Tagging Photos on Facebook Meaning: Set Privacy Setting for safe

Many time you may see in Facebook that, you or your friends tagged in some photo in Facebook. Here is the meaning of it.

Need for tagging– Suppose any one or you uploaded a photo in Facebook, in which many people are present,  you want to append the link (with name) to appear with any person you want, so that any one who can see the photo should know who is in the photo, and can visit to their Facebook profile to know more about him by  clicking the link attached with the face of that person . This is where Tagging is required. Facebook Automatically detect the faces and gives options to tag on any face. To insert the name of the person, just type the name, once you start typing the name, similar name will appear bellow, select the correct one.

Once tagging done, the name of the person with facebook profile link will always appear when any person hover the mouse over the face of the person . The name of the person with link who got tagged in photo will also come in description of photo.

You or your friend can also tag any person to any pics on facebook without attaching  with any particular face. In this option the tag will appear only in the description of photo.

Danger of Tagging

1.  If your privacy setting is not proper, once you upload any photo, any of your friend can add tag in your uploaded photo. For example, your friend can tag with  giving inappropriate wrong profile link. This link will appear with this photo, when any one see the pics in Facebook.

2. When any other person  tag you (attaching your name that links to your profile) in any photo on some one else profile, the photo will appear in your time line, as well as all of your friends get the information that you are tagged in that pics. This will be be very objectionable if some one else tagged your name with the pics that you dont want to appear in facebook.,


1. If you find the pics in which you are tagged, is inappropriate, you can untagg yourself  by clicking on Untagg Yourself.

2. To make your profile more secure against unwanted tagging information to appear in your timeline, choose the following Privacy setting in your Facebook account.

i) Choose privacy setting (from top right space options)

ii) Select Friend (in radio button)

iii)  in TimeLine and Tagging option choose

– Who can post you in time line- No one

– Who can see what other post on your time line> Custom> Only me

– Review Post Friend tag you in before they appear on your time line> ON

– Who can see the post you have been tagged in your time line> Custom> Only me

– Review Tags people add to your own post on Facebook > ON

– Who see tag suggestion when photo that looks like you are uploaded > No one.

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