Solar Power panel (Solar power unit) Cost in India for small home

If you want a solar panel that should generate around 2 KWH  ( 2 unit ) of electricity daily, the solar panel of that capacity will cost around Rs 75,000.  This approximate price includes battery and inverter cost also.

In India, at many place, there is no electricity or frequent power cut exists. In this situation Solar power is one of the good alternative. Once you install the solar panel it will give almost free power with almost nil maintenance for around 25 year. Life time of solar panel is around 25 year.

The area of solar panel for above capacity will be around 9 meter square (3m X 3m). That you need to install in your roof.

If you use more larger capacity battery, you can use power at uniform rate at day and nigh without battery voltage get down. More battery will cost you around Rs 15000 extra.

Normally in small home in India, power consumption is around 2 kwh (2unit ) daily, If you are not using AC, Heater, geezer etc. If you use normal utilities like tube light, fans, computer, TV etc, that much capacity of Solar power is sufficient for the whole requirement.

Only problem will come during monsoon season or cloudy day when power generation of solar panel will get reduces to almost half of peak generation of full sunny day.

(Price source- ebay India)

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