Print (make pdf) train ticket from IRCTC on Android Mobile

If you are booking train ticket from Android mobile or already booked your ticket, and you want to get pdf copy of you ticket, it can be done easily.

First you need to install Firefox browser App in your Android mobile. This Firefox app is having capability to save any webpage in PDF format and and it will get saved in SD card.

This Firefox Apps is of around 25MB in size, that you need to install from Google Play of you android mobile.

This is a free Apps. To save any webpage in PDF in Firefox browser in android mobile,  press left bottom corner of Firefox browser, it will open the menu, then go to tools and then press “Save as PDF”.

For  train ticket from IRCTC website, open IRCTC website in Desktop mode in Firefox browser in your android mobile. Book the ticket or go to Print Ticket, if you have already booked the ticket.

Click on Print the ticket . it will sow the final page of ticket that you need to print. Just go by above method, it will save the ticket in PDF format in your mobile.

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