Scooter (Scooty) Vs Bike (Motorcycle): Scooter is better option to buy

If you are in doubt, what to buy a Motorcycle or Scooter (Scooty).  Here is the list, that will explain you why Gearless Scooter is better option.

1.  Female are mostly not prefer to drive motorcycle, because motorcycle is heavy and female can not take the load of motorcycle. If you buy Scooter, both male and female can drive it comfortably. Even older people can drive scooter very easily. More number of people can use single scooter. It will be value for money purchase.

2. Cost of most of the Scooter is less in comparison to good model Motorcycle. So, it will be cheaper to buy Scooter.

3. Driving is very easy for Scooter. There is no Gear and Clutch system present in Scooter (Gearless Scooter). Driving Gearless Scooter is as simple as driving Bicycle. If you drive the Motorcycle in crowded place, you always need to vary the speed of motorcycle, on changing the speed of motorcycle you always need to change the gear, so there will always need to give attention on gear position. When you drive Gearless scooter, there is nothing to worry about gear change.

4. When you drive motorcycle, if you do not change gear in proper time, chances of accident will be more. Motorcycle may suddenly stop, or may excessive accelerate, which may cause accident. But if you drive Scooty, there will never will such type of problem occur, speed variation will always be gradual in gear less Scooter.

5. In scooter there is more storage space to put purchased items.  Motorcycle is having limited storage space, so you can not carry big item with motorcycle.

6. Scooter is light vehicle, you can drive it with much comfort, even if you drive it in crowded place, you will not get tired by driving it. If you drive Motorcycle in crowded place, you will be tired quickly.

So from above points, you can see that the Scooter is better Choice to Buy.

But there are some advantages of Motorcycle in comparison to Scooter. Here is the list.

1. Motorcycle is more fuel efficient, Very good Motorcycle can give 70 Km/liter mileage. But in scooter very good model can give maximum  55-60 Km/Lit.

2. Pick up speed and power of motorcycles is more, If you are travelling for long distance, you can run motorcycle in very high speed comfortably.

3. Look of style Motorcycle is better. If you run Motorcycle, you will look more stylish.

4. Motorcycle is good for tough road, you can drive it in hilly area, bad conditioned village road etc. Scooter may not be able to perform well in that type of road.

Over all for day to day light use, Scooter is good option.

Good Scooter available in India is listed below with price.

1. Honda Activa – price (inclusive all ) is around Rs 60,000

2. Honda Dio – price (inclusive all ) is around Rs 55,000

3. Hero Pleasure- price (inclusive all ) is around Rs 53, 000

4, TVS Wego- price (inclusive all ) is around Rs 60, 000

5. TVS Scooty- price (inclusive all ) is around Rs 55, 000

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