Record Android screen with Audio with Screencast Apps

If you want to record the activities of your android mobile like you want to record the game that you play on android or you want to recorded the whole sketching work done in android mobile, you can do this with a good Android App, its name is Screencast Video Recorder 

It is not a free App, you have to pay around $5 or 250 Rs. In App Market search “Screencast Video Recorder”. You will get the App to download.

Not only that, for this App to work you needs to root your android mobile. Rooting your android mobile means it is equivalent to login to PC with administrative login.  Rooting of android mobile means you can start the mobile in administrative login.  There are different methods to root the android mobile. Just search in Google with your model number, you will get the procedure to root your mobile.

Download the above App and enjoy screen casting video. Video will be in the format of MPEG4. It will be saved in the SD card, you can upload the video to YouTube or other video sharing website.

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