Save passenger list in IRCTC with ID information for fast booking

While Tatkal or general railway ticket booing from IRCTC website, if you always miss the ID information or the age of passenger, better you should put all the information of passenger in the Master list of passenger in your IRCTC account, that you can use to fill passenger information just by selecting it.

You not only can save passenger info, but also you can save berth preference and food preference( Veg/ Non-veg ).

By saving all the possible passenger details in your master list in IRCTC account, you can quickly book the ticket in Tatkal quota as well as general quota and other quota. You don’t need to write in detail about passenger, you just need to select the passenger from Master list.

Here is the method to include the passenger in master list and selecting the passenger from master list while ticket booking.irctc master list


Maker Master list of passenger, once you make or edit, it will be there forever until you modify the Master list.

  • To make or edit Master list, login to website.
  • After login, move the mouse courser above “My Profile” (don’t Click the mouse).
  • Click on Master list of the popped menu as shown in figure.
  • Add the passenger details.
  • One by one you can add as many passenger details in it as you want.

You can edit or delete the passenger in same way as above. All the passenger list will be shown when you use master list while booking the ticket.

While ticket booking, at the time of filling passenger information, click the “select passenger from your Master list” and select the desired passenger, all the details will come in the passenger field as per master list irctc

You can also make travel list. In “My profile” you can create travel list in which you can make group of passenger by selecting passenger from master list. You can name the group.

While booking, if you click on “select you travel list”, you can select the group. Remember that, you can only select the group by group name. Once you select the group, all the member of group will filled in passenger list.

Better is to use only Master passenger list.

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