Sonam Kapoor weight loss secret

Sonam Kapoor photo pics pictureSonam kapoor amazingly lost 30 Kg of extra weight to look sexy within a short period of time. The instructor of Sonam kapoor to reduce fat is her mother.

Sonam kapoor is fond of foods, she now have to try hard to keep control over yummy foods. No body can say she was of 90 kg weight at some time before. I searched in google to get Sonam kapoor earlier photos, but i was not able to get that.

Sonam kapoor looks very similar to Anil kapoor. I really a fan of Anil kapoor. I hope Sonam kapoor will also get same fame in film industries as his father got.

Somewhere i read in internet that sonam kapoor got extra fat due to she was not caring too much about looks, because she was not having plan to come in film industries and she was taking foods unlimited during study, but somehow she got role in new film Saawariya and forced to take control on diet. So only balanced diet is the main secret of weight reduction.

Here is the video in which you can see picture of fat Sonam Kapoor

Girls who are victims of extra weight should also start dieting now.

Well, i have not seen Sonam kapoor on any TV interview yet. I hope i will see her in next upcoming movie and will say more about her.

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