Remove bad odor from Air Conditioner (AC) caused by Mold / Bacteria

If you are getting bad odor (bad smell) from the AC after starting it, this bad smell is caused by Mold/ Bacteria that is growing inside of your Air Conditioner (AC).

Some time the air coming from AC duct will give more pungent smell when cooling will start. This problem may exist in window AC/ Split AC or car AC.

The easy way to remove it by using lizol (disinfecting liquid) and Dettol which are easily available in all grocery shops in India.

Here is the step by step procedure.

1. Open the AC intake, remove the removable Air filter.

2. Mix lot of Lizol and Dettol in in one liter of water

3. start AC, and pour the liquid inside the AC through intake filter space. and check the drain line, water should come out from drain line.

4. Close the room/ car and clean the whole room/car with lizol and dettol.

5. Keep AC running for 2- 3 hour in this situation.

6. All smelly mold/ bacteria will be killed and you will not get bet smell afterwards.

7. Don’t  forget  to run AC in auto clean mode while stopping it. (Run the fan only for at least half hour to dry the AC before not using it)

8. Keep your room/car clean with dettol and lizol frequently. and don’t eat food in the room/car  while AC is running.

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