Number of Facebook users in India in 2016

There are approximately 15 Crore (150,000,000) people ( 12% of total population of India) are having Facebook account in India as on year 2016. This data is taken from various website sources, it may  be different from actual data. It is only a rough estimation.

Daily, approximately  1.8 Crore (18,000,000) Indian People check their Facebook account.  Most of (something around  80%) Indian people are using smartphone to access Facebook.

Most of Indian people, who use their smartphone to access Facebook, are using 2G (slow network) to connect with Facebook. Something around 75% of mobile Facebook users are using slow 2G network, rest 25% people are using 3G or 4G network in their mobile to access Facebook. 

Now, Facebook users are not growing at fast speed in comparison to previous years because many people find that WhatsApp is more convenient and they are using WhatsApp preferentially.

Many Indian people don’t know that WhatsApp is acquired by Facebook. So even if, you are not using Facebook, and using WhatsApp instead, your all data is available to Facebook. 

Above data is arrived by reading various websites, so above data may not be accurate. These above data is approximate data only. To get actual Facebook user data you need to contact authentic source.

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