TET (Teachers Eligibility Test) qualified Teacher’s Job Review (prospect)

If you have passed in TET in India, you should know the salary, type, nature etc of the job of teacher that is going to be offered to you.

First you should know that there is huge shortage of teachers in primary school, middle school and high school, mainly in rural area (villages) in India. Teacher to student ratio is too low in these area. In villages, no one want to open private schools as they can not earn money  from poor people. Now it is Government duty to recruit large number of teaches to provide quality education.

If Government hires permanent teacher (Government teacher) for the huge shortage of teacher, it will cost big financial burden to government. Government decided to recruit teachers on contract basis to reduce financial burden. The salary of teachers on contract is so low that B.Ed qualified candidate normally will not apply for the post.

To fill the demand of teachers at low cost, Government of India decided to conduct TET to enroll many minimum qualified people for the job of teacher on contract basis. For TET even 10th pass candidate are eligible for teacher’s job.

Nature of Job- If you will get the job offer of teacher because of your performance in TET,  you should know that it is only a contract job on fixed monthly salary. In most of the situation you will get posted at village school. You will have to work for around 8 hours. Most probably, you have to arrange yourself for travel and accommodation.

There will not be any pay scale, Travel allowance or DA (Dearness allowance)  or medical insurance facility for the TET qualified teachers.  increment in salary will be nominal in general.

For primary school TET qualified teacher, fixed salary will be in range of around Rs 6000 to Rs 8000 per month (varies with states).

This Teacher job is good for those person how will get job in same or near place school of his/her own place, and they don’t have better earning option.

After experience they can migrate to other teaching offer which will give more salary.

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