Remove Pen Drive Virus without any software or antivirus

Pen Drive is most susceptible to virus attack. You don’t have to rely on anti-virus or other software  to clean your pen drive. All you have to do is to format the Pen Drive. Although this will delete all data including the virus. Formatting Pen Drive is too easy.

Here is the Procedure

1. insert your pen drive and go  to my computer.
2. now right click on your Pen Drive  icon and right click on it.
3. Select ‘format’ and a small window will pop up
4. Click on format and wait till process is completed
…………voila no virus in Pen Drive.

Comments (4)

  1. Akshay says:

    I tried to format my pen drive . But it says that computer is using this drive. so first close the program. (But all the windows were close)

  2. atamjeet singh says:

    sir u have have data in pen drive so how u can format the pen drive ..u said simply remove the virus from pen drive format the pen drive is not the solution …how to save the pen drive data in case of data ….if ill try to copy the data the virus will aslo came from that data …so pls prove me the solution

  3. Kailas says:

    That’s okey if you are just leaving the pen drive of no use. But if we have a lot of files which are virus attacked and those are very important what to do use an antivirus only. And this article may only beginners not for advanced user

  4. shekhar says:

    this is the common procedure but what to do when it gives a error that window is unable to perform this action when you attempt to make format your pen drive without any antivirus?

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