Reliance Netconnect Prepaid USB internet | Cheap Tariff plan for temporary Internet connection

reliance netconnect usb modem

If you want quick and easiest way to get Internet connection on your laptop while you are away from home, Internet through Reliance prepaid netconnect  USB modem is cheap and best option.

You can get active Internet connection for your PC or laptop as soon as you purchase Reliance USB netconnect modem.

Reliance Netconnect modem is just like a mobile phone, each modem is having fixed mobile number. After installing software of reliance usb modem, you can also dial and receive call just like other mobile phone through computer or laptop.

Tariff plan for Prepaid Reliance netconnect:

option 1.

Rs 20  per hour of surfing in day time.

Rs 10 per hour of surfing during night  (10 pm to 7 am).

option 2.

1099 Rs per month unlimited surfing.

For prepaid connection there is no charge on basis of amount of data transfer.

There is no extra charge while Roaming.

Get life time validity of prepaid netconnect at Rs 299 with one month unlimited free surfing for  first month of purchase.

After life time validity you can recharge for some amount  like 111 rs, 220 Rs etc.  whenever you require.

Speed of Internet and quality is good for normal surfing, average speed can be around 60 kbps if reliance signal  fully available.

This Prepaid connection is available only with reliance 1x network, which is available at most of the place in India.

Higher speed reliance netconnect plus is available for post paid connection only and available only in few big cities. Tariff is also more.

Cost of Reliance netconnect modem for only 1x network  is 2800 Rs.   

Comments (126)

  1. Naveen says:

    i am also one of the victim of the reliance netconnect i bought the connection at december and i closed the connection on janauary but he never stopped me sending me bill i went to the reliance world again and again but there was just a consolidated response they say “dont worry” its not a problem we will do it right.
    finally i got a notice from court to be present before lokadalath i was shocked then i again went to the reliance world the answer was the same finally i have to pay 3000/ rs without any mistake of mine. there are 1000s of people who daily come to the lok adalath daily all are reliance company victims.
    The reliance is the biggest frauds i have paid 3000/ rs without any reason the actual fault was the companies but i was the victim.
    how do you think that they have the crores this is the reason. Never go to any reliance postpaid or prepaid products. this is a kind request to all indians never buy these frauds products.

  2. jino says:

    i want unlimet net low cost. what i do?

  3. R.S.SARAVANAN says:

    go for bsnl Rs.750 per month broadband plan. this is an unlimited plan

  4. priyanka says:

    go for bsnl broadband connection medium combo gives you free surfing for 4 hours per day+2am -8am free surfing+free 1.5 gb downloads.charges 500/- per month

  5. amit kumar says:

    i want netconnect.what i do?

  6. sridhar says:

    I want reliance netconnect usb modem.. where i want to buy. wt is the cost of usb, tariff

  7. akshit says:

    I want information about a reliance usb netconnect prepaid tarriff plans and is it still servicing is in j&k state? if,yes I want to know the adress of the shop regarding this plan from where I can buy it.

    please reply me as early as possible .
    i want to buy the connection.

  8. swami b m says:

    i want mobile usb
    modem internet at ahamedpur latur district for on line trading

  9. swami b m says:


  10. yogesh gupta says:

    i m yogesh.i want to be reliance brodband via usb prepaid connection. i want unlimet net low cost. what i do? and what is rent monthly

  11. Avijit Khalua says:

    i want to unlimited plan of prepaid plan.or tel me about any tariff of prepaid net.

  12. Parag says:

    Yes surely relince net connet is bakwas and service too..i also paid extra 2000 rupies for it which i never used..relince totly fraud company..guyes never use reliance net and relince world is fraud ..

  13. velu says:

    pl.want wireless internet tarrif and uses

  14. Prem says:

    Hi guys,

    my name is prem, one of the victim on Reliance.

    I bought Reliance Net Connect in April and closed this connection within three months.

    The main reason behind this was fake bill. Every month i was getting shocking bill of Rs3000-4000 which i never used. Ideally my bill should be around 700-900 but i had paid unneccesary around Rs7000. I complained for this wrong bill too many times but it was useless.

    Reliance is big fraund. guys dont take reliance connection

  15. david says:

    pls sent me the customer care number and how to sent the sms to find the balance and query to know …

    thank you

  16. Sir(s)

    I want to buy a net connection on my PC which should be based on my handset (Mobile). So please reply me with the list of low prices/Month and unlimited downloading.

    Your reply is awaiting for the next step from my side for the same.

    Thanx & Regards


  17. K.N.Paramesh says:

    Recently I purchased Reliance Prepaid Netconnect Broadband, My data card no is 9379648884, i used only for three days. all of a sudden i encounter with zero signal strength problem, i contacted so many peoples whoare there in 24 hour customer service centre which is located in chennai. All my efforts are gone in the vain. No body is giving properly guiding me.I think just for salary sake they are working. I am residing in bangalore karantaka i went sampinge road reliance web world, if your listen their how they are replaying? it is shameful to me. By trusting this broadband i started some financial related field work. i losted about nearly Rs.1.00lakhs rupees . for this whom should i approach. i planning to put it infront of consumer court bangalore. I am suggesting my fellow people not to buy any reliance products in future. this is my best advise.

  18. vaibhav padave says:

    I want to be relince broadband via USB prepaid connection. what i do? pls send me your plan.

  19. vinit says:

    i want information about relience etocken(prepaid). pls send me your plan & cost.

  20. hemang says:

    i want net connation 4m bsnl

  21. imtiyaz hossain says:

    today i buy the reliance it better?please send me a reply and help me.

  22. jack says:

    pls dnt buy relience net connect …. for bring google page itself its taking about half a min …. then think about the rest of the pages … i an fed up with this

  23. Sanjay says:

    I was on the verge of taking reliance connection.

    Now I am planning to take photon + 10 GB downloan plan for 1100 + service tax. Is this a good idea?

    Please suggest fast.


  24. caretaker says:

    Reliance are the biggest fraudsters in any market.Even Relinace Netconnect service is extremely freinds who have taken the connection are literally crying!!!!

  25. anes says:

    i want netconnect.what i do?

  26. H J says:

    no no no…. please please never buy reliance products.. they all r frauds.. just go bsnl.. its homemade. n its cheaper than this m…rs. havent you read the customers problems given above. i hav suffered a lot. so u dont. please dont buy it. just go bsnl.. yeah. thats the right choice.

  27. vikas says:

    I want to be relince broadband via USB prepaid connection. what i do? pls send me your plan.

  28. pardeep kumar chandna says:

    dear sir

    we want a internet connectio

    i want reliance prepiad conection 20 per hour
    so pls about me and i am living in uttam nagar new delhi


  29. Anonymous says:

    ghatia hai reliance…..i m also the victim of fake bills…..followed by court orders…..if u guys r true indian never go for reliance netconnect product……..go for BSNL only …..i m using BSNL service…its exellent

  30. sikander says:

    i have a reliance landline prepaid ,how to get net connection i wanted it for monthly or daily bases plz reply

  31. rajagopalan says:

    Dear ,
    I want a net connection my PC. what i can do for this. what is cheapest rate.where is the shop?

  32. kumar says:

    i am in chennai pallavaram,
    i want lowest rate internet connections in the time of 6p.m to 12.15 or 1 a.m in the rate of upto 400RS /Month
    any connections in this rates

  33. Dr. Kishor M. Sonawane says:

    I have internet connection of reliance USB modem old type but i want to upgrade this modem. Please suggest me how to upgrade?

  34. rohit patil says:

    I had reliance net connect with me & I realy had a very bad expirienece about it , Its a humble request to all of them never ever go for reliance net connect of any plan.

  35. jaspal singh says:

    I had bsnl evdo con at banga there speed so faulty. we want other connection.please tell me bsnl modem can work with other & send tarrif plan

  36. shinu says:

    I want unlimitted browsing at low rental….

  37. Brijesh says:

    i want to connect net using by usb n what’s a plan of different using net n also what’s a surfing chargs n what’s a downloading charges in low charge per month…

  38. Lovepreet Verma says:

    Dear sir,

    I want Prepaid Reliance Net Connection of Rs 1099/month. please inform me about it.

    I am living in Jagraon (Ludhiana), Punjab.

  39. prakash kotimath says:

    i want some recharge plane. plz send me my Email

  40. JIYA says:

    Dear Sir,
    i want the information about reliance prepaid broadband connection and what is the speed of reliance broadband,and plz.tell me about the unlimited plan also on monthly basis.

  41. gaurav says:

    ya most of u are correct…even i m also facing the same problem…the speed which we can access is far less than the speed they guarantee.bsnl broadband is reliable and much cheaper…my neighbour is using bsnl and is happy with its service unlike me who is fed up of this reliance which is unreliable!!!

  42. gaurav says:

    ya 750/month bsnl b-band plan is superb..

  43. gaurav says:

    we should file a case at consumer court for the fake service they guarantee…reliance prepaid is not even a grain good.the postpaids are good but so costly .a normal middle class man cannot afford it.
    it attracts new innocent customers and after he buys the connection he is exposed to misbehaviour of the customer care..

  44. venkateshwarlu says:

    i want to take a internet coneection which is cheapest and modem charges also cheap…….plz suggest me

  45. Girish says:

    I have a 3months used Reliance netconnect for sale at RS 1200/-. The product include Driver Cd, USB cable, Billa and Warranty, Anybody wants it mail me at

  46. Anonymous says:

    never buy reliance netconnect. biggest fraud.

  47. jagwinder says:

    i am looking internet secvice in punjab like usb drive

  48. james says:

    i want new connection

  49. Sandy says:

    I have a reliance net connect with 3.1 MBPS speed. Its awesome compared to tata photon plus

  50. Pramod Desai says:

    I want reliance net connector, please send me detail connection , charges, & plan

  51. ANSARI says:


  52. bijendra says:

    hi plz make some low cost plan for custmoer like reliance CDMA mobile plan . so that moer coustmoer can use this service for prepaid as well as postpaid thank you.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Reliance is a fraudulent company of all times,the day it was established the motto was to suck public money by any means

  54. Hasan says:

    i bought a reliance net connect few day before ..its working good in free priode.i trusted on it due to my sm fellow..i am using it.what would happnd in future .i dnt knw .so please tell me or suggest me about it service after completing free month surfing….

  55. JUVALA says:

    i want a prepaid net usb, as i find mobile connection very slow. pls suggest wat to buy, idea seems to be cheap but heard lots of complaint on it.

  56. cheema says:

    well guys, i’ve ben using reliance usb connection for bout 2 mnths …n its working properly….didnt find any kinda problem …..well, not all r frauds…..u guys can opt for this one….

    all the best!

  57. muhammadalits says:

    i want a prepaid usb net connection.

  58. nancy says:

    tell me what is the speed of prepaid relaiance usb net connection.

  59. Shubham Gupta says:

    Go for hathway internet Its only Rs,500 per month and unlimited download

  60. Dr Rashid says:

    I have purchased a land line No 9359879081 , After some time it has failed.Now i purchased New No:9359838289 and try to activateon this LG Reliance talky,this is not activated till now after six month.
    What can i do.

  61. Dr Rashid says:

    I have also purchased a netconnect.but there no”9359844971″
    i want to now what can i do?

  62. Elavarasan says:

    Dear sir,
    i want details for usb modam and relaiance net connection

  63. Hemant V. Choudhary says:

    I want reliance net connection pls send me plans details for home use only

  64. Rakesh says:

    i am plan to buy reliance net connect for my pc signal in my area for reliance i dont know about that how fast it will be…and plan,price detail for reliance net connect …..

  65. Mukesh says:

    never buy relience net connect ( zte diler ) , it’s speed is very very slow … even 3 kbps

  66. Guna says:

    Never buy reliance netconnect its real torture. It didnt work. I kept on calling customer care for 45 days before throwing that card away which costed me 3.5K
    Their customer care has no idea about when that issue will be resolved, worst part is that i got bill for 2 months, when it was not working :). Never buy any Relience stuff, not worth mental torture

  67. I Have interested for net connection please confirm the price of your prepaid connection

  68. Balaji says:

    As I Found that reliance net is best I prefer this

  69. adai says:

    i want 2 buy bb which one i go to first but it is wireless

  70. chndn says:

    very slow browsing speed

  71. noman says:

    aap ke usb brodband connection unlimited ka monthly charges kitna hai

  72. noman says:

    mujhe aap ka usb wireless internet connection lena hai mai ek student hu to plz mujhe bataye yeh unlimited internet connection ka minimum bill kitna ayega

  73. Mukesh Patel says:

    I want Yearly plan in usb internet in minimum plan
    give me plan

  74. nandkumar says:

    i want reliance connection on friday

  75. nandkumar says:


  76. shubham says:

    well, i m one of the buyer of this product…………

  77. Shahjahan says:

    hey guys never buy any reliance product reliance is a fraud company. Today i subscribed for unlimited plan which cost me 300 and after browsing there was no balance in my account and it was not working on pc as well and before subscribing i called to customer care they told me it will work on computer and after subscribing its not even working on mobile. Please spread this message all over india.

  78. AKIB says:

    i want to purchase the best plan for my pc… how will it connect to my reliance cdma mobile…

  79. dev says:

    i want only speed……….

  80. rose ben says:


    i would like to purchase a wireless internet broadband for my laptop .I am in need of the informations related to the total cost of this wireless broadband.

    so , kindly sent the details regarding the cost to my email inbox.

  81. Sreekanth says:

    Never never buy reliance netconnection it is big fraud company and the people who is working their donot have knowledge and also milslead the people before and after taking connection.This was very disgusting to walk all time to reliance web world for enquiry of service but of no use going and calling customer care of reliance.

    I faced lot of problem with this company.

  82. Nikhil says:

    I bought Reliance modem postpaid connection with 2 months unlimited use offer, but after a month company sent me Rs. 3200 bill. I complained to Reliance but nobody help me. They also terminate my modem service which i bought at price of Rs.3000. Now that modem is useless for me bcoz company terminate that modem……..Never buy Reliance Netconnect

  83. arun says:

    i wnt have to the details about reliance prepaid net connect offers and tharif

  84. ivek says:

    i think reliance and tata are bad to uy for net connect . i advise ecery body now buy airtel net connect

  85. jayaprakash says:

    now i bought the reliance netconnect modem
    for pc.signals is very high ,but net speed was very low ,what can i do ?

  86. divya narayanankutty says:

    sir,plez send a mail by which i can know the useage time of relince netconnect cdma data modem

  87. Faisal Shariff says:

    Dear Reader,
    When you want a net connection .First choose and take the advice of a person who have sufficient knowledge of it, then compare with your income ,that you will pay for it or not then purchase ok.

  88. gaja says:

    i need to know how much it will cost me to recharge my netconnect thank u

  89. rahul says:

    Always buy the prepaid version of netconnect if you have to. NEVER go for the postpaid connection. You will definitely get inflated bills.

  90. Gaurav says:

    i check yahoomail googlemail hotmail. can i by relaince. who use please tell and help. god bless

  91. pooja says:

    i want to purchase usb broadband net connection plz give me full information about it

    and all prepaid chargse in detail
    plz reply soon………..

  92. vicky says:

    this network is very slow (3kbps) pls help me and any idea

  93. Rahul says:

    1500 is initial charges for modem. they might take a few hundred rupees for activation etc. Then for the top up plan you can choose between 111 (5 hrs), 222 (10 hrs), 444 (25 hrs), 801 (unlimited) plans. All are valid for 30 days. in this way if you know you will not be using much internet for a month you can go for a shorter duration plan.

  94. suraj says:

    Hi, gays this is suraj from TG
    never buy reliance net connect zte diler
    because its too much sloowwwwww
    and its not working all times
    its working only few many hrs per day….
    pls gays dont bye if want net better to go bsnl…..

  95. mani says:

    i want net connection. give me some relevent information.

  96. sudhir chowdaqry pamidi says:

    hai iam using reliance prepaid net since last one was o k. i want to the site which i can erecharge my prepaid net(reliance).pl mail me the address.thankyou—-sudhir chowdary pamidi

  97. Anonymous says:

    I want reliance netconnect usb modem.. where i want to buy. wt is the cost of usb, tariff

    I want to be relince broadband via USB prepaid connection. what i do? pls send me your plan.

  98. vivek kumar says:

    I have your relience internate USB but they are not connected with server
    please send me Information about USB modem immediatly.
    your faithfully,
    vivek kumar

  99. Kalidoss says:

    I want to USB modem and broadband connection per month limit and unlimited monthly bills.

    I kindly requesting above mentioned subject Please give me details.

    I am awaiting for your response at the earliest.


  100. vivek says:

    I want reliance netconnect usb modem.. where i want to buy. wt is the cost of usb, tariff

    I want to be relince broadband via USB prepaid connection. what i do? pls send me your plan

  101. Sasikumar says:

    I need high speed net connection,i already have the reliance USB….pls kindly help

  102. sakthi says:

    Rate of reliance modem device and also send activation charge how much…. Also tell unlimited traiff plan in prepaid

  103. suraj bondre says:

    hello sir
    please detail information of reliance net connector prepaid

  104. raj says:

    never go for postpaid option. Prepaid is
    an better option as companies cannot charge extra.
    Worst thing that can happen is ur balance can go
    down quickly

  105. riyaz says:

    hi am riyaz my reliance good working hi speed.internet…. my no 9343977197 no probs good work

  106. nagaraju says:

    i want buy reliance 20 rupees per hour modem
    please give me details about prepaid modem


  107. Sreejith says:

    Guys, Go for BSNL EVDO USB Modem Unlimited for 750.No hidden cost faster speed. Will enjoy Browsing and downloading. Now the service is better and the Modem is same as of relaiance netconnect.

  108. sudhir sawant says:


    i want the chart of Reliance netconnect data card prepaid plans.

  109. hiiiiiii i think

    realiance 300 and 600 combo broad band pack is very good.
    bcouse here is 300kbps and 600kbps realy speed.
    so i don’t no fulldetails for this plane.
    can you HELP me full details.

  110. i want to reliance netconnection ,plese your plain detail information

  111. sandeep mahanti says:

    hello! i want usb broadband internet connection..npls send details

  112. rahul says:

    hi i want to recharge my internet connection online.what i do.

    pls help me

  113. Nitin k says:

    hi all, i’ve listen alot bout reliance net connect, techguru cnbc gives it a thumbsup, and u know what,reliance known to have affordable unlimited data plans in cdma molbile connections and in future they’ll provide unlimited in broadband too

  114. qwerty says:

    lookingfor reliance broad=band free paid connection

  115. saksham says:

    jaada acha nahi hai. kabhi iski speed tez ho jaati hai aur kabhi bahut slow ho jaati hai. aur kabhi-2 disconnect ho jaata hai. kabhi song 10 min mein download hota hai toh kabhi 30 min mein. maine bahut barhi galti ki hai relaince broadband+ leke. abhi tak bill nahi aaya hai, jab aayga toh phir se 1 comment aayga

  116. HARILAL says:

    i need to know how much it will cost me to recharge my netconnect no.9387988597.& also the period of validity

  117. registrar says:

    i have purchased a reliance recharge for Rs.330 for internet datacard, immediately i checked my balance it was showing zero balance, i went back to the reliance web world cunningham road where i purchased reliance netconnect+modem and recharged and asked them that i did not get any balance they are telling that Rs.330 offer is for only first time second recharge will not happen for Rs.330 i asked them for reversal they are telling that reversal is not possible, they are telling that money has gone to the company, i have called to the customer care they are telling that reliance web world people can do reversal by dialing *399, but if they dial it is ringing and nobody is picking up
    so please tell us what to do
    this reliance people has cheated me Rs.330

  118. golu says:

    bahut bekar modem hai koi mat buy karo reliance netconnect

  119. mohan says:

    I want usb netconnection, My native place is thanjavur district kumbakonam.where i get connection from kumbakonam place? Pls.forward me details.



  120. Master says:

    Today Reliance netconnect pack

    Rs.700 500MB – 1 Mounth
    Rs.1350 10GB – 1 Mounth
    Rs.1900 20GB – 1 Mounth

  121. sunil says:

    I want to buy a prepaid usb net connection in mumbai. But it should be accessible in native in sindhudurg district. Pl. furnish information about sufficient speed product and its plan. Cheapest plan will be most consider.


  122. Shyam says:

    Reliance Netconnect service is extremely bad. I seldom get the High Speed connection. Mostly the connection goes to 230 KBPS and a red light blinks on the data card. Browsing becomes extremely slow when this happens. Also frequently the whole application hangs and the internet is disconnected automatically.
    Please do not buy this one.

  123. Mohd.Arshad says:

    I purchage reliance USB 15th month before when the minimum charges Rs 111 for 5 hours surf which is very costly. pl tell me about USB internet minimum charge palan to surf the email & others

  124. Dheeraj choudhary says:

    sir i Lition in tv advertisement the reliance netconnector give high speed up to 28mbps but which am buy reliance netconnect that give only 230kbps why can u tell me i want information for that.


  125. Guest says:

    I am using Reliance Netconnect and never faced the Billing Issue, infact they have the higher Data Usage Plan with same Tarrif.

  126. sanjoy says:

    Reliance Netconnect+ service is extremely bad. I seldom get the High Speed connection. Mostly the connection goes to <230 KBPS and a red light blinks on the data card. Browsing becomes extremely slow when this happens. Also frequently the whole application hangs and the internet is disconnected automatically.

    Please do not buy this one.

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