Online Vs Offline exam option comparison of JEE 2014

If you want to score more in JEE 2014, you should select Online exam option of JEE 2014.

advantage of online option:

1. large view : you can read single question in large font, as you see single question in one time in screen, so you can read it clearly very fast.

2. Time save: You don’t require to waste time on filling bubble on paper by pencil.

3. No error in choosing option: the space to tick the correct answer is large in online method. In offline exam if you don’t fill the bubble correctly, you will get zero marks, even if you choose correct answer.

4. Review easy: In online method, you can review all question in easy way and change the answer in very quick way and without any mistake.


1. for online method, there is some computer knowledge is required.

2. Many student feel uncomfortable in reading questions in computer screen.

To take the most of advantages of online exam, you should practice enough the demo of JEE in computer.

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