Reliance Netconnect Prepaid USB internet | Cheap Tariff plan for temporary Internet connection

reliance netconnect usb modem

If you want quick and easiest way to get Internet connection on your laptop while you are away from home, Internet through Reliance prepaid netconnect  USB modem is cheap and best option.

You can get active Internet connection for your PC or laptop as soon as you purchase Reliance USB netconnect modem.

Reliance Netconnect modem is just like a mobile phone, each modem is having fixed mobile number. After installing software of reliance usb modem, you can also dial and receive call just like other mobile phone through computer or laptop.

Tariff plan for Prepaid Reliance netconnect:

option 1.

Rs 20  per hour of surfing in day time.

Rs 10 per hour of surfing during night  (10 pm to 7 am).

option 2.

1099 Rs per month unlimited surfing.

For prepaid connection there is no charge on basis of amount of data transfer.

There is no extra charge while Roaming.

Get life time validity of prepaid netconnect at Rs 299 with one month unlimited free surfing for  first month of purchase.

After life time validity you can recharge for some amount  like 111 rs, 220 Rs etc.  whenever you require.

Speed of Internet and quality is good for normal surfing, average speed can be around 60 kbps if reliance signal  fully available.

This Prepaid connection is available only with reliance 1x network, which is available at most of the place in India.

Higher speed reliance netconnect plus is available for post paid connection only and available only in few big cities. Tariff is also more.

Cost of Reliance netconnect modem for only 1x network  is 2800 Rs.   

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