RAM Fault Symptoms in PC / Laptop for Windows 10 & Ubuntu

If your computer is having faulty RAM, following symptom can be found.

For Windows PC (Windows 10, Windows 7):

1. Freezing of computer and restarting automatically with message of Windows found some trouble, and it is restarting.

2. Some program will not open. As soon as you open the program, it will crash with no substantial crash report.

3. If RAM is totally broken, no small beep sound will come on starting of PC.

4. Firefox, Internet explorer (internet browser) will crash abruptly.

5. Some program will close abruptly.

For Ubuntu (operating system is Linux) following may be symptoms.

1. Browser will crash abruptly.

2. Any running program will crash abruptly.

3. Some time the whole computer will be hanged, you can’t do any thing other than restarting the computer.

4. If only 1 or 2 bit of ram is faulty, Ubuntu will not restart automatically, computer will run but only running program will crash.

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