Set daily transaction limit of ICICI bank by online banking

You can set the daily transaction limit of most of  type of transactions from your ICICI bank by using your online ICICI bank account. For that, you need to do the following:

  1. Log into your online ICICI bank account (
  2. Click on My Profile TAB ( located on left top side of webpage)
  3. On list of link at left side, see link for “Personalize Transaction Limits”. click the link
  4. Here you will see option to Select Limit Category. Each limit category is having different transaction limit, which include Combined Transaction Limit, Shopping Mall, Bill pay etc. For limit your account for low daily transaction limit, you should select that category which permit lowest daily transaction limit.
  5. Select the category and save it. (you can also see what is your current transaction limit at ICICI bank account on this section)

In this way you can change the transaction limit of your ICICI bank account. You can also change it by calling customer care but it may take time.

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