Sunmeet Kaur: KBC 6 winner, Rs 5 Cr : Questions (all 13) asked Details

The KBC Episode in which Sunmeet Kaur wins Rs 5 Crore, is telecasted on the 12th January, 2013. 

There is 13 question, Sunmeet Kaur has answered all 13 question correctly with the help of using all 4 lifelines.

Sunmeet Kaur Sawhney is from Punjab and residing in Mumbai.

KBC is 6 is now at end stage for this season.

Here is the questions

Ques no 01 (Rs 5000):

Which of these is traditionally served with Bhature?

A: Aloo Gobhi                   B: Butter Chicken

C: Chholey                         D: Dal Makhni
Ans: C: Chholey

Ques no 02 (Rs 10,000):

According to the song from ‘Sholay’, “Koi Haseena Jab Rooth Jaati Hai, Toh Aur Bhi_____________ ” ?

A.  Rangeen Ho Jaati Hai        B. Shareef Ho Jaati Hai
C. Namkeen Ho Jaati Hai        D. Haseen Ho Jaati Hai

Ans : D. Haseen Ho Jaati Hai


Ques no 03 (Rs 20,000):

 Which of these is a type of traditional embroidery from Punjab ?
A. Bandhani     B. Chikankari  C. Phulkari  D. Kantha

Ans :   C. Phulkari

Ques no 04 (Rs 40,000):

Identify the personality of the from this audio clip

A. Navjot Singh Siddhu            B. Shekhar Suman

C. Sudesh Lahiri                        D. Kapil Sharma

Ans.- A. Navjot Singh Siddhu

Ques no 05 (Rs 80,000):

The Largest organ of the body is ……..
A. Large Intestine       B.  Skin     C. Liver  D. Stomach

Ans : Stomach

Ques no 06 (Rs 1,60,000):

During his tenure as chief minister, who once said that he dreamt of turning Mumbai in to a Shanghai ?
A. Vilasrao Deshmukh    B. Ashok Chavan  C. Sushil Kumar Shinde   D. Sharad Pawar

Ans : A. Vilasrao Deshmukh

Ques No 07 (Rs 3,20,000):

Which of the following are cirrus, Stratus and Cumulus all types of ?
A. Clouds   B. Ocean Currents   C.  Winds  D.  Hurricans

Ans :  A. Clouds

Ques No 08 ( Rs 6,40,000):

Which of these sports events is named after a place ?
A. Tennis    B. Soccer   C. Marathon    D. Squash
Ans :  C. Marathon

Ques No 09 (Rs 12,50,000): (audience poll)

In 1610, who first observed the planet Saturn through a telescope ?
A. Galileo Galilei   B. Nicolaus Copernicus   C. Giovanni Cassini D. Giordano Bruno
Ans :  A. Galileo Galilei

Ques No 10 :( Rs25,00,000): (expert)

Which of these politicians has been the president of the Indian National Congress for the longest period ?
A. Jawaharlal Nehru   B. Indira Gandhi   C. Rajiv Gandhi    D. Sonia Gandhi

Ans : D. Sonia Gandhi

Ques No 11 (Rs 50,00,000):

In 1846, what was bought by Gulab Singh from the British for Rs 75 lakhs ?
A. Simla   B. Kumaon   C.  Kashmir  D. Garhwal

Ans : C.  Kashmir

Ques No 12 (Rs 1,00,00,000):  

 What was the name of India’s first test tube baby developed using IVF technique by Dr Subhas Mukherjee ?
A. Lakshmi      B. Saraswati    C. Kali    D.  Durga

Ans : D.  Durga

Ques No 13 (Rs 5,00,00,000):  (Double dip, phone-o-friend)

who is the first woman to successfully climb K2, the world’s second highest mountain peak ?

A. Junko Tabei   B. Wanda Rutklewicz   C. Tamae Watanabe   D. Chantal Mauduit

Ans : B. Wanda Rutklewicz

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