Tata Sky + HD vs Dish TV True HD+ comparison to chose better one

If you have purchased TV with HD (High Definition) quality, you need to get HD TV channels to enjoy the true HD quality. Right Now only few TV channels are getting broadcasted in HD format.  In HD format, picture quality improves by almost 5 times in comparison to ordinary format.(SD format).

Many satellite TV provider like TATA Sky, Dish TV, Airtel Digital TV, Videocon D2H and Reliance Digital TV is  broadcasting few HD channels only.

There are only few channels available in India in HD format. Some of them are- STAR PLUS HD, STAR GOLD HD, STAR MOVIES HD, ESPN HD, DISCOVERY HD, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC HD etc.

After comparing the offers given by TATA Sky +HD and Dish TV True HD+, it is found that TATA Sky+ HD is better because of

1. To subscribe HD channel pack, you can subscribe any cheap pack as basic pack (price range is around 160 Rs per month)

2. Service given by TATA Sky is far better and quick.

3. At price of around 11,000 you can get all channels including HD channel for one year with TATA Sky + HD set top box and installation charge is free.

4. Annual cost of all channels including HD channeld is around Rs 5500 (inclusive of all tax)

If you check the offers of Dish TV for True HD+

1. To subscribe HD channels, you need to  buy higher cost basic package (around 390 Rs/month)

2. Although set top box for HD is low (around Rs 2700) but you need to purchase high capacity external hard drive (cost aroud Rs 3500) for set top box.

3. Customer care is poor at Dish TV.


Airtel Digital TV and Videocon D2H are providing good offers for HD TV but somehow it is costlier than TATA Sky+ HD. So over all ,  TATA Sky.+ HD is best option for HD TV watching.

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