Schengen Visa Application process in India : Step by Step Guide

If you are Indian and want to travel to any one or more of France, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Spain, Italy or some other European country, you need to get Schengen Visa (common visa for agreed European countries).

Suppose you primary destination is France, you can submit application form at any one of the cities:


Here is the step by step process of Schengen Visa Application process in India:

Step 1 : Get and appointment for submission of application at any one of the above Schengen visa application center by internet or by phone: the phone number and address is given at

At above website ( you can also get appointment date online.

Step 2 : Contact travel agent to get confirmed round flight ticket ( You can get it without paying the money. You need to pay after visa approval). Similarly you need to book hotel ticket if you are going to stay in hotel.

Step 3 : Download the application form from above website. Fill the application form.

Step 4 : Keep all required document ready. All required document information list is given at above website.  Keep photo copy as well.

Step 5 : Visit  Schengen visa application center on appointed date and time with all your documents and passport.  Submit application form along with passport and fee.

Step 6: You may need to give biometrics at same place or at other place in same day or other day:

Step 7: You may be called for interview at same place or other place next day or beyond. Give Interview at scheduled place.

Step 8: Check your application status at above website. Most probably it will be processed in 48 hour. It may take as long as 15 days after submission of application.

Step 9: Once status shows process has been completed, you are required to collect your passport at same place. If you have selected to deliver your passport to your home, you will get the  passport at home by courier.

In your passport, it will be clearly written about your visa approval status : Accepted or Denied.

So, in this way, you will get the Schengen visa approval in India. The above process is only for guideline, the actual process or requirement for visa approval may be somewhat different. You should visit official website for visa of that country in which you are going. For France, the official website for Schengen visa processing in India is

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