may be best choice.

1. Hitachi RAW312KRD (Hitachi Kaze 1.0 Ton Window AC, 3 Star) – Its price is around Rs 20,000. This Window AC is having many other advantage.

2. Carrier Estrella 1.0 T (Remote) (Carrier Estrella 1.0 Ton Window AC, 3 Star) – Its Price is near about Rs 21,000. Its performance is also good. Carrier brand is having much reputation for good Air Conditioner.

3. Onida W12TRD2 (Onida 1.0 Ton Window AC, 2 Star)– This window AC is having Price of Rs 18000. Onida is Indian Company. The performance and quality of Onida AC is also very good.

Before Purchasing any Air Conditioner, please research enough by yourself for most suited AC and also get the correct price at retail.

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