Nokia Customer Care Service and Contact Number for help In India

Nokia is the biggest mobile hand set provider in India. Nokia has 27.5 Crore subscriber in India (June 2008). Nokia is also the number one brand name of India in recent survey.

Customer care ( CC ) number-

Countries/ Regions Country/Region Code
(City Code)
Telephone Number Operational Hours
(Local Time)
Language Supported
India +91 (80) 30303838 0900 – 2100 hrs (Mon – Sun, including PHs). English / Hindi / Tamil / Telugu / Kannada / Bengali / Malayalam / Punjabi / Marathi / Gujarati

i.e. to call Customer Care of Nokia, just dial- +918030303838

This is not toll free number, normal call rate will be applicable.

If you want to give feedback or want to submit written questions, you should use this link.
Nokia has various models-

Nokia Models list-

* N95_8GB- Nokia N95 8GB
* N95- Nokia N95

* N93- Nokia N93
* N93i- Nokia N93i
* N92- Nokia N92
* N918GB- Nokia N91 8GB
* N91WCDMA- Nokia N91 WCDMA
* N91GSM- Nokia N91 GSM

* N90- Nokia N90
* N82- Nokia N82
* N80_8GB- Nokia N81 8GB
* N81- Nokia N81
* N80_Internet_Edition- Nokia N80 Internet Edition
* N80- Nokia N80

* N76- Nokia N76
* N73_Music_Edition- Nokia N73 Music Edition
* N73- Nokia N73
* N72- Nokia N72
* N71- Nokia N71
* N70- Nokia N70

* N70_Music_Edition- Nokia N70 Music Edition
* E90- Nokia E90
* E70- Nokia E70
* E65- Nokia E65
* E62- Nokia E62
* E61i- Nokia E61i

* E61- Nokia E61
* E60- Nokia E60
* E51- Nokia E51
* E50- Nokia E50
* 9500- Nokia 9500
* 9300i- Nokia 9300i

* 9300- Nokia 9300
* 9210i_Communicator- Nokia 9210i Communicator
* 9210_Communicator- Nokia 9210 Communicator
* 9110i_Communicator- Nokia 9110i Communicator
* 8910i- Nokia 8910i
* 8910- Nokia 8910

* 8855- Nokia 8855
* 8850_Gold- Nokia 8850 Gold
* 8850- Nokia 8850
* 8800sirocco- Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition
* 8310- Nokia 8310
* 8280- Nokia 8280

* 8250- Nokia 8250
* 8210- Nokia 8210
* 810- Nokia 810
* 7900_Prism- Nokia 7900 Prism
* 7710- Nokia 7710
* 7650- Nokia 7650

* 7610- Nokia 7610
* 7600- Nokia 7600
* 7500_Prism- Nokia 7500 Prism
* 7390- Nokia 7390
* 7380- Nokia 7380
* 7373- Nokia 7373

* 7370- Nokia 7370
* 7360- Nokia 7360
* 7280- Nokia 7280
* 7270- Nokia 7270
* 7260- Nokia 7260
* 7250i- Nokia 7250i

* 7250- Nokia 7250
* 7210- Nokia 7210
* 7200- Nokia 7200
* 7110- Nokia 7110
* 6822- Nokia 6822
* 6820- Nokia 6820

* 6800- Nokia 6800
* 6708- Nokia 6708
* 6681- Nokia 6681
* 6680- Nokia 6680
* 6670- Nokia 6670
* 6650- Nokia 6650

* 6630- Nokia 6630
* 6610i- Nokia 6610i
* 6610- Nokia 6610
* 6600- Nokia 6600
* 6585- Nokia 6585
* 6510- Nokia 6510

* 6500_Slide- Nokia 6500 Slide
* 6500_Classic- Nokia 6500 Classic
* 6385- Nokia 6385
* 6310i- Nokia 6310i
* 6310- Nokia 6310
* 6300- Nokia 6300

* 6288- Nokia 6288
* 6280- Nokia 6280
* 6275- Nokia 6275
* 6275i- Nokia 6275i
* 6270- Nokia 6270
* 6265- Nokia 6265

* 6260- Nokia 6260
* 6255- Nokia 6255
* 6235- Nokia 6235
* 6233- Nokia 6233
* 6230i- Nokia 6230i
* 6230- Nokia 6230

* 6225- Nokia 6225
* 6220- Nokia 6220
* 6210- Nokia 6210
* 6170- Nokia 6170
* 6165i- Nokia 6165i
* 6155- Nokia 6155

* 6151- Nokia 6151
* 6150- Nokia 6150
* 6131- Nokia 6131
* 6125- Nokia 6125
* 6111- Nokia 6111
* 6110navigator- Nokia 6110 Navigator

* 6108- Nokia 6108
* 6103- Nokia 6103
* 6101- Nokia 6101
* 6100- Nokia 6100
* 610- Nokia 610
* 6088- Nokia 6088

* 6085- Nokia 6085
* 6080- Nokia 6080
* 6070- Nokia 6070
* 6060v- Nokia 6060v
* 6060- Nokia 6060
* 6030- Nokia 6030

* 6021- Nokia 6021
* 6020- Nokia 6020
* 6015- Nokia 6015
* 6012- Nokia 6012
* 5700- Nokia 5700 XpressMusic
* 5610_XpressMusic- Nokia 5610 XpressMusic

* 5510- Nokia 5510
* 5500_Sport- Nokia 5500 Sport
* 5310_XpressMusic- Nokia 5310 XpressMusic
* 5300_XpressMusic- Nokia 5300 XpressMusic
* 5210- Nokia 5210
* 5200- Nokia 5200

* 5140i- Nokia 5140i
* 5140- Nokia 5140
* 5110- Nokia 5110
* 5100- Nokia 5100
* 5070- Nokia 5070
* 3660- Nokia 3660

* 3650- Nokia 3650
* 3610- Nokia 3610
* 3586- Nokia 3586
* 3585- Nokia 3585
* 3530- Nokia 3530
* 3510- Nokia 3510

* 3500 Classic- Nokia 3500 Classic
* 3350- Nokia 3350
* 3330- Nokia 3330
* 3315- Nokia 3315
* 3310- Nokia 3310
* 3300- Nokia 3300

* 3250- Nokia 3250
* 3230- Nokia 3230
* 3220- Nokia 3220
* 3210- Nokia 3210
* 3205- Nokia 3205
* 3200- Nokia 3200

* 3155- Nokia 3155
* 3125- Nokia 3125
* 3120_Classic- Nokia 3120 Classic
* 3120- Nokia 3120
* 3110- Nokia 3110 classic
* 3108- Nokia 3108

* 3105- Nokia 3105
* 3100- Nokia 3100
* 30- Nokia 30
* 2865- Nokia 2865
* 2855- Nokia 2855
* 2650- Nokia 2650

* 2626- Nokia 2626
* 2630- Nokia 2630
* 2610- Nokia 2610
* 2600_Classic- Nokia 2600 Classic
* 2600- Nokia 2600
* 2505- Nokia 2505

* 2355- Nokia 2355
* 2310- Nokia 2310
* 2300- Nokia 2300
* 2280- Nokia 2280
* 2255- Nokia 2255
* 2125- Nokia 2125

* 2118- Nokia 2118
* 2116- Nokia 2116
* 2112- Nokia 2112
* 2100- Nokia 2100
* 1650- Nokia 1650
* 1600- Nokia 1600

* 1325- Nokia 1325
* 1315- Nokia 1315
* 1265- Nokia 1265
* 1255- Nokia 1255
* 1209- Nokia 1209
* 1208- Nokia 1208

* 1200- Nokia 1200
* 1112- Nokia 1112
* 1110i- Nokia 1110i
* 1110- Nokia 1110
* 1108- Nokia 1108
* 1100- Nokia 1100

* D211- Nokia D211

All type of models have various type of utilities like internet, FM radio, camera etc.
Some people want to add new features on their mobile. Some people are getting trouble with Memory card, Display and Rebooting, GPRS, GPS, ringtone, mp3, videos, apps, audio problem. Some people are facing trouble with Nokia PC suit to connect mobile with computer, they want to get internet facility at  computer through mobile.

For all type of problems about nokia handset, you can call at above number. If you have any doubt, you can comment here also. Your questions will be answered.

Comments (405)

  1. I purchased Nokia mobile (Model No3110) on 27th april 2008. It has a warranty for one year.
    invoice no WB/01404/00001/4614
    the mobilestor kolar road ,bhopal

    Report. My jobsheet number is 487434038/080506/45(06th-may’08),then
    2 job sheet no 487434038/080520/2(20st-may-’08)
    3 job sheet no 181343506/080610/02 (10 jun 08) given by Nokia care.

    Fist complaint no 2/31UAA7 22/05/08 at Bhopal
    Second complaint no 2/34 BRW9 20/06/08 AT BHOPAL

    Now I am fully dissatisfy with the services and need to get my Phone Replaced, or my

    amount with the suitable interest rate and compensation, else I will file a complaint with

    the Consumer Court under the Consumer Protection Act of 1986.

    I seek compensation for the mental agony caused due to his deficiency in services

    and inconvenience faced due to no availability of my Phone for almost one month.

    sandesh jain
    C-728,shahpura Bhopal
    Alt. Ph. +91-98261 43920 9993309214
    Dt. 08/06/08

  2. Hi,

    My Mobile set (Nokia 6030 Black) has been lost today in Delhi. Set details are:

    Nokia 6030 Black
    IMEI- 355542015264452
    Item No.- 0042925
    CE- 434

    I wants to that set of all functions should be block (kill).

    Please do the needful.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Bharat Bhushan Sharma
    Devli Village,
    House No. 429
    New Delhi 110062

  3. Tauseef says:

    Hi.. Can you tell me if I can load Mail for Exchange(MfE) on my nokia 9500? If not can I upgrade the software some how and then load?

  4. ATUL BATRA says:

    I HAVE TO REPLACE MY NOKIA BL5C battery , i m trying for 7 months always no stock,kindly replace my battery as early as possible
    with best regards
    Atul Batra
    H.No102,38 a

  5. Muhammad Abdullahi says:

    i lost my nokia 2630 and want to bolk it pls who do i do

  6. bibek anand dalai says:

    sir it is very bad to say that i have purchase a set that nokia 5310 model.and it is went to hospital every 2 is only 6 months to buy my set, till now the problem can not cuered.. for nokia i lost my contract of 1 core, and also i loss a very gud job.. due to this bludy nokia..please u take ur moble back from me i am giveing u the money otherwise please give some medicine ..that it is to be cured forever,,

  7. MURALI.S says:

    Dear Sir,

    Iam very shocked to bring your notice the mobile model no 3500 which i bought on 8,feb 2008 is now getting switched off often since last thursday.i approached nearby priority dealer,they tried thier best but in i have no other option except to seek a replacement,since iam not satisfied with the service guarantee.Unknowingly i lost my bill.
    my mobile serial no:352048021485001
    bought in the name of myself Murali.
    with this information i kindly request you to take up this issue and solve it as soon as possible.

    Thanks and Regards,

  8. sharad says:

    i have nokia 3330 mobile .A problem arise in that mobile.When i do power on than it shows “insert sim card” than after 2sec than it shows contact service.What is the solution of that problem?Please inform me in my email id

  9. Sahana Debnath says:


    I got a Nokia 5300 Xpress Music phone with T-mobile conenction in US. I got that phone unlocked and came back to India. Here I want to use that phone but when I am putting some sim card it is not catching any network. Can please anyone tell if that phone will work in India?

    Sahana Debnath

  10. aman sandill says:

    The Senior Manager (Customer Care)


    Re:- Complaint regarding NOKIA N-72 colour black IMEI NO. 355721020095529.

    I’m shocked to bring to your knowledge that i had recently purchased the above-noted set on 14-07-2008 which is infested with certain technical problems.Whenever I tried to use speed dial it automatically got restarted.On 25-07-2008 I approached my nearby nokia care having address; Shree Shyam Sai Communication shop no. 1 Geeta Complex, Delhi Road, Rohtak-124001.They told me that my set will be sent to Delhi and it will take approx. 15 days to be in perfect order.But it has been more than a month and I have not got my set yet. Since i have purchased the phone at a very dear price, we expect full value for our money and ask you to solve my problem at the earliest. Also ensure that such problems do not creep up in future and that our faith in Nokia remains undaunted. Otherwise I’ll have to knock the doors of consumer court to seek a remedial action.

    In anticipation of your prompt response,

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,

    Aman Sandill
    522/8, Narain Bhawan,
    Brahaman Mandi, Rohatak- 124001
    Ph. 09813382001, 01262-255180

  11. vipul modi says:


    Have bought nokia 6500s on 11/04/2008 but had a problem after 3 month and have given it to nokia care first of all there is no responsible person to talk with second they told that they will send my handset to head office and don`t the the target delivery date it might take 1 month, 3 month, or six month this is not the way to talk,if not interest to deel with customer close the office instead of giving such answer, buying a mobile worth 13700 and within 3 month if it is of no use then the name ” nokia” does not give any assurance of brand anyway still have more bad experience about the name nokia. my jobsheet number was 024434038/080701/33 as on 14/july/2008, i have contected your banglore office as i got very bad response after submitting handset my complain number there was 2/3974JT but did not got satisfactory answer anyhow i received a call after 1 and half month from “expert” nokiacare as on 30/8/2008 and i went to take the handset i saw the handset was totally changed the handset which i submitted was of steel body the one which i saw was of black body and the way i got the response from there was pathetic, all i mean from my experience is there is no sense buying brand like such. sorry for such harsh word but could not describe how your nokia care deel with people. now there is a sincere request to deliver my handset at the earliest. As i don`t have time for such issue.
    vipul modi



  12. sujith kumar says:

    i have lost my N76 on 14-07-08 in hyderabad of andrapradesh. i have brought it on 10-07-07.ihad two yrs warranty .i have the bill with me and all related codes on bill.COULD U PLS HELP ME ingetting my phone back.i would be thank full to u if u respond for my complaint and call me at

  13. Anand Yadav says:


    My Mobile set (Nokia 1650 red) has been lost last 27.8.2008 in Bhiwadi. Set details are:

    Nokia 1650 red
    IMEI- 352051024535236

    I wants to serch my mobile. pls tell me solution

    Please do the needful.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Anand Yadav
    V.p.o. – Khanpur Ahir,
    Teh – mundawar.
    Alwar rajasthan.


  14. adesh says:


    My Mobile set (Nokia N-72 Black) has been lost today in Delhi. Set details are:

    Nokia N-72 Black
    IMEI- 356966010978601

    I wants to that set of all functions should be block (kill).

    Please do the needful.

    Thanks and Regards,

    DELHI -110094
    MB NO-9871370137

  15. To
    The Senior Manager (Customer Care)


    Re:- Complaint regarding NOKIA N-73 (Music Edition) colour black with IMEI NO. 355718022660862.

    I’m shocked to bring to your knowledge that i purchased the above-noted set on 06-09-2008 which is infested with certain technical problems.The set gets hanged continueously almost arround 3 to 4 time a day, when nothing happens I remove the batery place it again and then try to switch it on but the set doesn’t get started, after removing and placing the batery from 3 to 4 times the set gets started. This has become a daily process for me. Since i have purchased the phone at a very dear price, we expect full value for our money and request you to solve my problem or replace my set. And please ensure that such problems do not creep up in future so that our faith on Nokia remains undoubted.

    Waiting for your quick response.

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,

    Sinku Disadri

    HCL Technologies Ltd.
    A8, 9, Sector-60
    Noida-201301, U.P (India)
    Ph: +91 120 4384000 (Extn: 4045)
    Mob: +91-9899069809

  16. shreekant sharma says:

    Respected Sir,
    This is to inform you that I am a frustated customer of Nokia Company. I bought a handset Nokia 5610 on 12-06-2008 From sukhija traders, Rajapark, Jaipur.
    My request is that when i was dealing with your dealer i told him that the backcover of handset is loose. but he told me that it is a normal condition if any problem occurs you just come to me i will change it but after few days handset got some software problem also. then i came to dealer (on 20th june 08)and he send me to Nokia Care, Rajapark. Where i met to Mr. Sandeep (owner) and requested him to solve my problem and he denied. then i talk to Mr. Sujoy (ASI, Nokia). He Commited me that you come after two days(Date:-23-06-08)we will change the parts. and as today i came here Mr. sandeep maletreted me . Then after i talk to Mr. sujoy and Now he is not on his own words. he told me that you have to submit your handset and i was agreed but they are not providing me any stand by. Mr. sandeep is saying we cannot provide you any stand by handset and his words are “you can’t do anything”. but as you know that according to your norms you have to provide stand by. Ultimately you people are harrassing me and i will have to go to consumer court.

    Dear sir i request you that please return me my money and all my expenses because i know your services are very bad i dont want to continue with you .

    My expenses are:-
    cost of phone – 12180 Rs.
    Cost of my Time – 3200 (2 days salary)
    Cost of petrol and Mobile – 150
    Mental Harrassment also.

    Sir please revert if you can do something for this matter i want my money back or resolve my case and please you take action on Mr.sandeep , Mr.Sujoy and Sukhija Traders otherwise i will have to go to consumer court tommorow.

    Shreekant Sharma
    B 4/180,chitrakoot
    ajmer road

  17. HEMMY says:

    my mobile phone Nokia 1110i does not display anythig than “contact service” even if thre is no sim card inside.

  18. andi says:

    Hi . I have a nokia 6230.And when i tourn on it says Contact service and turn off 🙁 what shouldi do thanks 😀

  19. leena says:

    can u giv me detail of my mobile battery
    becous i lost my mobile battery
    i use 6030.
    there is bl-5c battery in my cell
    mobile IMEI 359351/00/343164/4
    mobile code 0527437
    plz giv me details as soon as possible

  20. leena says:

    n ha i m from mumbai

  21. Hi,

    I had Nokia N95 handset which is 18 months older. Now, it is not getting switched on and Nokia care is not able to rectift the cause. They are saying they dont have any answer for this.

    I want to lodge a complaint against nokia in the Consumer Court under the Consumer Protection Act of 1986.

    I want to seek compensation for the mental agony caused due to his deficiency in services

    and inconvenience faced due to no availability of my Phone for almost one month.

    Please assist me.


    Dear sir,
    I purchased a mobile set Model 2865 CDMA in the yr2007 .Its outer cabinet and key pad is wornout due to continuoususe. I am quite satisfied with its features and support. I want to change the cover and key pad. Local dealer are incapable to help me. Can you do something for me?call me on my cell : 09338905574 for any further clarification


    G K Patnaik
    orissa, India


    Dear sir,
    I purchased a mobile set Model N-70 Music edition (IMEI NO. 358080015145808)on 26-12-2007 .It was replaced by Nokia Care on 01-11-2008 which was submitted on 27th September, 2008 due to Blank disply. I am not satisfied with this set because the life timer is sowing 169.02 at the time of receiving but Nokia care agent told me that this is a new set.While Local dealer told me that this set is used by other person or replaced by another set in unothorized way. I want to know the IMEI No. of new (replaced) set and other clarification regarding my problem from your end. Can you do something for me? call me on my cell : 09415720086 for any further clarification


    Vinod Kumar Singh
    NDUAT, Faizabad, UP,India

  24. P. Kotish says:

    Dear Sir
    I Have Nokia 6131 model. Its running smooth but the problem is the cabinet. I would like to change the cabinet. Please let me know is it possible to change the whole cabinet of the set. If possible please tell me the what will be the cost of cabinet.
    Thanks & regards

  25. dhirender kumar says:

    I have purchased nokia 6275 cdma last month i found its body loose. when i get back to dealer he sent me to nokia care they people say we don’t have warranty of body at the time of delivery.. what is this i m not satisfy with the service.. what do i do of this hand set with a loose body.. it always irritates me… kindly do some thing

  26. Sunil Madhe says:

    Dear Sir,

    You are requested to please guide me for how to new mobile body purchase. My Mobile Model No is 5310_XpressMusic- Nokia 5310 XpressMusic

  27. MUKESH says:



    Nokia spare parts are not available in market after 1 yr of launching of product. Though products of high end are good but spares also play an important role during failure. Care centres refuse to give support as they are not properly backed from their parent source.

    Never purchase for a Nokia set.They never care for the customer’s money.I purchased a CDMA Nokia: 2865 handset on 8th Feb 2008. As the cover of my set is wornout I need to replace. But sorry to note , I am trying for the same for last 1 yr but found help less.

    G K Patnaik
    Orissa, India , Mobile :09338905574

  29. abhay aggarwal says:

    I want know whose and from where this ( 9888099143 ) no. from ?

  30. Binaya kumar panigrahi says:

    Dear sir ,
    my name is binaya kumar panigrahi i am purchase a nokia 5310 music express there are some big problem , the switch of music is not function properly . And there are some scratches in mobile lcd screen i am purchase the mobile at pune in 5th june 2008 . Then please sugest me what can i do ? And please give me the contact details of orissa . My contact number is 9937566677 . At present i am in orissa .

  31. TANSEER KHAN says:


  32. SNS MEHRA says:

    I have purchased N95 from Sameer Music Centre, Bittan Market Bhopal, on 9-11-2008 . On very next day its camera stopped working. It says Camera in stand by Mode. but no any setting was available to start it. I complain the vendor, He send the hand set to nokia care. after 2 day it came back to me. Again after two days its stopped working with the same message i.e. stand by mode. It is very surprising that NOKIA set are not standing with quality and performance. I want to replace the set with other same/similar range model but the,Vendor is not agreeing to do so. Please look into the matter, I am not satisfied with the performance of set, please arrange to replace it as early as possible and Keep NOKIA standards maintained. I hope you will not force me, to go to Consumer Forum.


  33. Ravi Yadav says:

    Dear Sir, 🙂

    Hi! my name is Ravi Yadav i am purchase a nokia E90 there are some big problem, my phone Wi-Fi not working,
    please sugest me what can i do ? And please give me the contact
    At present i am in India .

  34. fayaz says:

    my mobile is nokia 5610 express music.then where i open my mobile software for example anti virus its showing “nothing to dissplay”

  35. hi ! myself sudhansu dash,i want to open a nokia care (service center for repair and sell)in our town umerkote ,dist nabarangpur.kindly tell me the procedure…to proceed.

  36. chandraprakash says:

    hi my self chandraprakash,i want to take nokia cell phone dealership in chitrakoot dis.(u.p)and open a nokia care (service center for repair and sell)in our town kindly tell me the procedure of your company

  37. HARDIK says:

    dear sir,
    i lost my mobile so i want to make my phone useless no one shud use my phone sir plz help
    my mobile is N81 2 gb and my serial number is
    356993019745893 plz sir lock my phone so no one can use it

  38. munna says:

    dear,sir where are ur HCL nokia care???kindly reply me

  39. kailash pundhir says:

    Dear Sir
    My N70 Mobile has been lost Please help me to search

  40. kailash pundhir says:

    My Mobile set (Nokia N-70 Black) has been lost today in Ghaziabad. Set details are:
    Nokia N-70M Black
    IMEI- 358080013592654
    I wants to serch my mobile. pls tell me solution
    Please do the needful.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Kailash pundhir

  41. Luis says:

    I have a nokia 6600 fold, does any body knows how to solve my camera problem?

    The problem is that i can´t take any picture with the phone and evry time i try to do so this message prompts op:
    Camera on stanby

    Can any body help me ….

  42. ramander srivastava says:

    respected sir/madam
    actually i have given my handset for repair but still i have not taken back.there is only camera problem but cant repair it.after long time u had taken then i had taken back without repair set.
    then i had given second time but still i have nt given.The delivery date of my set is 26 dec 2008 but till now i have not taken
    so plz consider.also i am sending this mail to head office(Delhi,Banglore).
    so make it fast,otherwise i will complain to consumer forum.
    job sheet no.213433527/08/1223/29
    date on- 23 dec 2008
    delivery date-26 dec 2008
    contact no.09911749671.

  43. B. K. GARG says:

    I purchased one Nokia Phone in july 2008 and I am facing some problems, while it is stll in Gaurenty period.

    I contact your Service center at 34, Corner Market Malviya Nagar anf they want be to leave Cell Phone with them with no comitment but aproximate time of 15 days.

    How can I afford to leave the Cell phone for 15 days.



  44. Jimmy Alexander says:

    I have been using different Nokia handsets from almost 12 years.Currently I am using N72 and wish to upgrade to a Dual Sim Card Model(3 G).However since I couldn’t find one from Nokia,I was forced to buy a Dual Sim Model from Samsung and not too happy with that one as I am so much used to Nokia.As I travel a lot it makes sense to have one handset that can function with two sim cards.Hence please let me know if you are going to launch any Dual Sim model in the near future.
    Thanks & Best regards

    Jimmy Alexander

  45. kalpit kulshreshta says:

    hi, i am just wondering if any one tell me can i change my mobile cabinet of NOkia N81 8gb . help me my email

    yahoo im : kalpit90

    thanks in advance

  46. r.kgupta says:

    To, mgr.
    customer care
    dear sir,
    I have purchased nokia 1202 on 23/12/2008 from The Mobile Store, Punjabi Nagh, Delhi which IMEI No. is 356393022083330 , From few days Iam facing the problem of over heating the set while talking more than 5 on screen black shade is coming and going day by day dark black spot. Sir , I have Purchased new set and I am facing the problem due to Mfg. defact , Please Replace my mobile set as soon as possilble.
    waited for your reply.
    thanks with regards.

  47. suresh says:


    My Mobile set (Nokia 3110c Black) has been lost in Andhara pradesh Set details are:

    Nokia 3110c Black
    IMEI- 358977014632548

    I wants to that set of all functions should be block (kill).

    Please do the needful.

    Thanks and Regards,

  48. KAVITHA.K.U says:

    I want to add new features like camera, fm, bluetooth in my mobile MODEL # RH-73
    MODEL 6060.

  49. Soheb says:



  50. Santanu Adhikary says:

    i have NOKIA hanset model no. N_70_Music_Eddition. But using more than one year the cabinet of the set have been broken. so please tell me how can i get the original cabinet of the set from nokia care.
    Model – N_70_Music_Eddition
    Serial no. – 351863015177971

  51. TUSHAR CHAUBAL says:

    Could you please tell me M.R.P. of NOKIA-3650?

  52. Debasish nandi says:


  53. Kamini says:

    I just want to know the cost of outer body(original)of Nokia 7210.

  54. Aniruddha Ghosh Choudhury says:

    I hv a problem with my nokia 6670,i hv bsnl_gprs conection,when i go to download atul(orkut) to my mobil, it always fails,sais invalid verson, pls help me.

  55. Vimal kant says:

    I want N 79 mobile (canvas white).

    plz give me the details of any nokia show room in delhi.



  56. krishna kumar says:

    i buy nokia 5310 resently.i want check my battery is it originol or battery no is BL-4CT GOY7BAN. one think also that when i brose gprs the vidio file or song cant explored. please help me and give me customer care phone no.

  57. Vikas Trikha says:

    Hi, I am vikas trikha. Recently i have purchased a Nokia Phone Nokia 7610. I hv not get any data cable,memory card and AV cable with it. Shopkeeper asked me that company is not providing any data cable , memory card and AV cable along with it. Is it true. And also plz. provide me the customer care no of Nokia. My phone no is 9891580184

  58. Ganesh chandra panda says:

    hello sir i want to open a nokia care ,sir please tell to me how can i open a nokia care
    please send mee the detail in my mail

  59. arun says:

    Hi . I have a nokia 1108.And when i turn on it says Contact service and turn off 🙁 what should i do thanks :D.plz send me the detail soon……

  60. D D YADAV says:

    I have nokia 5070 handset i have GPRS connection in the phone, but the problem is that i am unable to use laptop with this phone because when i connect it with PC modem not found appear. From where i get nokia 5070 modem please suggest. Thanks. D D yadav

  61. Pramod says:

    Hi . I have a nokia 6610i.And when i turn on it says Contact service and turn off what should i do .plz send me the detail soon……

  62. Samarjit Dutta Choudhary says:

    The Senior Manager (Customer Care)

    My name is SAMARJIT DUTTA CHOUDHARY.My Mobile set is (Nokia N82) has been lost in Noida(UP).Can u find it,I already complained in police station,but he don’t work out.So plz plz plz Kindly help me.My important memory attach with this mobile.I need u help.I am highly obliged u.

    Set details are:

    Nokia N82
    IMEI- 358984014298791

    I wants to that set of all functions should be block.

    Please do the needful.

    Thanks and Regards,

  63. vikram singh nagarkoti says:


    My Mobile set (Nokia N72 BLACK) has been lost today in Delhi. Set details are:

    Nokia N72 BLACK
    IMEI- 353089029225055

    I wants to that set of all functions should be block (kill).

    Please do the needful.

    Thanks and Regards,
    PIN- 262308

  64. Rajesh Puhan says:

    Dear Concern,
    My mobile set (Nokia 6070) had lost yesterday in travelling in bus. below are some details of my mobile set

    Model: Nokia 6070
    Colour:Dark grey
    IME no:351868019080113

    I requested you pls lock the mobile asap. and if possible pls help me for searching whether this is situated.

    Thanks & Regards
    Rajesh puhan
    New Delhi-110062

  65. Jasmeet singh says:

    Hi Sir,

    My Name is Jasmeet Singh and I am stay in Budh vihar Ph 1. I have a Problem Related to your nokia Service. I was Purchase a Mobile Nokia 3110C from hot spot rohini sec.3 the date of Purchase is 1/4/2009. Now no power in my phone and when I am switch on my mobile it is auto hanging problem. Today I was going in you nokia care Sushil Telecom they people send to me in Rohini M2k Nokia care. My token no is 19. Engineer told me there is the problem in Motherboard. We have to send this mobile in our service center you can collect after one week. But I would like to inform you the time of purchasing is not more then 10 day I don’t want to repair my mobile I need replacement my contact no is 9350641561. kindly Replaced my Mobile ASAP…..

    Jasmeet Singh

    Delhi 110086

  66. gaurav says:

    hi sir,
    my name is gaurav jain, i lost my mobile during visiting in bus….i lost my 1650 black body mobile, my imei num 353210033368232

  67. gaurav says:

    pls help me 2 find my mobile….otherwisw give me infomation how 2 complaint about lost mobile. i will very thankful 2 you…

  68. Srinivasa Rao K says:


    I lost Nokia 6708 D.Grey on 10/04/2009 in my office at Hyderabad.

    IMEI No: 357578001581002

    Pl trace the mobile and help me.

    Srinivasa Rao K
    9885121217, 9177839847

  69. Bhutia Tshering T. says:

    I shall feel highly obliged if you could kindly suggest me that from where I can order for the black cabinet cover of Nokia N72. As my old cover is totally damaged. Please help me.

  70. nice says:

    info abt 5610_XpressMusic- Nokia 5610 XpressMusic
    & indian market price..


  71. magesh says:

    pleace increace pexel size for model ( Nokia 5800 ) to 5 (or)more mega pexel with ( Zenon flash light ) as soon as possibel in markets, pleace make it soon………………….. pleace i am very much interested to buy ( Nokia 5800) model

  72. ARVIND KUMAR says:

    please solve my Nokia N72,IEMI NO.355721023417506
    can’t register my complaint,s.BHUPINDER SINGH Incharge Gee Mobile give me nokia N72 on 16/03/2009
    after 4 day Mobile stop working,many time i contact
    to gee mobile staff & Mr.BHUPINDER SINGH but they can’t solve my problem.for full details me
    on 9463009008 or send me email id,fax No.where I send full detail.

    with regards

  73. praveen dubey says:

    I got repaired my nokia handset( nokia express music 5610) through nokia care center in bargarh, orrisa. first of all they gave me wrrong estimate and after reparing my memory card is asking for password,though I never set any passowrd for that. I have all the data and backup in my memory card, please provide solution for that.
    praveen dubey


    Dear Concern,
    My mobile set (Nokia E 51) had lost on 25/04/2009 in travelling in autorishaw. below are some details of my mobile set.

    Model: Nokia E51
    IME no:3589 9701 0916307

    I requested you pls BLOCK the mobile & if possible pls help me for searching/TRACING.
    Pl trace the mobile and help me.
    Thanks & Regards
    MULUND(W)MUMBAI 400080

  75. Mohd.Mubeen says:

    I would like to draw your kind attention that i submitted a bluetooth headset BH-101 at Smart Associate Sadar bazar Jhansi for replacement purpose on 12/04/2009 with complete paper formalities,they had made a service job sheet no : 388504886/090412/28 with targeted date 02/05/2009.
    As uptill now they are unable to deliver me back my headset,whenever i reached thier office they provided me unsatisfied reply that ; “Nothing is in our hands” .
    So would you please tell me that if nothing is in thier hands then why company is opening so many customer care centers.
    Tommorow when i reached the thier office then they showed me a headset without the ear clip and told me that it is provided from company without ear clip. How would i wear the headset without the ear clip?????
    Hoping for the satisfied reply from your side or i will contact with higher officials.


    Thanks & Regards,

    Mohd Mubeen.

  76. sumit says:

    I bought nokia 5320(blue) from prakash music centre bhopal on October 2009.i bought it by it after spending considerable money.Only because of my trust in the brand nokia and the day of its use it is giving problem to services.i have bought it from a nokia showroom there.since the day of its use it is giving problem of downloading and when i go to the service centre at sameer music centre there HCL( Nokia) one guy named Sachin Rajpoot(09826578787) is asking for 1200 rs. And he promise me to gimme new nokia5320 handset(which is in gaurentee period ) in replace of the old one.but after 1 month he is not at all ready to give a new handset and is asking for more money for the old and damaged handset which he is giving to me by making all false commitment. This continued harrrasment by the brand NOKIA was not expected at all. In fact buying the brand NOKIA was to escape the inconveniences we are facing today. kindly help me out of this everyday torture and the great loss of money, as now the prices of the same model has also fallen. we were told that nokia has in warranty, even if not .. can u please help us by responding and telling the true story to save our harrasment. please respond soon.

    Thanks N Regards
    Sumit Kumar
    Mail id

  77. Md.Shahjahan says:

    Dear Sir,
    I lost my mobile set on 17.05.2005 while purchasing vegetables from the market.General Diary lodged in police station.Sim blocked through BSNL customer care.Details of set mentioned below:
    1.Model NOKIA N73M.
    2.IMEI NO. 353548028408939.
    3.Date of purchase -27.12.2008.
    4.GDE NO. 967 dt.17.05.09.
    at Hirapur P.S.Asansol.W.B.
    Kindly block the mobile and help to trace.
    With thanks
    Manisha Apartment,

  78. B GANESH says:

    Dear Sir,

    My Nokia 6300 bought on 23.7.08 is giving problem and the set is having sound problem as the volume at HIGH also gives very low sound. For last couple of days it is getting hanged after each operations and in the middle of some operations also. I have given it to M/s Poddar Telcom, HB Road Ranchi ( Job sheet No 523/27 on 23.5.09 and they said that they will give by evening. In the evening they said that Monday morning ( 25.5.09 ). On 25.5.09 morning they said wait for half an hour. AFter half an hour they said come after two days. Software is not taking load, there is no power etc. Pls help.

  79. My Nokia 6230 Mobile has been lost Please help me to search

  80. GANESH WANI says:

    Dear Sir,
    I want main board of Nokia 6265 model.Pl. help me in getting that.I am resident of Jalgaon ( maharastra State )
    Awaiting for you positive reply.

  81. jatin verma says:



  82. jose.k.j. says:

    dear sir, i have purchased nokia cell phone model 6600 just two months is giving lot of trouble. i can’t type any message, while typing itself it gets switch off. since i am unable to find more details about this model in your web site i feel it is a failure model. it costed a lot to me. you are requested to refund or exchange to some othere ,odel.

  83. Dishant Singla says:

    Dear Team,
    this is complaint regarding of model of NK 5310
    Bill Number/ Date PUN / 02536 / 00001 / 3470 Date 14.02.2009

    I have purchased nokia 5310 Mucie express Date 14.02.09 from The Mobile Store, Bathinda in Dhobhi azar Serial number is 356870028996284 and the handsets id giving the Problam Form last two months month

    We have not received any satisfied response from your service center Side regarding the handset model NK 5310 . after four time visit at servise center there are same error in this handsets , and fifth time again they are sending this handset at delhi service center for repair purpose , it may take long time , more than 15 days. last time this handset was submitted ason dated 13 may’09 & received ason dated 2nd june.09 ,after one day this handset not getting on ( Power doesn’t on and no Network shown on phone ) ,

    you are requested to pls do the needful , this issue is pending since last two month
    Nokia 5310 (Serial number 356870028996284)
    Job Sheet Number Date Fault
    176433527 / 090416 / 28 16-Apr-09 Power doesn’t on
    176433527 / 090423 / 21 23-Apr-09 Power doesn’t on
    176433527 / 090505 / 18 5-May-09 Power doesn’t on
    176433527 / 090513 / 78 13-May-09 Power doesn’t on (Send to Delhi office for Repire)
    176433527 / 090604 /  4-Jun-09 Power doesn’t on and no Network shown on phone

    Dishant Singla

  84. ravi says:

    i wanna know the real price of the orignal cabinet of nokia 5700.

  85. PARTH says:

    i want to fm on withot heanset u get me any code ya any number my phone model nokia 5070

  86. vasant rangholiya says:


    I lost Nokia 6275 black on 08/06/2009 in my office at surat.

    IMEI No:

    Pl trace the mobile and help me.

    vasant r rangholiya

  87. Dear sir,

    i am interested to take Authorised dealership of nokia in new delhi .please help me and explain me that how to find dealershi ,and what is support to be done by company.

    MY CONTACT NO IS-9250938550

  88. nitin chaudhari says:

    Resp. Sir\Madam
    I have Nokia 7710 i want display,body,rubber pad for recivied call,touch stick all original from where i get this & cost it is get in puna in Maharashtra.
    Please do the needful.

  89. SUKUMAR DUTTA says:

    Nokia Customer Care of India
    Sub :- STOLEN NOKIA MOBILE MODEL NO. 5800 Blue Band

    Dear Sir,

    I lost my mobile phone around 14.25 p.m. on dt. 17/06/2009 at Ballygunge Railway Station (Kolkata) along with my phone number is 09002020234 (Airtel SIM).

    The particulars are furnished below :-

    1. Name : SUKUMAR DUTTA

    2. Address : 91/29B/5, BOSE PUKUR ROAD,
    KOLKATA – 700 042.

    3. Contact No : 033 – 24427950 (Res.)
    09231807287 (Mobile)

    4. E. Mail :

    5. Nokia Mobile Model No : 5800 Blue Band

    6. Purchased from : The Mobile Store Limited,
    38, Gariahat Road (South),
    Ground Floor, Space 5, Identity
    Kolkata. Phone – 033-64549855.

    7. Customer Number : 145407673.

    8. IMEI No : 354182027211364.

    9. G.D.E. No : 535 dated 17.06.09. (G.R.P.S. Ballygunge)

    Please take immediate action about this.

    With Regards,


  90. sasikanth says:

    my mobile s stolen on 20-6-09.

    Name: P.Sasikanth

    Address: plot no:131, cheran street, rmk nagar, vandalur post, chennai-48.

    mobile model: nokia 5130 express music

    contact no: 044-22740368

    Email id:

    IMEI No: 354179032468112

    missed from: 20-06-09

    please take immediate actions to find my mobile..
    all my contacts are in that mobile. so it would be grateful if u find the mobile for me


    I wanted to know whether internal board can be changed of N-73 (music express) whuch is not under warranty.
    pls let me know as if possible and any address
    in mumbai for that.

  92. dr. sanjeet says:

    I had purchased nokia N72 on 4-8-08 fromgadget shop dlf-iv gurgaon. although mobile is in warranty period your care centre in sec-5,12, dwarka new delhi is not ready to service it. it is having moisture in its key pad and key pad is not working properly.
    kindly look into the matter seiously. i have been a regular customer of nokia since last 10 years.
    thank you

  93. dr. sanjeet says:

    I had purchased nokia N72 ( type:RM-180, FCC ID:QFXRM-180,IC-661Z-RM 180, 355721/02/077684/7, CODE:0548028, C E 0434,8051311A4) on 4-8-08 from gadget shop dlf-iv gurgaon. although mobile is in warranty period your care centre in sec-5,12, dwarka new delhi is not ready to service it. it is having moisture in its key pad and key pad is not working properly.
    kindly look into the matter seiously. i have been a regular customer of nokia since last 10 years.
    thank you

  94. Zafar Alam says:


    I have Nokia 6070, when I connect it with internet then “NO MODEM FOUND” error occurs. Please help me regarding this issue.

    Thank you

  95. Ranjith says:

    Sir, i am using 3110c mobile i got problem with this. Music player not opening its when i tried to open then it displays updating library not completing 100% update. And also not supporting any applications. And not downloading any applications and games from the net gprs. What can i do send reply sir please:-):-):-) . . . . . . . . . . . . . .please. . . . Please . .

  96. Anshu Pugalia says:

    I purchased Nokia mobile (Model No N70 music addition) last year.It had a warranty for one year.
    I have lodged many complanints in the past and still the problems and the hanging up problem and many other problems keep coming up.

    Now I am fully dissatisfy with the services and need to get my Phone Replaced, or my
    amount with the suitable interest rate and compensation, else I will file a complaint with
    the Consumer Court under the Consumer Protection Act of 1986.

    I seek compensation for the mental agony caused due to his deficiency in services and inconvenience faced due to the problems occuring on day to day basis.I m completlely fed up and frustrated now.

    CA. Anshu Pugali
    A-252,Meera Bagh, Newdelhi-110087
    Ph. +91-9711013234,+91-9968868922
    Dt. 01/07/09

  97. Jyoti Hande says:

    I want Nokia Connectivity cable CA-101 Micro USB cable.

    Plz help me from where I can get it.

  98. jitender bedi says:

    I am from kota &i purchaise anokia bluetooth head set bh-501 from m/s Cellular,s 93,shopping center kota but the product is not setisfectory one stick is break with in 15 days your this product is not up to mark with your name.please sugest me what can i do.your nokia care is refuse me.
    Jitender bedi

  99. KARIMULLA MD says:

    Dear Team,

    I don`t know either to thank you for your products or i have to scold.Untill now i used more than 20 handsets of your company from the least model to the highest model.Recently i purchased a nokia 1209 handset from kakinada.There was a problem in the display.Yesterday i took that mobile to the service centre at bhanugudi that time it was free.I spoke to that receptionist name G.RAMA.she told me that you will get your handset ready by tomarow itself.then today when i went there for i found my mobile was not repair.And also she was telling that it is a water damage.Then i asked them why didn`t you told me yesterday.She told me that it was busy at that time.

    Now i want to get my handset to be repaired anyway.If it was not happened then i have to complain about this product at consumer court.

    MY MOBILE IMEI NO: 351966/03/700727/2

    MODEL NO 1209.

    CODE : 0559989.


    MY no: 99510 53829


  100. raju says:

    dear sir,

    my cell phone 6630 model. my phone switch off and swith on button is not working. plz give the solution.

  101. Mohammed Irfan says:



    MY EMI – 353081028878562
    HENDSET – 3110- Nokia 3110 classic

  102. suresh b says:

    My device is N82 nokia. My problem is when i open the camera shutter or when i switch on the camera, the display is showing ” Unexpected error occurred. Power off the device and restart”. Before this message on display, the display shows a small battery symbol and arrow with down falsh indicating. Many times i restarted the device, then also the same problem persist. Pls help me.

  103. Tapandixit says:

    I have 2pieces nokia 3110C but i have so many problems with SD Card & Light is flashing

  104. abi says:

    this s not fare 4 nokia customer service my mobile5310 was in repair still its under guarrenty period. when i approach the service center they ask me around INR 2800. If u wont take action against this i will surely make a complaint in the consumer court. i m totally unsatisfied with product.


  105. abhay tanwar says:

    Dear sir.

    I have lost my N91 8GB phone today when i was going office. I called on my number but someone switched off the phone. I have security core on both phone ans sim . CAn i get back phone now.

    Contact me on 9960185541/09928700097

  106. pradeeo kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please geve me a number for set set is nokia n72 & my mobile 9450163446


  107. paneer selvam. a says:

    I purchased Nokia mobile (Model No 2600 ime no 339314024209662 ) two month back.It had a warranty for one year.
    I have lodged many complanints in the past and still the problems and the hanging up problem and many other problems keep coming up.

    Now I am fully dissatisfy with the services and need to get my Phone Replaced, or my
    amount with the suitable interest rate and compensation, else I will file a complaint with
    the Consumer Court under the Consumer Protection Act of 1986.

    I seek compensation for the mental agony caused due to his deficiency in services and inconvenience faced due to the problems occuring on day to day basis.I m completlely fed up and frustrated now.

    my contact no :9894779215,9677792927
    thanks& regards
    paneer selvam

  108. indal shah says:

    i bought nokia 5800. But this is not using as modem to start internet in my pc using gprs service of airtel. It is really disappointing. Investing so much rupees i m facing problem to use this set for internet. Try to solve the problem

  109. vikas mendiratta says:

    Respected sir,
    I want a format code for nokia 2626.or pls send me as soon as possible..I’ll b very greatful to you..!!


    vikas mendiratta

  110. maxson goes says:

    respected sir,

    i had purchased a nokia cell model no 6600. but the problems is that i happen tro see the crack on the screen. i went to most of the nokia care centre in mumbai but i was very disappoined with the reply, as they told me that they cannot do anything. i would really appreciate to do something that will help my cell to work. pls sir. thank u in advance.


  111. jiten sharmah says:

    Dear sir
    i am using nokia 3110c from last few months, but from last few days my music player can’t play the songs, when ever i tried to open the music player a message display mentioning updating library but when it complete updating another message display which contian a message “no music files found”, i would like to know what should i do now??? Pliz send me the code to restore factory setting. Thank You.

  112. jamale mustafa says:

    i have got 3110,i bought it 3 months ago it has problem while talking everything got disappears that means set got switched off and stops working ths happened almost 4 time in this 3 months now i dont wana keep that plz replace itas soon as possible.

  113. sachin says:

    please tell me can i use internet on computer using nokia 6070

  114. ranjit kumar mohanty says:

    dear str
    my cell nokia modelno 1200 is stolen someone so please blok the cell imediately

  115. Hi,

    My Mobile set (Nokia 7210 BLACK) has been lost today in Delhi. Set details are:

    Nokia 7210 BLACK
    IMEI- 353180036282294

    I wants to that set of all functions should be block (kill).

    Please do the needful.

    Thanks and Regards,
    PIN- 177001

  116. pawan says:


  117. amrita howlader says:

    i had bought a nokia N82 on 29/05/2008. now, the problem is that today, 20/07/2009 my phone is not working properly. various buttons donot work. the menu button, the call button, the scroll buttons,and the buttons 0 and 8 do not work. also, the cancel button do not work. therefore would you please kindly help me out as soon as possible…?

    i would be forever grateful for your help.
    please do reply fast.

    this is a very cherished phone as it is my first phone….and that too bought with my own money after months of saving money from my part time job….
    please do help me out.please..

  118. A p chowdhury says:

    I had given to nokia service centre to repair a mobile # 2760,problem is the key pad button of 7,8,9,caller,bottom scroll button . the phone set is handover to the centre of Dwarka SEC 4 Dtd 04/07/09 .Phone came i went to take handover the phone and notice that the phone is handover with same problem ,again the ASC code bearing executive 224433527 had kept the phone for another 10 days,Why this so.plz clarify.
    AP chowdhury

  119. sugandh says:

    my nokia 7210 is showing a msg “contact service” as soon as i switch it on…wat to do..plz reply

  120. Kamlesh Valecha says:

    I Come to know following details :

    IF the Seventh & Eighth digits of IMEI Number are 02 or 20 this means your cell phone was assembled in Emirates which is very Bad quality

    IF the Seventh & Eighth digits of IMEI Number are 08 or 80 this means your cell phone was manufactured in Germany which is fair quality

    IF the Seventh & Eighth digits of IMEI Number are 01 or 10 this means your cell phone was manufactured in Finland which is very Good

    IF the Seventh & Eighth digits of IMEI Number are 00 this means your cell phone was manufactured in original factory which is the best Mobile Quality

    IF the Seventh & Eighth digits of IMEI Number are 13 this means your cell phone was assembled in Azerbaijan which is very Bad quality and also dangerous for your health

    are these information true?

  121. Bharat Gala MUMBAI says:

    hello i want NOKIA E62 FRONT BACK COVER AND BODY HOUSING. please can anyone tell me where can i find it in mumbai

  122. kumar sahu says:


    Berhampur large city most of people ar use in nokia set
    one nokia care her
    Pl provide anothere nokia care
    Orissa 760001

  123. rahul singh says:

    how can i purchase a nokia cdma handset. it is not available in market or even at the nokia priority. i need to replace my handset with a new nokia phone, as i dont trust any other company. kindly reply as early as possible.

  124. J.V.BHOYAR says:

    To: Nokia Customer Care of India

    My Nokia mobile phone 6233, IMA No. 352915024012232 (Mobilew No. 9423101238, BSNL sincard)is stollen on 25-07-2009, which was purchase from M/s. Vedom, Dharampeth, Nagpur -440 010. The phone is stollen while i was travelling in train from Parli- Vaijanth to Parbhani, Maharashtra the needful.

    From :
    J. V. Bhoyar,
    Qtr. No.C/7/28, TPS colony (New),
    PARLI-VAIJNATH Pin.-431 520
    Alternate Mob.No. 9970131373

  125. Siddik I Memon says:

    My moblile 5130c-2 has stolen on 31st July 2009. I had forgotten my EMIE number.
    So please suggest me to search my mobile.
    Waiting for ur favourable reply.

  126. Prashant says:

    I have Nokia 3110 bought in March’09. this is developed some virous & phone stopped working. I have approched nokia customer care center in Delhi Lagpat Nagar. I Think that even a butuers’ shop is better then nokia care center @ lagpat nagar. They have kept my phone on 27-Jul & till date not responding as what is the status of the same.

    Also hve given a telephone no for center but option are either line is busy, or not picking the phone or if respond then will put down phone w/o listining to the issue.

    Is there any one can help me.



  127. loveneet sharma says:

    My problam is handest nokia 7210 supernova not
    yahoo go not working 2 days please sent me yahoo go setting. sorry my english very weak try to undersand my problam.

    thanking you

  128. Sachidananda Mohapatro says:

    can i change my n95 plum color case to any other color..if yes please help me… can i get a case from nokia dealer……?

  129. Sachidananda Mohapatro says:

    can i get full body cover for nokia n95 ?

  130. neeraj says:

    Hi i have lost my Nokia N-73mobile today(5 august 09).
    i want to Block my handset . my
    My INEI No —– 353548027923425.
    pls do the needful.

  131. harish says:

    hi ,
    In my nokia 1600 modal ,I am facing one problem that one in my phone my child enter the code securty and after that when I switch on the set it is asking the code security then I enter the code 12345 and it get accepted but after that when I recieving the incomming call there is no ring tone and when I tryed to set the ring tone it goes into OFF and again ask for code security .
    can you suggest how I can rectify this problem .


  132. pradeep says:

    please do launch nokia 2730 classic as possible its so nice phone

  133. Fitz Wellington says:

    i forgot my security code for my nokia 2630 handset. What can i do to over ride this!

  134. Amit Kumar says:

    Poor Service & Customer Care

  135. shahid khan says:

    hi,sir my brother mobile 5320 whose emie no-355740022278743 had been stolen or dropped somewhere in i want to know which connection is active in that phone.which was his phone number in which area phone is mainly used.sir this is my please try to get my brother phone back as quickly as possible.

  136. shashank says:

    i have purchased a n 72 2 yrs back
    it has got a virus
    i dont know how to remove it
    plz help me outmy email id is

  137. Badal says:

    i have purchase nokia 1203 and after three to four days it work properly but then after some time of using it suddenly switch off then after it never start and i have lost the battery of mobile. when i go to nokia gallery he told that i will not take in service so how i can start that mobile

  138. rakesh says:

    sir ,

  139. Sangeetha says:

    I have sent below mail to ….

    My MObile ESN/IMEI No: 356388024987769

    From past 5 months, this is the third time I am Giving my mobile to Nokia Care Centre,Chikkadpally,Hyderabad .

    Everytime…my problems are not solved …inaddition I face new problems….

    Last time My mobile was for servicing for more than 20 days.

    Problems with my mobile are as follows:

    1.Auto Switch off

    2.Mobile Does not get active inspite to pressing on button after getting Switch off.

    3.Low Ring tone

    4. Most of the Times ,No out Going Voice(My voice is not audible to the calling party/if I call someone).If I switch off and thn Switch on..thn my voice is audible).

    5. Vibrating option doesn’t work most of the times.

    6.After Giving to the Service Centre for the second time,

    Camera Picture Clarityis been highly degraded.

    Night mode option(camera Settings) is by default unactivated(cant activate it anymore).

    7. End Key does not work…everytime I need to keep on press the back button to reach the main screen.

    I have rasied all these complaints to Service Centre with respective Job Sheet number: 519465550/090801/41

    My mobile has now soo many faults that….its hard for me to use. It was quite new piece and now after being long enough and rough handling by service dept it has lost its originality.

    Sorry to sound harsh but…I am not at all happy with the your services .Everytime I face new problems when ever my mobile is with Service Centre.

    Hope atleast this time proper action is taken from your end before I escalate this issue to higher dept.


    Wen I bought my mobile after 20 days from service centre….I see that everytime my mobiles screen becomes balnk and Nothing is visible…
    I cannot see any incoming I can do anything as nothing is visible..

    This is how Nokia Services work….

  140. vishnu kant agarwal says:

    i have purchased e51 from kolkata but i live in mughalsarai chaundali the problem is my cell phone mic is not working noe you tell me in mughalsarai or near that there is any customer center

  141. B.K. SINHA says:

    The Care Manager
    4 F Tower – A&B
    Cyber Green, DLF Cyber City
    Sector- 25A
    GURGAON 122002
    Sub:- Replacement of NOKIA N-79
    Dear Sir,
    I had purchase a NOKIA N-79 through authorized dealer of NOKIA “Mobile House Town Hall, Below President Hotel, Jamnagar 361001” for Rs- 20999=00 on dated 26.10.2008 but my handset N-79 get out of order 3 times from the date of purchasing and in between I face lots of trouble that I will not be able to describe. There are so many numbers of my business contact have been deleted. When mobile get out of order in the 1st time I immediately handed over my handset to Mr. Asfak of M/s Mobile House Town Hall, Below President Hotel, Jamnagar 361001 and he return back my handset after three days. Same thing happened in 2nd time also. But now when my mobile get out of order Mr. Asfak told me that problem is very critical so I have to send your handset to DELHI. Now I will not consider anything so earnestly request you to please replace my Nokia N-79 & instead of N-79 you provide me the same cost of another mobile, but it should not be NOKIA N-79

    Details of the Mobile are given hereunder:-
    Model no- N-79
    IMEI No-356387020113123
    Battery no- 38206082712729244296670523
    Charger no- 394349836509040053410675589
    Name of dealer- “MOBILE HOUSE” Town Hall, Below President Hotel, Jamnagar 361001
    Bill no- 2386
    Date 26.10.2008

    (B.K. SINHA)

  142. Ratan Choudhary says:

    Hello Sir ,

    I am Ratan Choudhary , i bought a NOKIA 5300. I want to tell you that i am a mobile loving person , i bought more than 10 mobile in last two year. Earlier i were thinking that Nokia is the most reliable and best quality provider. But after using NOKIA 5300 , i come to know that i will never suggest any body to buy Nokia product. It was a worst experience. I had given my mobile three time in Nokia Care and they kept the mobile for 20 – 30 days and returned the mobile and the problems remains the same . No benefit at all. They had changed the battery but that time only i told them , its not a new battery. But as they were so arrogant , i couldn’t talk much about that issue . Finally my mobile is just like a toy , still in my house, as i paid Rs8600 . I lost only my Rs 8600 but you may loss several customer because of that mobile . As everyone knows that i am an electronics engineer and also mobile lover so people use to come for advice .I am just requesting you to improve the quality of mobile and also don’t hare arrogant employee in Nokia Care. I don’t know what you will do for my Nokia 5300 But I am expecting better for your product and services. If it is possible for you , Please look at my problem and try to resolve it.

  143. Jagdeep Singh Bali says:

    I purchased my Nokia mobile (modle n. 7610s)on October 2008 from jammu
    With buying that nokia set i feel that i do a big mistake in life at the time of purchasing . i feel very harrased i repaired it atleast for eight time .Once it retained with the head office in chandighar for atleast one month but after this my proble remains there . After every month I* have to take it in the custom care center but the problem remains there.but right now i only want my money back with suitable interest or Replace my set with new one otherwise i am having one more option that is to go with consumer court.n Could your ever give me worth of problem that i face with this socaled NOKIA Mobile 7610s.Whenever i see the advertisement of your company for this set i feel that i should go to the suoprem Court for filling the case against you that you misleading/ misguiding the poor people of this country, and i promise you that if my i will definatly demorlise your company face if i not get proper and needful attention
    jagdeep Singh Bali
    H. No. 187, mohalla Naraniyan
    Jammu and kashmir
    E-mail :
    Ph. No. 9906022504

  144. Sangeetha says:


    This mail is in continuation to may earlier issue placed….

    Current Jobsheet No : 519465550/090822/54

    Current Problem : Wen I bought my mobile after 20 days from service centre….I see that everytime my mobiles screen becomes balnk and Nothing is visible…
    I cannot see any incoming I can do anything as nothing is visible..

    I have dropped mails twice to “”, No response from there end.Atleast I would have appreciated response to my mails.

    Its long time now…..Within Coulpe of months…Gaurantee Period would be finished, When People are not responding now…I least expect to do any PROPER service later (other than just to eat away hard earned money…Sorry to say)

    I have been soo polite for Long….

    To be precise…..I WANT MY MOBILE TO BE REPLACED.

    (I have sent below mail to ….

    My MObile ESN/IMEI No: 356388024987769

    From past 5 months, this is the third time I am Giving my mobile to Nokia Care Centre,Chikkadpally,Hyderabad .

    Everytime…my problems are not solved …inaddition I face new problems….

    Last time My mobile was for servicing for more than 20 days.

    Problems with my mobile are as follows:

    1.Auto Switch off

    2.Mobile Does not get active inspite to pressing on button after getting Switch off.

    3.Low Ring tone

    4. Most of the Times ,No out Going Voice(My voice is not audible to the calling party/if I call someone).If I switch off and thn Switch on..thn my voice is audible).

    5. Vibrating option doesn’t work most of the times.

    6.After Giving to the Service Centre for the second time,

    Camera Picture Clarityis been highly degraded.

    Night mode option(camera Settings) is by default unactivated(cant activate it anymore).

    7. End Key does not work…everytime I need to keep on press the back button to reach the main screen.

    I have rasied all these complaints to Service Centre with respective Job Sheet number: 519465550/090801/41

    My mobile has now soo many faults that….its hard for me to use. It was quite new piece and now after being long enough and rough handling by service dept it has lost its originality.

    Sorry to sound harsh but…I am not at all happy with the your services .Everytime I face new problems when ever my mobile is with Service Centre.

    Hope atleast this time proper action is taken from your end before I escalate this issue to higher dept.


    Wen I bought my mobile after 20 days from service centre….I see that everytime my mobiles screen becomes balnk and Nothing is visible…
    I cannot see any incoming I can do anything as nothing is visible..

    This is how Nokia Services work….)



  145. anil kumar says:

    I want to know about pin no., pin-2 code, call barring passward, While I use nokia 3110 classic set.


    Anil Kumar
    Noida, UP

  146. SAJI MATHEW says:

    My Mobile set (Nokia N-95 Black) has been lost today in kerala. Set details are:

    Nokia N-95 Black
    IMEI- 356842026067301

    I wants to that set of all functions should be block.

    Please do the needful.

    Thanks and Regards,
    saji mathew
    pathanapuram, Kerala.

  147. Sachchidanand Bharti says:

    I had bought a N 82 model last september.Within a year there came many problems in my set such as once Bluetooth stopped working, other time earpiece stopped working means i couldn’t listen te voice while talking without using loudspeaker.Although i got it repaired as it was in warranty. But now the headphone is not working properly since 1 month.Firsty i couldn’t talk using my headphone as its mic stopped working then after someday one side of headphone also stopped working n now i am unable to do anything as its headphone has a warranty of only 6 month.
    This way i have lost faith in Nokia and now thinking to change my brand while buying a cell.
    If at all you can help me or get my headphone replaced i will be very much thankful.
    plz reply me what should i do.

  148. nishantsinghal says:

    I m purchase nokia 5130 his battery not proper work i have purchase last month please change my battery

  149. Anirban Ghoshal says:

    my set no. 5130. i can not unlock my security code

  150. Hitesh saini says:

    I want to purchase the handset 6760 please provide the convenient options or any contact number so i can deal with thos people.
    0124 395 4713.

  151. JS Dhillon says:

    Where can I get Nokia E-71 Steel White mobile.

    Pls let me know.


    JS Dhillon

  152. Sangeetha says:

    Job Sheet Number : 519465550/090822/54

    After getting mobile after 20 days again( last 6 months my mobile is with customer care only)….

    after 0ne day …I see that My Mobile display has become blank..nothing is visible.

    Thanks for checking patience of customers .NOkia customer care service,Chikkadpally,Hyderabad provides worst service I could ever think…..

    I have no other option left…..other than raising complaint in consumer court……

    in one year..I have given my mobile to service centre more trhan 5 times…My mobile was much better condition..before I gave it to service centre…..NOKIA provides such better services I never knew….I would never suggest anyone to buy NOKIA products…if you people cant provide proper services…everytime you people worsen the condition..this is the fact…..

  153. Mahendra Manwatkar says:

    i hv purchased nokia 6300 & it is in the warranty since last 50 days my mobile was with nokia care aurangabad continuesly 3 times the same problem is repeated no display & it was not repaired properly
    I am very much fed up with this service. Arrange to give me the replacement or my money back. or else i hv to go to consumer court.

    Now in future i will never suggest any one to buy Nokia Handset

    I never get a proper service every time 15 to 20 days are req & problem will be as it is this is very shameful on part of nokia service

  154. sukhvinder singh says:

    Sorry to copy all of you…….

    This is really hurting me in writing that i am a dissatisfied customer of Nokia Care not in terms of product but in terms of servise.

    i want to share one of my experience which is very horrible me last week ..when i went to Nokia Care ” MICRONAS TELECOM”

    C-4, SECTOR-2, NOIDA

    Issue is that 2 times i also visited this care but still my problem is same when i talked to Neha Singh the senior of this center…she behaved my very rudely . also i talked to regarding feed back forms then she told me there is no feed back form.

    This needs to be take a action against her……you can collect all the details of this center.

    Appreciate your respose regarding this issue

    Best regards,

  155. joni tamayo says:

    pls help! my nokia 6301 phone has “Check Multimedia Settings” and sending failed error msg, cant get to use my phone..

  156. Danny says:


    I want to know which nokia mobile set have the function of back up and restore (phone memory) .

    I have the set E75. I first back up my phone memory but i couldn’t restore it back.

    Let me know fast ………….

    Thank you

  157. baljeet singh jamwal says:

    Coustomer Care Head,
    Nokia India Private Limited.

    Dear Sir
    i am not submit any complain, but my main motive is solve the complains of customer by giving best services, which is possible when the attitude of Service Provider is positive,
    Sir my name is Baljeet Singh Jamwal and i am looking gsm services in jammu for fly mobies, sir
    previously i work with LGEIL as a service manager of IT & GSM PRODUCTS in J&K, and after leving my job i gave services to LG GSM mobiles service cente, now sir i have my own service centre of FLY GSM MOBILE, my only request is that pls gave me the chance for NOKIA SERVICE CENTRE, sir i know i am best to satisfy nokia customer, and sir this is my aim.

    Thanks & Regard
    Baljeet Singh Jamwal

  158. rajkumar says:

    i used nokia e62 mobile with blacberry. i have lost my blackerry software.
    my nokia e62 have version 3.0633.31.19,
    pls adv where i can get to download above version.
    many thanks for your help


  159. sachin kumar bansal says:


    My Mobile set (Nokia 3110c graphite) has been lost in delhi metro or any other places Set details are:

    Nokia 3110c graphite with 1gb memory card IMEI- 351963039559418

    I wants to that set of all functions should be block (kill)or trace that whre is my mobile.I also registerd the FIR on 19-09-2009 police station krishna nagar.

    Please do the needful.

    Thanks and Regards,
    sachin kumar bansal
    B-33 kanti nagar ext. gali-4
    krishna nagar

  160. ankit bansal says:

    i hv purchased nokia model 1661-2 code-0577558 /imei no-355205/03/920992/5 as with nokia care continuesly 3 times the same problem is repeated no display & it was not repaired properly
    I am very much fed up with this service. Arrange to give me the replacement or my money back. or else i hv to go/to consumer court.

    Now in future i will never suggest any one to buy Nokia Handset

    I never get a proper service every time 15 to 20 days are req & problem will be as it is this is very shameful on part of nokia service
    ankit bansal
    mo no 9897439444

  161. R Vikrant Kumar says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    My has stolen, can u help me to search the cell phone. My phone model is N72 which imei no is 356295015303056

  162. manish kumar says:

    mera mobile nokia 5320 hai hum apne mobile ka internal memory ka backup lete hain to computer backup ko read nahein karta hai kyunki system .ARC file ko read nahein kar sakta , please help me, thank you

  163. Prabhanshu Srivastava says:


    My Mobile set (Nokia N 79) has been lost last evening in Noida. Set details are:

    Nokia N 79
    IMEI- 356044030168155

    I wants to that set of all functions should be block & if Possible to trace the set

    Please do the needful.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Prabhanshu Srivastava
    A 169 Sec 51

  164. vishal says:

    sir mere pas 1203 nokia he isme download ki hui ringtone paly nahi hoti he
    plz help me

  165. Hanamant Raju Chavan says:


    My Mobile set (Nokia N73 Black) has been lost date
    3/5/2009 in State-Karnataka,city-Chikody,
    Dist- Belgaum. Set details are:

    Nokia N73 Black
    IMEI- 353548029644144

    If possible I want to the phone so please found that & send Information by email as erliest possible
    I wants to that set of all functions should be block (kill).

    Please do the needful.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Hanamant Raju chavan
    State Maharashtra
    Dist Satara,
    Tal Karad,
    City Karad,
    Pin – 415110

  166. M.R. JOB BASKER says:

    I gave my nokia n95 for sevice at perambur Joy cell nokia authorised service centre, they said to change the display and it will cost rs,2400/- I agreed, in the afternoon they asked me to collect the phone I went and paid rs.2400/- got my phone, When i checked I was shocked they did not change the display because when I was carrying my phone in a pouch it made a scaratch in the middle of the display, even after changing the display still the scratch is there, People trust nokia authorised service centres but they misuse the trust.

  167. Balesh B Guruvannawar says:

    Hi ,
    I have the Nokia handset 6233 purchased on 02/10/2008.its IMEI no is 354827026811974.from one week it was not detecting network regularly.I checked this problem swapping with another sim,but these sims are working in other mobiles.Today(2/10/2009 when i approached nokia care in Bangalore all are shut down due to Gandhi Jayanthi .today is the last date for warranty expiry.tell me do warranty will apply for tomorrow .

    waiting for your reply

    Thanks and regards

    Balesh B G

  168. love boy says:

    my first love is asha
    nokia is a very bad company.

  169. Suryakant Thopte. says:

    Dear Sir,

    My Mobile Set(NOKIA-6233-Black)has been lost on 01.10.2009(10:00pm)in pune.I have all documents related this handset with my name.I also registerd the FIR on 02.10.09 in Chaturshrunghi Police Station.

    IMEI No is.356283019177924

    I want trace that where is my mobile or who is using it.

    can u pls help me. please.. please..

    Suryakant Thopte
    Contact No.020 66145218.

  170. A.PREM KUMAR says:

    Dear sir,

    I bought a nokia model no 1662-2 on 10/08/2009.As the set is having problem with incoming and outgoing calls,it was given to customer care service for second time in less than 2 months of my purchase.The details are as follows-:

    Job sheet no-5864 dated 3/10/09.
    Why is it NOKIA -a trusted brand slowly turning out into a most unreliabe brand.Definitely this not the way of satisfying the customer.Please instruct your service centre DEVATHA COMMUNICATIONS kukkatpalli,hyderabad to replace with a new set.
    Action from ur end is highly solicited.
    My contact number is: 9052295650

  171. angel says:

    I want to buy new nokia hand set with latest technology.budget range is above Rs 25k.Preferably non sliding and blackin color.

    Kindly revert asap.


  172. R.mohamed hakeem says:

    Dear sir/mam
    i lost my nokia n97 cell phone on 1.10.09 at sathanore dam,tamilnadu,i purchased that in bangalore nokia priority on 19.07.09.i want to search my cell.kindly tell me the mobile details
    IMEI :354225033064457

  173. Sangeetha says:

    old jobsheet numbers which I have


    This is the 8th time I am giving my ahndset to u customer care guys, hyderabad,chikkadpally(santosh,shnakar),04066844589

    current one :519465550/090923/24

    Last time ur customer care rep(santosh,Shankar) talked to the delivery team or whosoever…and confirmed that my mobile would be replaced this time.

    Wen I call ur care centre thy say that My mobile will b repaired but will not b replaced.

    This is the 8th job sheet number…and I did not use my mobile frm past 8 was busy with you guys.

    Any explanation to this.

    wen you guys are not capable of reparing things, do say it frankly..rather than irritating us…


  174. Kausik Ray says:

    I purchased one set of NOKIA N73-1 from a shop of Agartala, Tripura, India. Is it NOKIA N73 MUSIC EDITION ? Actually, I told the dealer to give me the Music Edition. But, Music Edition is not mentioned in the Set except N73-1 in the place beneath the Battery. However, there is a mention in the Box (packet). Please assure me that really I purchased the Music Edition of N73.

  175. Kausik Ray says:

    I purchased one set of NOKIA N73-1 from a shop of Agartala, Tripura, India. Is it NOKIA N73 MUSIC EDITION ? Actually, I told the dealer to give me the Music Edition. But, Music Edition is not mentioned in the Set except N73-1 in the place beneath the Battery. However, there is a mention of N73-1 in the Box (packet)alongwith the set. Please assure me that really I purchased the Music Edition of N73.

  176. Dear Sir

    yesterday i am lost my mobile phone
    now i have requiested to you pls block the all device s for my phone
    pls note ((( IMEI ))) NO 365722028966539


  177. Atul joshi says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    i have NOKIA N81 phone and also i with WLAN connectivity so i cant able to speak through via internet tel,i dont know the right way so please suggest me proper reply
    i have suffering so many problem give me the reply and care center enquiry mail addressess.
    Thanks & Regards
    Atul Joshi

  178. abo kuruvilla says:

    i jus took a nokia5800 xpress music one week ago(kerala)..n it got a serious problem with its display..when i switch on the phone it shows many lines and stuffs on its display..this is pitty unusual to hve a serious complaint with a handset of around rs15000 within a week..this has really destroyed my faith in nokia..when i contacted nokia care ,they told there is no replacement ,only there a replacement warranty as it is a serious damage to a cell with touchscreen.
    abo kuruvilla,9495310575

  179. narinder singh says:

    i have a suggestion for this company. Nokia should learn something from samsung as they have very good software from which they can find a lost phone and we can get that back. As people spend a lot of money to buy a nokia handset and when they lose that they get hurt and coz of bad customer service they cant even get that phone back.
    i was about to buy a samsung phone but i thought nokia is giving me good set compare to samsung coz samsung have only that feture and only for that reason i was thinking to buy that then i bought nokia 5300EM and someone has stolen that and i cant even find that phone as i have my personal pics and msgs in that phone so now im very unhappy with nokia…..

    if u think u can do something for that
    please send me a mail or call me if it is possible i wud like to hear from you.

    Thanks and regards
    Narinder singh

  180. Amitabh Pandey says:


    My Mobile set (Nokia 5310 Black) has been lost today in Delhi. Set details are:

    Nokia 5310 Black
    IMEI- 355542015264452
    Item No.- 0042925
    CE- 434

    I wants to that set of all functions should be block (kill).

    Please do the needful.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Amitabh Pandey
    Mob. No-9899354806

  181. i want this cell phone of tata 2505 andlist detail price so pls give us this is very nice cell

  182. francis says:

    dear sir/madam
    my cell phone was stollen i want THE PHONE TO BE blocked pls i have every documment of the phone it got stollen on the 12th of october 2009.
    my phone name nokia5130 xpress music
    Imei number 354223036283059
    Item number 002j8b5
    serial number 83059
    i will really appaciate it if my request is made thanks francis.

  183. Rakesh Kumar says:

    I have lost my Nokia mobile Model Nokia N-73 Music Edition on 17.10.2009. The details of the set are
    IMIE No. 358973013609488
    Date of Purchase-04.01.2008
    Name of Dealer-Alif Communication, Cochin
    Please block(Kill) the set or help me to locate it.

  184. HI IAM GOVINDA RAJU MY PHONE IS STUCK TO MY PHONE & WIRESS TELL ME ANY i will really appaciate it if my request is made thanks UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

  185. Prodip Kumar Mozumdert says:

    I’m useing nokia 7210 supernova. I have problem with Application. If i want to use operamini, there i got some problem, i got mess that fail to connect internet & in various version of opera mini, and also any game.plz halp me.

  186. ashish chauhan says:

    i have very a serious problem in my nokia 3110c .My mobile is switching off automaticaly… i went to customer care several times ..about 11 times … but they are not able to solve my problem …. so i want to change my nokia 3110c ………
    mig-a-74,shastri puram.
    mob.9548357652, 9808389849

  187. Murari Kant Jha says:

    Dear Sir/Mam
    Plz provide the prosses to start in nokia priority stores and nokiacaer in Jhanjharpur(madhubani)Bihar.

  188. Naveen says:

    Dear sir/Madam,

    I face one of the problem in my Nokia N72 hanset,
    that is Not enough phone memory but i can not store any data in my phone memory and there is no any installed files give me the solution how to overcome that one.

    Thanks & Regards,
    R.Naveen Kumar Reddy,

  189. Vikram Sethi says:


    I purchased Nokia 5800 X press music & from the same time i m facing issue with my phone.

    First – Battery was not working
    Second- Handsfree not working

    I gave handsfree to service center on 8th September’09 & they asked me to come & collect handsfree after 15 days.

    But when i went there to collect it they asked me to come after 15 more days as they forgot to get new handsfree .

    Now it is more than a month I am dealing with them to get my handsfree back but they are not even bother to help. & On top of that they say that “we work like this”

    Great Job!!!!

    I am shocked to feel the service of NOKIA.

    My contact no. is 9891174720

    Pls help.

  190. namrata says:

    I bought Nokia N96 for rupees 33,500 (rupees.thirty three thousand and five hundred)on Dated 22 March 2009 from Bhushan Radios ,opp Petrol Pump,Below Gumat Jammu,Bill No 19608.Since that day this Nokia N96 is only giving me troubles,I send it many times to the customer care of Nokia in Jammu but it was return to me without reason.And no Job Sheet was made.It was straighlty refused by the Customer Care in Jammu.
    Today 24th Oct 2009 also I went again to the Nokia Customer Care Bakshi Nagar but they refused to repair it by saying that they dnt have N96 dongel and they dnt take N series hand sets for repair,i even tried to talk to the person who is running Nokia Customer Care in Bakshi Nagar (Mobile No 9419139974) but he is not picking my calls.
    Due to this Nokia Handset N96 all my contacts ,and important details were erased from the Handset N96,I didnt had any backup of the said Data.I am facing numerous problems with this Handset N96,I merely used it ,but now I have decided that I want my money back which I wasted on this Handset of Nokia.I am totally disappointed as I dnt have any contact details,messages,and other Data with me.
    Kindly return my money else I will go to the Consumer Court for Justice.
    I am having bad experience of Nokia Handset since the Day I am using Mobile service ,earlier I used Nokia 6600,7610,6680,N91,N95 all high priced handset but in performance and usage they are all pathetic Handsets.But still I trust Nokia Company.And I know my money will be returned to me.

  191. VINIT says:

    Dearsir/madam i bought nokia1650 on april 29,2009from tomar mobile shop,bhiwadi(raj).the battery of this set swallow &not working .I return the battery to nokia care (rewari) person with bill on oct.20th 2009.he told that this is not original battery & i can give u new battery but not in replacement .Sir that time iwas surprise that nokia gave me duplicate battery.After that i return it to shop where i bought ,he told me that if nokia care person come before 29th it will be changed otherwise not . Sir advise me what i do.WAITING ,PLS HELP

  192. lata says:

    Hi i purchase my nokia 6303 mobile on 19-10-09 but today i got problem in my mobile when i talk in mobile some noise in disturbing between the call iam very worried about that noise. pls help me

  193. john sharma says:

    dear sir, i have one 5110 express has some problem in my phone.when i in put my sim that time it’s not work and it not gave me tower also please give me solution.

  194. john sharma says:

    i have one 5310 express has some problem.when i in put my sim card that time its not work proparly and it not show tower,only set is on few time.finaly its not work camera,gallary also.please help me and solution my problem sir.i wait ur mail
    thank you.

  195. Bijay Kumar Behera says:

    My Nokia 3500 Mobile Camera/Video Recording/Voice Recording is not working when I open the camera its display msg camera is on standby mode,so kindly tell me quickly what can I do ?

  196. Andres says:

    hi, I have a nokia BH-101
    and I forgot my pin

  197. dev kumar says:

    I have use nokia 2600 classic. i search pc shut for this set if pc shut is able for this mobile plz send me link or software.

  198. Anonymous says:

    my nokia phone 5130 XpressMusic hai.
    sir maine 1 maha se phone gondia nokia care (bagga center)
    me diya hai, sir mera phone abhi tak nahi bana hai.
    sir me nokia care ka koi number de de
    my number is = 9406765474
    my ID is=

  199. lorevelyn says:

    Hi, I hope u can help me
    I want to unlock this phone, have an orange SIM but I’m in argentine now , I need to be movistar.
    Is Nokia 1661
    IMEI 356037036356873
    EGSM 900/1800

    Thankes anyway

  200. ankur atree says:

    hello sir
    i m ankur
    im using nokia 5130 xpress music
    my query is that can i use micro sd HC card (4 GB)
    in this model

  201. rokr says:

    i m living in bhopal do i get d cabinet of nokia 3600 slide n wht its pice n whr is d servic cntr of nokia in bhopal…………..

  202. shankar says:

    Hi ,
    I am using nokia 8310 since year 2001 till date , can you kindly tell me how to reset the factory settings?

  203. nithish anumala says:

    really am using dis nokia phone since 5 years really am saynig dat nokia is perfect mobile phone brand in world

  204. raji says:

    I hve Nokia-3110 classic mobile..when i click the camera capture it shows cameraon
    standby & Also i can’t copy the files from other mobile via blutooth it shows like operation failed …what’s the problem in this….

  205. ritika jain says:


    i have purchased nokia 6500slide. but really not satisfied by nokia. my cell is just 5month old but im facing problem like the cell is 5years old

  206. RANJINDER PAL says:

    i have nokia mobile 1600 use last 2years but in this time service opereter told to me your IMEI number is invaild the number is 367664015350903.please shut out my problem as soon as posible.

    thank you

  207. harish patel says:

    how to crack the security code of nokia 3110c mobile

  208. hardeep singh chawla says:

    dear sir i lost 2 nokia mobile ..1st is model no 6233, and emi no. is 354827020356398… and 2nd mobiles model no is nokia 6300, and emi no is 353215032282060..sir please trace hows number runn on this mobiles ?? thanks sir

  209. rajesh says:

    dear respective sir/madam

    today eavning i bought 1 nokia mobile 5130, purchesd time i complain that shop keeper about LCD of tha mobile , but that shop keeper said now a day nokia’s mobiles comes like this ,
    when i came home with that mobile set , i saw when we using cam dots are showing clearly in lcd screen,
    plz sujest me what to do now ,,what is responsiblity of company
    plz revert me as sson as u can

    rajesh k mulani

  210. gova says:

    how to reset security code for 5610(Xpress Music)……..even the default reset code gets failed….. help me pls !!!!!!1

  211. K.RajaSekar says:

    hi I hve Nokia-3110c classic mobile..when i open music player not open now updating libray.long time running. how s prblem solve.

  212. Devender Bhardwaj says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I have Nokia 1209 handset with IMEI No. 353542/02/218553/6 which is also written on back side of mobile.It is informed by airtel network that these IMEI no. are invalid and connection will be cut off after 30 Nov. 2009,and another guy purchase same handset from same shop but no problem can you explane me why this problem is with me only.I choose Nokia is this is reson????

  213. Dharam Dutt says:

    Dear sir/ madam,


    I, Dr. Dharam Dutt bought/recommended to buy several mobile sets of NOKIA make for the use of my famility members, friends and relatives due to my trust, its reliability and of course good looking as a whole.

    I also bought the aforesaid set which has IMEI 355535017750122 against cash from your authorised vendor of West Patel Nagar, New Delhi 110 008 on 24 July 2007. The set is working perfectly alright thus keeping the trust on its peak as you have always been putting your sincere efforts to attract the customers in the market by proving your matchles quality and there is no problem faced as far as the operations are concerned.

    I personally appreciate and wish a continuing growth and may you lead the mobile world as a whole. Now, the paint of my aforesaid mobile set has started vanishing and already vanished from its keyboard figure 3,

    Dharam Dutt

  214. Sandeep Bhandare says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am having a commercial shop, and i want to start up with Nokia customer care center. What are the condition or requirement to start with?
    Or if want to start with customer care with nokia mobile shopee, is it possible and what are the requirements? how and from where do i have to purchase mobile? or what are the profit ratios?


  215. Shantala says:

    I have a Nokia 3120c-1c mobile and I have no clue as to how to use the dual camera.the camera in the front is not switching on.
    Please guide me.
    Thank You!

  216. j.h.shah says:

    Dear Sir,
    I had purchased a battery from your authorised shop viz V3mobiles, GF-shop #1-3-Narsimha Towers, Super Market, Gulbarga on16.06.96. I stay in Banglore. The Battery No. is 3932138322120436758:0670509. The battery from 2nd month onwards started draining off very fast. I gave my phone along with the battery to your Customr Care Centre at Malleswaram, Bangalore. They initially gave me an alternate battery and retained my battery for check up. I tried the replacement battery for a week to ten days and reported that its performance was better than my battery. I took the set along with the battery to your customer care centre on 19.11.09. they checked for the software and reportedly upgraded and then gave the set back with a different battery. when i told them i would like to have my original battery back, they told me that it is sent to their works and it is scrapped. if it is scrapped, then i am entitled for a new battery. so the counter person spoke to the manager, who gave me some other battery trying to tell me that it is a new battery and that all new batteries are recd in such open condition only. he has given me a battery with the following number 4620408IM20113354:0670509.
    No job sheet was given, nor any mention about the warranty of the replaced battery. when i questioned the manager, he said that he recieves al the new replacement batteries in such open condition only.
    As an MNC operating in India, we expect that you will have proper facilities and systems and not to be so arrogant with your customers.
    I would like to recieve a proper explanation and would insist that a new factory sealed battery should be sent to me.
    with regards
    j h shah

  217. Vargheese K M says:

    Dear Sir,
    i have given my mobile for Servicing in Nagpur Nokia care for some Audio problem.When they return the Phone its display is gone and now they are saying that i have to bear the cost. they cheated me.
    if any one have contact number of any technical person like service engg. Kindly send to me.

  218. sanjay mcgee says:

    plz give an adrress of any nokia sevice center my n82 is not working i got it checked in as it got sea water , i was told by service center that mother boar is not working can i get it repaired in delhi or in banglore, plz give add. or phone numbers of urs service center

  219. Rahul Gogya says:

    Dear sir

    I want to purchase x press music 5310 today, can u tell me actual price of hand S

    Thanks and Regards

    Rahul Gogya


  220. navin Nischal says:

    bhai nokia model no 2300 mobile chori ho gaya to us mobile sr. no. lock karana chahte hai kirpa karke mughe emial id par massge de id.

  221. To Nokia Care,
    I had bought a Nokia E71 from Shillong at the end of June 09,sadly the battery inspite of its 1500mah power did not perform well at all and eventually got spoiled by Oct 09.I have sent the battery for replacement on 29/10/09 at Nokia Care Shillong,but it appears to be time taking.I have always been a die hard Nokia fan so hope i don’t have to change my mind this time. Some urgent action in this regard would be highly apreciated,as the phone is lying unused.
    Thanking you

    Yours’s faithfully
    K.P Bhattacharjee

  222. sunil sharma says:

    hi, this is sunil sharma from hisar , iwant to know about the function of nokia 6303classic light sensor

  223. megh says:

    I purchased a nokia handset model no 7610 supernova having IMEI no 356388029644639 on 15/02/2009 from “THE MOBILE STORE” AMRITSAR, PUNJAB. On the evening of 26/08/2009 I found that display of my handset is not working but outgoing and incoming calls was possible. So on 28/08/2009 I visited to NOKIA CARE CENTER at MAA COMMUNICATION, B-36, GURU NANAK PURA, RADHU PALACE ROAD, OPP, V3S MALL LAXMI NAGAR, NEW DELHI. I explained the problem, they checked my handset and said that there is some problem and we have to send it to company and it will take around 15 days. So you will get it back on 12/09/2009 but when I went there to collect the handset in delivery counter they said that it has not been repaired because it is liquid tempered. when I said no its not possible then he ask me to talk to center manager Mr. VIKASH , Vikash has told me that no its not liquid tempered but its tempered but when I explained the actual seen that it was opened at your end only but he said that Sorry I can’t help you only one thing we can do for you that we can repair it with minimal charges and he gave handset to the mechanic and mechanic temporary put a other display on phone and shown to me that now it working fine then he said to me that if you want we can repair it and cost will be Rs1700 then I said that no I will not pay any amount because my phone is in warranty period as nokia rule and I also said that neither my handset fall down nor opened anywhere else then how it get tempered then he said for more clarification please speak to nokia careline at 30303838 and right now keep your handset with you. On the same day in evening I spoke to nokia careline at 30303838 with KRISHA and explained the whole story she gave me an ID no.1-8099319080 and ask me go nokia care center again and to make a call back to nokia careline. Next day when I went to nokia care center and I made a call back to nokia careline but no executive of nokia care center was ready to speak but finally one people got ready to speak and it get decided that submit the handset on the same job sheet and again it will be forwarded to company on high priority basis. After two days when I spoke to nokia careline again then they said that it has been forwarded for repair on high priority scale and we will update on the same after 48 hour. But after 48 hour I get updated from nokia careline that handset is not repaired because one component is missing in the handset

    So sir/madam my point is that my handset was opened at NCC (Maa Communication) twice second time they changed the display of the hand set. So if component is missing then it’s a fault of NCC.

    I was very much impressed with the brand NOKIA. So sir/ madam please give special attention of my case and resolve it as soon as possible. So that my thought remain same for brand NOKIA.

    So please do the needful

  224. zubin says:

    anyone please tell me how to check the IMA number of my MOBILE.
    my mobile is NOKIA 6500 SLIDE

  225. Imran says:

    Dear Mam /Sir,

    I am M Imran mirza and belive that Nokia are the best in their services.

    On 30/ 11/ 2009 , i lost my NOKIA 6300, IMI NO 359544010728115 from Hot Spot showroom in chandni chowk.

    Please off this set.Immidiatly

    If you require so i can bring to you other documents also and my contact no is 011654010798
    M Imran Mirza

  226. Sunny shetgaonkar says:

    dear sir i lost nokia mobile … model no 7210, and emi no. is 351962036117964…$ bettry no.382066906427603 6667, 0670565 sir please trace which number runn on this mobiles ?? and the adressed of that person n cell no… so i can catch .


    sunny shetgaonkar

  227. Sudarshan Kumar says:

    Sir may i buy nokia 3120(old model not classic )’s lcd original screen

  228. Anonymous says:

    i just want to know how to block a call in my nokia 2626 mobile



    i have purchased nokia 6270 slide. i am really satisfied with my dis model. nw my problem is that ma cell ws put in water by mistake nd i had given it for repair at many places but its worth. all said nw its an dead one. i liked it vry much nd in market ddnt get dat model.
    so please suggest me any ur care center in chandigarh and pls. send me rate list of its motherboard and flash light and all maintenence charges.

    pushpinder thakur

  230. vikash says:

    sir i was deposited my mobile modle no-3500c & IMEI no-353080028492705 to nokia care shillong on 27 jul 09 whose job sheetno -803504886/090727/29 & nokia care give there target delivery date on 27 Aug 09 but till now i have not received my mobile .I aiso make many quary about my mobile but nokia care did not give any correct i am totally frustated with nokia care shillong & going to submit my complain against nokia in consumer court.

  231. abhimaitra says:

    dear sir/mam,
    i wan to open a service center for nokia mobile in nagpur(maharashtra)…….i have good place in market area………please tell me the procedure for it

  232. DEV KARN MISHRA says:



  233. Rajesh Kumar shrivastav says:

    Dear sir,
    I have lost my Nokia 3110 on 10/12/09 durig my office work.
    Details given below:
    IMEI NO. 353225036015259
    Model No. 3110c Black 1GB
    Pls. find out either the location or lock the hand set for it operation.

  234. harishchandra.K says:

    Dear sir

    My New mobile theft Ime No359329024626053

  235. rahul says:

    i have a nokia phone model 7710 there is some problem to running the keypad. plz send me address for repair this problem at any bhopal service center

  236. durvesh hari narayan singh says:

    i want to know when u r launching nokia2730 classic phone its very nice phone and i want to purchae it as soon as you launch it.

  237. centhil says:

    Dear Sir,
    i am existing customer of Nokia Purchased Nokia 5130c In last Month
    i faced continuous issues like Mobile Hangs & reboots and suddenly
    one day mobile itself was not getting switch on. I contacted Nokia Care Matrix No : 36/A ,Balaji Building,Ist avenue,Ashok nagar .
    Chennai – 600 083.
    Handover the instrument also on the day of 20/11/09 ,But it was kept for 3 days and it was Updated in Call CRM on 24/11/09 as i forced them to give the Job Sheet Number they have given of 24/11/09 and they
    have stated Mobile is having major issue it needs to be sent to Head
    Office for service. They informed to contact on 04/11/09 , After that Till date i was contacting the office yesterday only i got a call to pick the Mobile as Old Mobile was not able to service they handover new mobile But it was in Different color and while asking , We are not getting any proper answer for every thing they mentioning to contact manager . i am Little frustrated ,Manager also pointing to that he is helpless he needs to sent mobile once again to get replacement and that also will Take 15 Days from the current date.
    Hope you aware in the current world how Mobile is more important ,Please Handover My Mobile with same Blue color My IMEI No : 3559329028794550
    Job Sheet Number : 311465550/091124/67 , If you need i can send Manual Job sheet copy which Matrix as given on 20/11/2009 also .
    Kindly Make arrangements ASAP.

  238. I want to know who is authorised dealers in Cuttack and Bhubaneswer for Nokia Mobiles

    I want to but one Nokia mobile

    Please email your dealers complete details

  239. Anand Ramtake says:

    Hello sir,
    I want to buy new Nokia 5630 Express music,but it is not available in the local market. Is it available in Kolkata? If yes then please send me the address where it is available.

    Thanking You.

  240. 310c phone restrection problam sr no 355728028654314

  241. paramjit kalra says:

    —– Forwarded Message —
    From: dimpy kalra
    To: customSent: Wed, 23 December, 2009 4:54:10 PM

    this is my last and finle mail to you .because i am not getting any responce from your side
    i will wait for next 48 hours . if you people wont send any reply then i will go to consummer court
    agenst your are not connecting people you are looting hard earning money of poor
    janta of this india are cheating to all people of this nation by making fool to all of us
    in 6303 classis you told in yours brossers that this is 3 megapixle camera but i can prove that
    in this phone camera is not worth 1.2 megapixle
    immedeatly stop produttion of this bloody camera or be ready to move to honerable court
    send me reply as soon as possible.
    paramjit kalra

  242. Deepa Dass says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    With reference of above; I wish to bring at your kind notice that I have purchased a mobile hand set model no Nokia N72 ( Serial no. IMEI: 355721024573711) on 3rd Feb’09 from M/s Naveen Enterprises, Opp. Nav Bharat Press, Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh).
    This is for your information that since I purchase the same it had not functioning properly, specially it could not be charged. For the same I also visited your authorized customer center “Nokia Care” situated at Lal Ganga Shopping Mall, Raipur. But again the same problem took place and right now I am completely helpless to use my mobile hand set, on my second visit at your “Nokia Care” they suggested me to replace the hand set though it is under warrantee period. To understand the importance of my calls I had again purchased a new hand set.
    In view of above; I wish to request you to please take a necessary action to replace the same at the earliest. Your early action towards the same will be highly appreciated.
    I am desperately waiting for your action towards the same.

    Thanking you
    With best regards,

  243. Debabrata Sahoo says:

    Dear sir

    Greetings of the day.

    I purchased the nokia 2626 model having IMEI No- 353083025269423 on 7th june 2008 from Mobile NXT, starbazar,Kormanagal, Bangalore. but urfortunately somebody has stolen my mobile on 7th Dec 2009 from my Native Orissa. Request you to help me out to findout my existing Mobile.

    Debabrata sahoo
    Mob -8093106750( the same number sim was inside the mob while it was stolen)

    9731456357.( Now I am using)

  244. Dear Sir

    today i am lost my mobile phone 5310 xpressMusic.
    now i have requiested to you pls now what i do.
    i am so satisfy with my mobil. recently purchage my mobile pls give me suggestion


  245. javed khan says:

    dear sir/madam,

    i am facing network connectivity problem with my mobile model no: 1110i and IMEI no. is 35698010525060. this is so much big problem for me. plz make me aware that if i go nokia care, will i have to pay money or not. plz sir/madam guide me. i am using mtnl’s dolphin connection since 3 years back.


    javed khan.

  246. nagaraju.m says:

    sir i have nokia 3110mobile this phone is cannot plya the musicplayer please help me send a mail buy

  247. HI I ‘m old consumer of nokia mobile phone and right now I m operating Nokia 5800 but this is the only set which is showing problem. On 30th dec 2009 we went for picnic there i captured few video recording but i dont kno how all recording get lock and when i saw them they are vanised from my cell. Not only this now it is hanging also. Can you help me i need those video back what should i do rrply me,
    For your kind information there is no one who touche my phone so dont think that some one might deleated that plz

  248. Kuntal Sen says:


    I purchased a Nokia Bluetooth Handsfree BH-213 from Wireless Communication,BF-192,Sector-1,Salt Lake, Kolkata-700 064 on 27.08.09 vide Invice No ACC/561/09-10. On 18.11.09 I gave it to Wireless Communication as the bluetooth handsfree was not working at all. It’s now over 6 weeks and I’ve still not received it. In between I’ve visited Wireless Communication atleast 4 times and given innumerable phone calls but it has not come to any help. I even contacted your Bengaluru Customercare and spoken to Sangeeta, but they also showed their incapability in helping me on this.
    Now, can I request you to look into this urgently as out of a warranty of 6months,I’ve already lost 6 weeks and moreover it has caused me tremendous inconvenience.

    Kuntal Sen

  249. pearl says:


    I purchased a nokia3110c handset on 27 feb 2008.
    from MOBILE STORE at tarnaka,opposite tarnaka bus stop, was working well 4 about 2 months and since then almost every month for about 15 to 20 days the handset is with the nokia care center and im really dissapointed with the service nokia customer care is providing.I have visited the nokia care center(at tarnaka)for abt 8 to 9 times and still my problem is not resolved. when my phone stopped working in november2008 i gave it to the nokia care center and collected it back on 17 december2008 and then again on 22 december2008 the phone gets switched off,when i tried to switch it on it shows CONTACT SERVICE and then gets switched off.I gav my phone again to the nokia care center and collected it on 6th jan 2010,and still the phone is getting switched off suddenly. This has been causing a lot of inconvenience to me. My warranty is coming to an end on 27 feb 2010.I request you to take necessary action urgently.

  250. Rajeev says:

    It seems Nokia handsets are not at all reliable
    as even expensive handsets are facing problem within 1-2 yrs of operation and the repairing charges being almost equivalent to the cost of original handsets.

  251. avinash chandra says:

    sir i lost my n72 today thats i request u to kindly block that phone for any further services
    IMEI NOS-353089027014386

  252. suhair says:

    i brought 5130 on 4/1/2010 and i found some complaint in camera, i informed it to the shop from i brought.they refer a nokia care center near to the town,after verification they informed me that they have found some complaint in it we would send this to nokia manufacturing center and will make it rectify.its not pleasing i informed it in 8/1/2010 …that is 4 days after i very much hurt by this because being a new set it had a problem like this..i demand a new nokia hand set but nokia care executive told that they dnt have the provision to gave new one,but they can request to concerned authority…can i get a new one????

    my ime no:358268031048284
    service job sheet no:379465550/100108/134

  253. salmanb says:

    sir, will u plz tell how can we create a dial-up connection….i have nokia 5130 xpress music phone…

  254. srejih says:

    i want a new piece nokia 6500 slide key pad

  255. A.RAVINDRAN says:

    Dear Sir

    I am purchased the mobile on 16.9.08 at mobile store , coimbatore .( south india) IMEI NO : 356914/03/236282/6 MODEL:NOKIA 6303 CLASSIC. When i purchased on i was facing so many problem
    at first time the mobile become heat when i taking half an hour when i showed at customer care it may come because of steel body I agreed to accept it. At next little bit of water insert into my mobile.i am suddenly shown to nokia care; but they charged around Rs : 330.I am accept to pay the amount and the problem would solved. when i show the day before yesterday for small complint volume button problem for pressing more two or three times button will function. when they dimandle the set we will charging around Rs : 330 for button.I am told no changing the button and also they returned. when i putting charging the mobile yesterday morning 11.1.10.Unfortunately the mobile is not charing. i am rasely show it to nokia care. but they told very irresponsble the mobile become damper. i am really confused how it happen.wheather i show my mobile simple problem at that time charging function will good after showing the nokia care the problem will be facing in charging unit.please kindly take action for nokia care at 7th street,Gandhi puram , coimbatore and also replace my mobile soon as possible.Your early action as appreciable

    Thanks & Regards

    A. Ravindran

  256. GIAN CHAND says:

    I have purchase nokia 5030 from your manimajra outlet.but from starting it has the display problem I have send the mobile to nokia care sco 66 first floor sector 7 panchkula haryana 4 times,first time they have update the software and give back to me,2nd time they again said that purhaps there is anything missing in software and again update,third time they send it to mumbai office and tell me that they will change the set but from when receive from mumbai they only tell they have change the display but still the same problem,4th time job sheet number is 246433527/091224/27 they again said this time they will surely change the set and send the set to mumbai office,but the same problem is there,what type of fooly service you providing to us,I seek compensation for the mental agony caused due to his deficiency in services,you are
    only wasting our time why u are not replacing our set,only fooling the your customers, now its you the last time from when i am sending my mobile to you,so only replace this handset or my amount refund to me, else I will file a complaint with the Consumer Court under the Consumer Protection Act of 1986. I know that you have ignored this complate.

    Gian Chand sharmA
    Ph. 09217619380
    Dt. 13/01/2009

  257. Pradeepta Sahu says:

    Sir, I had purchased the Nokia 7500 prism model and now it’s cabinet has been almost damaged. I searched for the new one in every place but didn’t found. Finally I am requesting you to kindly provide the same any how. ( or give me the way where I would found it )

  258. rahul jadhavar says:

    i want information about nokia care fraichenshi

  259. Pallavi Khanna says:

    Dear Sir/ Mam,

    I want to know that Nokia x serirs (Nokia x3, And Nokia x6), when its lounching in delhi….i really want that phone…and also im not getting any informationon any if u can help me out for the same…i’will be really thankful to you for that.

    Pallavi Khanna
    From Delhi, India

  260. Rupal S Randhawa says:

    Dear Nokia Team,
    I have lost my E63 Black Mobile phone today very early morning at outside Ajmeri gate side New Delhi Railway station. My mobile phone details are as below.
    Date of purchase: 02 August 2009
    IMEI No. 359319026260837
    i would highly appreciate if you could help me to recover this phone.

    Rupal S Randhawa
    Tel 01122784571
    Mobile: 9810718474 ( presently sim has been requested to block).

  261. jeyan says:

    i am using nokia5130 xpress memory card has been locked i forgot the password is there any way to unlock it.pls do reply

  262. Bikash Mohapatra says:

    Hi ..I am using NOKIA 6275i since last 2 years. However the panel cover needs to be replaced. COuld you pls. let me know the availability as I was informed that this model of the handset is not in production.

    thnks & rgds

  263. sandip suresh shinde says:

    Dear Nokia Team,
    I have lost my E63 Black Mobile phone yesterday evening at Khadki railway station Pune. My mobile phone details are as below.
    Date of purchase: 26 Sept 2009
    IMEI No. 359319029029742
    I would highly appreciate if you could help me to recover this phone.


    Sandip Shinde
    Mobile: 9987778295 (Airtel)

  264. Dear Sir,

    I have a Nokia 3110C Model Mobile Phone (Ph. No.9701262993). From the past few days I am unable to see my contact names and numbers which I saved earlier. But it is showing that a total No. of 190 contacts The total No. of Contacts may be above 190. Though I contacted the nearby my nearby Cell Phone Center I could not get any help from them.

    Hence I would request you to send some suggestions and guidelines to my mail address so that I could retrieve ‘Existing Invisible Contact Names and Numbers’ already available in my cell phone set.

    Kind Regards.

    G. Shiva Kumar

  265. Dear, Nokia Teem

    Please find out this my problem

    Model:Nokia 3110
    IMEI NO:3560610337

    This is my Phone Yesterday My phone is gon one thive get it please ded that phone

    Srikanth Yacham

  266. lovish says:

    hello sir i purchase nokia e65

  267. Vijay Kumar H says:

    Dear Nokia Team

    Somebody stole my mobile N73 today in rush bus today in Bangalore.

    Model Nokia N73-1 Music Black

    I have blocked the sim by calling the service provider. Can somebody pls block this device so that no one else can use it. Can anybody pls block the device.

  268. Chetan Chaudhari says:

    My Mobile is request Security code, Please I Want this code by e-mail. My Mobile Imformation below:-
    Nokia : 1650
    Type : RM-305
    Code : 0547172
    IMEI : 356800/02741152/2
    Sim Card no. : H3 899190080841728912 0
    Please take a decision immidiately or online active my mobile.

  269. Sufyan says:

    Hi, I have Nokia 5030.
    I wanted to activate Net Monitor in this Handset.
    Kindly revert with the procedure to activate it on my handset
    I will be really glad to get your reply.


  270. Pranali Shende says:

    Respected sir,
    I m Pranali Shende having the huge problem with my mobile Nokia-1661 that it is getting automatically switched off since last three weeks. Whenever I receive someone’s call after few seconds its gets switched off. Also charging of the battety gets ended within very short duration. So I have to charge it reapetedly within a single day. Its finding very hard to contact whenever i m out of station as it gets switched off or it’s battery gets empty. So please guid me that what to do with it? else can i replaced it as I purchased it in june 2009?
    It’s details are:
    IMEI No.354198033770359

    Thanking you.
    yours customer

    Pranali Shende

  271. Dear Sir,

    I purchased Nokia 7610S (359331026326047) on 14th July, 2009.

    And I gave my mobile for repairing on 9th Jan ,2010 (Job Sheet No. 281433527/100109/12) at Naresh Communicatio, Shop No. 3-4 Aggarwal Dharamshala, Chawla Colony, Ballabgharh, Faridabad. After repairing I got my mobile back after long time on 27th Jan.2010.

    But im feeling that upper body cover of my mobile has been changed , found scratches on my screen, mobile watch is not working properly. kindly let me know what do with a product of reliable company which is of half use for me.

    Regarding above I had words with area manager Mr. Imran Khan and he said that set is repaired in company office and he can’t help me regarding this.

    Hence I would request you to send some suggestions and guidelines to my mail address so that I can use your services properly and my mobile set may get repaired with original parts.

    Sunder Lal Chhabra

  272. girishkumar says:

    my mobile require security code which i forgot when it switch on my mobile 1650 nokia
    and my my another contact number 9328035784
    plz reply

  273. sanjay says:

    i have nokia 9300i, its front screen display failed( came into white colour),else everything working properly!
    where can i get repair my n9300i in hyderabad?

  274. Amin says:


    My name is Ajmerwala Amin,i bought Nokia N79 from nokia priority shop just before around 2 weeks and started using it just before 2-3 days from now and when i saw my phone in dark, i noticed there was some king of light leaking near multi media key, i found it very strange.Because how far i know N79 doesnt comes with such thing, and wen i looked it closely, i found that that keyplate near mutimedia key is actualy broken and i got shocked that it is actualy defected handset and i got back to priority dealer and show it to them but thay said we are not responsible for anything but selling handsets. i even called care line for help regarding to this and they asked to to go to Nokia care, i went there also and they said that “this is defected handset it’ll be better to go to the priority dealer as you are using this handset just from 2-3 days and u notice this problem…as nokia doesnt cover any warrenty on cosmetics…” and all such thing. Now i m realy disapointed with such thing that i got new mobile..and that is also from priority dealer thinkin that if there’ll b any problem in future, i’ll not have to suffer even after investing 14-15K… but look this…i got the mobie defacted, i didnt even used it for hours… i want this problem to be solved. Please help me out and give me proper solution… i didnt expected that after buying a brand new nokia in damaged condition… and nokia ‘ll not even look at this case… i have very much trust on nokia brand as you can understand no1 can see such defact at the time of buyin or within few days…even i saw it in the dark when i got msg and light got lit…i thing i m losing trust.. reply me as soon as possible about what to do next… i want the whole body to be changed or the whole handset…. help me with this…i dont wana waste my money like this…and i found out that their is no benifit of buying things from priority shop if they don even take any responsibility.

    Ajmerwala Amin

  275. G.saravanan says:

    Hi indian gentle guys ! If you are not recine any reply form nokia care , Please inform your’s coliuges and your circles . Save somebodys money , and must be help to all indian .

    The foregine company are making eyewash to all indians.

    Be alware always for foregine make items . Bucause poor reponsibilty for ever in india

  276. Ajeet Kumar says:

    sir i have does not select network properly..AND NETWORK BE FAILURE…HOW IT COULD BE SOLVED..

  277. Dr Sunita Kushwah says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have Nokia mobile phone(Model:6600, Type:NHL-10). My Nokia mobile code no is 0526091 and IMEI no is 359365/00/344012/4.
    Since 3 day I have facing problem in this mobile phone. My Nokia mobile battery (BL-5C, 3.7 V) become hot during charging and some times mobile phone suddenly shut down. Due to this problem, I can’t talk over mobile phone.
    Please help me as soon as possible.
    Dr sunita Kushwah

  278. shweta says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I am using Nokia Model 6030.I change the setting of my handset for downloading games and wallpaper. I again want to start this facility but so many times i try but the download is not completed or that games or wallpapers are not downloaded please give me reply or tell me the setting.

    Thanks & Regards,

  279. Kuldeep Sharma says:

    I purchased blue tooth device from Nokia Show Room at Sarabha Nagar Market Ludhiana (Punjab) (India). The piece was found to be defective. The same has been sent for replacement. It is already one week still the showroom people are asking for another week’s time. Nokia is this customer care or harrasment

  280. BHAVESH G PATEL says:

    Dear Sir,

    I, Bhavesh G Patel, am the proud owner of NOKIA N97 mobile unit with 32GB capacity. I purchased this mobile unit on 12th August 2009 and the identification no. of the mobile unit is IME No. 354225036992142.

    On purchase, as part of the scheme, I was promised Bluetooth free of cost. It is now over 6 months, I have been repeatedly following up for the same from your officials concerned but what I received were only verbal assurances.

    I have been browsing the website for quite some time searching for e-mail addresses of your seniors sitting at the Head Office but it appears your website too does not function properly as the contact option does not open.

    Please advise me how I should proceed with my claim?

    Awaiting your reply.

    Thanking you,

    Yours truly,

    Bhavesh G Patel

  281. vatsal jalla says:

    how to restore deleted sms from my nokia 6300 set which was earlier having airtel prepaid sim. Kindly help me.

  282. sajan says:

    hi sir,
    sorry 2 say..ds 2 u…very bad service from Nizmabad (AP) nokia service centre.. which is opposite of dist. highcourt. 5 times i vnt der..4 my mobile bt still now dy nt repaired my mobile…dy dnt kno how 2 service a mobile…my mobile is not switching on sir…
    my job sheet no. 20853 plz do needfull..

    thanking u


  283. pavan kumar says:

    i have purchased nokia 5320Expressmusic mobile . but pdf files are not opening i want the pdf software for my mobile.

    Thanks and Regards
    pavan kumar

  284. I have purchased the nokia 3110 classic (IMEI no. – 355728028317391), during the october 2008. During its warrinty Period the same was out of order & require to visit nokia care centre. At present it is outof order once again. It is very unfortunate that product of reputed company like your, is very unwelcome & unexpected. As such you are look into the matter & let me know what will be my next course or action.

  285. vijay kumar sharma says:

    my 6303 classic mobile very bad
    Because any time no signel problem

  286. DIVAM DAVE says:

    respected sir,
    my handset 3110c ‘ s memory card is locked after loading its software again i was really surprised by this because i had not given any password to my memory cared
    waiting for ur favourable reply

  287. DIVAM DAVE says:

    my memory card got locked after loading mobile software again

  288. deepak rana says:

    respected sir my handset 5800 xpressmusic i use the headphones after that i swiched of my cell after that my cell is not going to start when i press the power key cell is vibrate and nokia is shown then there is no processing in my cell please tell me about that fault and where i go

  289. sandeep shedge says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am using Nokia handset 5320 Express music that it was automatically off since last 3 weeks.I will checked the handset for our Nokia care but i am shocking he was talking hand set is TEMPERED & not repaired.Please Help me. I am paying the any cost but handset is Repaired.Please cotact my Email ID.

  290. razzle says:

    I’m getting one or two Incoming nonsense Calls i could do without. could anyone please give some guidance as to how i Bar / Block this number from my phone. how to get a call barring password??

  291. madhu says:

    3210- Nokia 3210
    hello dear sir
    befour some time my cell is auto switoff and kabhi inbox open karna par switoff ho ja raha hai i am bying 15 jun2009

  292. vicky says:

    hi this is vicky i am using a nokia 7610 mobile its a gd one ofcourse i have lost its data cable n i could not find it in nokia stores so plz say me where could i get the data cable for ma mobile

  293. arun says:

    i hav 5800 express music,two days before i changed my sim to another mobile and used for a while.wen i inserted my sim to my mobile.the phone was found to be locked.Also wavesecure was bein installed in it.unfortunetly the number to which the security code would be send is currently not in use…..wat i hav to do…plz help me…contact my email id….plz…

  294. Swapnil Bhate says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am using Nokia 9300 from last 5 years but unfortunately it fell down & it cause to break its flex cable. Flex cable is very rare very difficult to find out. So sir can you please in Mumbai from where I can get flex cable for Nokia 9300.

    Thanks & Regards
    Swapnil Bhate

  295. Rajesh Jain says:

    MY Moble E-75 is not able to support many of software. I have gone to Nokia care, gurgaon and retailer too. But no useful result.
    My warranty will expire on 13.06.2010 and going abraod for 3 month.
    can u help me

  296. sanjay Kumar says:

    I brought a Nokia N-95 8GB from Doha(Qatar).
    Date July 2009.
    Now it’s display is not working.
    Can nokia sevice center make it with out charge.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sanjay Kumar

  297. hardik vyas says:

    Dear nokia plz solve my mobile is e63but they did not suport wlan network internet plz reply my qution

  298. Tushar says:

    I think in Inida IMEI no. of mobile is totally none of use. 3 months back i lost my Nokia N73 mobile. I registered FIR in nearest police station. Bt progress is nill. Can Nokia care center help me to getting my mobile back. I have my mobile IMEI no.
    Please reply me. I amwaiting for your reply

  299. Naresh says:

    I don’t no what happen to my phone. when i start the music player it will say operation faild.
    please can you tell me what problem it is………….

  300. arun chand says:

    I have a nokia 5130c xpress music .unfortunatlly some files in my mobile have got deleated . kindly help me to recover those files .those files are very urgent for my proffession.pls take my request and report me immediatly.pls reply via e mail.
    thank you

  301. wajahatali says:

    missing one imi number nokia 5130 xpressmusic

  302. PRADEEP says:


  303. Amrita Tomar says:

    can some one please let me know how can i connect message box of my nokia 6300 with my computer to copy the valuable data…

  304. TUSHAR JAYASWAL says:


    WOUCHER NO: A16770
    IMEI NO :358240034769455
    MOB NO.9426315993.




  305. Arun says:

    sir i want to know about NOKIA E66

  306. poonam bagade says:

    sir i have lost my cell 2 weeks before. And i want your help. If it is possible to trace the mobile then plz tell me. and if not then plz tell me some other options. IMEI NO. 358283031076789

  307. santhosh says:

    sir,i have a nokia 2700 classic handset…so far i used the browser in my phone(opera mini)…2 days ago,when i clicked the browser it didn’t open…so i installed opera mini to my memory card…whenever i try to browse with my new browser it is showing a warning “you do not have a working network connection”….i’m using aircell a sim…i have the gprs settings in my phone…please help me 🙁 …tell me how to browse usin the new browser in my memory card….wiatin for your reply….

  308. suraj jadhav says:

    sir some one stolen my mobile yesterday . i complained about . i have its recipt.if it is possible to trace the mob please tell me.

  309. B. Panigrahi says:

    i have purchased a Nokia 1650 model around 1 and half years back. Now the phone automatically switched off. Before given it to Nokia authorised service centre at Cental Market, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi i asked them whether the fault can be solved permanently and they charged Rs.450/- for that. When i collect phone from them it was funcation as usual but after half an hour the same problem occured. Tell me whether the automatic switched off problem can be solved or your agent cheated me.

  310. Anonymous says:

    my nokia 6070 can”t come on .i need help

  311. Bharat Badgujar says:

    Dear all,

    Last monty i purchase Nokia 5233 but i can not see a movies in this mobile, can u help me for this.

  312. geeta says:

    i want to change the body cover of my 3310c nokia phone,but don’t know where & how much it will help me.

  313. ayub khan says:

    daer sirr
    my hand set nokia 7610s is very bed any time problem and a new problem my dispay was show opning messenger pls reply fast and solusion pls
    ayub khan my contect no 9982134169

  314. TUSHAR JAYASWAL says:


    WOUCHER NO: A16770
    IMEI NO :358240034769455
    MOB NO.9426315993.



  315. Rama says:

    i have nokia 5800 but its camera becomes noisy at night even at good light at night . What can i do???
    plz Help me.. Humble request to you

  316. vishvak says:

    my nokia 3110c mobile displays that it has not found any music files but i hav stored some it in my memory card i hav also checked my memory card and it is working fine it shows updating library and displays no music files found but otherwise i am able to play an mp3 file in my mobile how do i solve this issue ??

  317. Natasha Panjaitan says:

    My N73, cant send short message. Every time i try to open the text message and create new message, it’s just go back to the main page/home.
    Please help.

  318. nokia 3110c recatiocaion code

  319. jitender sharma says:

    Nokia India,
    to escape some hanging problems in my Nokia-5130 xpress music i want to restore factory settings,

    but it’s the procedure demanding security code from me but unfortunately i don’t have remember that so can help me in this as soon as possible.


  320. Amit kumar Gupta says:

    nokia care
    i have nokia 6030 . Can i connect Internet nokia 6030 from PC through Data Cable

  321. anil shukla says:

    my nokia 7210 supernova restart some second

  322. shamshad ahmed` says:

    dear sir,
    i have nokia 8910i mobile phone,due to some of my fault it,s display is broken down,so i want to buy new display but i don’t get the address of the shop,many time i contact to nokia care but these people are not giving positive response,so please help me to find out the new display of nokia 8910i mobile phone,
    please give address of that shop where i get the display,i am eagerly waiting for your reply.please reply me as soon as possible

  323. Vallalraj says:

    I think Nokia customer care center is the one of the worrrrrsssssssst…… customer care service.

    My Nokia N95 mobile[ IMEI: 354835018817792 ] is given to nokia center [ 34 Bharathi Road, RTS Copmplex Cuddalore 607 001, Tamilnadu, India] for simple screen problem.
    After 6 month he given me the mobile with camera, slid function,mic problem. Now my mobile camera, slid function, mic are not working. i have paid Rs.4500 for this service.

    For giving my mobile to customer care center i have lost Rs.4500 & almost my mobile also lost.

    Very thanks for this good service keep it up then company will become rich & people will become foooooooolllllllllllllssssss………..

  324. Surajit Das says:

    Sir, I lost my mobile in kolkata on 20th April 2010. So please destroy all function & data of my mobile. And also I want to find The mobile. Please tell me the solution.

    My mobile’s details are:
    Nokia 2626 Silver
    IMEI: 353083023137598
    Item No:002B9M4

  325. vishal says:


  326. Varun says:

    Dear sir myself varun antony and i would like to confirm some settings issue with u guys as im not able to contact to ur helpline no. so the issue is Im using N72 hanset and it has phone memory like 10 MB while when im downloading any content or sending any content via bluetooth or net it exits automatically as not enough memory and i have pleanty of free memory in my memory card the latest handsets are having the features to download to memory card directly so can i do something abt it.And i expect an immediate revert frm you guys ..
    thanking you….

  327. vicky tamang says:

    Dear Sir,
    I lost my mobile on 22th April 2010. plz lock my cell phone using the IMEI.and also I have activated the lock system in my cell which reguires locked code to switch on after it is switac off.

    My mobile’s details are:
    Nokia 5610-d blue colour
    IMEI: 358652018615712

  328. deepak verma says:

    Nokia customer care

    sir my name deepak verma and i want buy
    nokia E90 mobile please send me your nokia
    shop address ( delhi,noida ).

    deepak verma

  329. Mitali Bhokare says:

    Respected Sir,
    hello sir, i’m MIITALI BHOKARE 4m PUNE
    nokia customer care centre is not worth it
    Just 5 months i took nokia 5130 (red) n it got spiolt
    now 4m past 2months d cell is with them.
    every 7 days they message n say that your handset is done but wen i check it out there, it shows d same prob n again they send it to d head office
    this is been repeated every time.
    Dis thin has been happened 4 more than 6-7 times
    every time they assure us that they’l replace it but they don’t.

    Please tell now what i’m i suppose 2 do because its high time now 🙁 My job sheet no.551504867/10408/78
    In view of above; I wish to request you to please take a necessary action to replace the same at the earliest. Your early action towards the same will be highly appreciated.
    I am desperately waiting for your action towards the same.

    Thanking you
    With best regards,

  330. shanil says:

    my nokia 9300 strip has gone damage. pls help me to locate the place were the spare is available in kerala.

  331. Ratan lal says:

    Dear sir,

    I purchased Nokia mobile (Model No 2600 c-2) on at gujarat. It has a warranty for one year.
    I am present time teaching in Bharatpur(Rajasthan).I purchases this mobile internet using only. my mobile is not working properly many time and i contact to bharatpur customer care many time & every time softwear updated by
    customer care.but my problem is not solved.
    present time my mobile deposited in customer care for repairing.

    1 My present jobsheet number is 850433527/100419/20(19th-april’2010),given by Nokia care.

    Now I am fully dissatisfy with the services and need to get my Phone Replaced, or my

    amount with the suitable interest rate and compensation, else I will file a complaint with

    the Consumer Court under the Consumer Protection Act of 1986.

    and inconvenience faced due to no availability of my Phone for almost one month.

    Ratan lal

    Dt. 27/04/2010

  332. Piyush Ranjan says:

    sir ,
    i wnt nokia 6500classic headphone so plz help me tell wether it is avilable in gaya ,bihar nokia care or not
    where i will get it ,,
    plz give me full information,
    i’m waiting for ur responce

  333. Piyush Ranjan says:

    sir i want nokia 6500c headphone so plz help me

    gaya bihar

  334. finto paul says:

    Am finto paul frm kerala-india had brought a bluetooth head set model is BH-106 and my mobile model is micromax Q5 fb.I connectd the both through bluetooth but the in the phone mode the head set is woring smoothly but in through the audio player of my mobile it is not functioning so i just want to coform that is this head set is compatable with my mobil micromax Q 5fb

    thanks and regards,
    FInto Paul

  335. sam says:

    coud you tell me the nokia 6570 are available in nokia store center

  336. swapna says:

    hello sir,

    my nokia 7210 supernova has got a problem of not enough memory!.. its not allowing me to go to my music player and video songs.. i have bought it in oct(2009).

    I have restored all factory settings, and even formatted memory card .. but still it is showing not enough memory!.. can you suggest me some solution for it..

  337. Anwar says:


    Am having nokia 5230 2 weak back am bought that.
    i have some problem in touch screen. it was get struck for hore that an hour randomly.

  338. Virender Singh Negi says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have got my losted handset (Nokia 6300) but it is just like paper wait because I was blocked my handset when this was losted through IMEI No. i.e. 354189028721671.

    I request you to please reopen / restart my handset because I want use my handset again.

    I hope that you will take action for the same at the earliest so that I can use it.


    Virender Singh Negi
    Mob. 09871163380

  339. santosh says:

    My Nokia 6820 keypad not workin & display problem anyelse do my cell please tell me where I contact, Location : Ghatkopar MUMBAI

  340. surinder delu says:

    hi sir i am surinder delu my 3110 mobile start time seciotry code command show him

  341. renu says:

    i have 7210 supernova model, i forgot my security code, what can i do now???

  342. hiren patel says:

    i have a complain of NOKIA CARE services.

    my self HIREN PATEL
    from – SURAT

    i have a NOKIA N-81 Mobile. which i was purchase 2 years ago. but yet time i m repaired it 6 to 7 times in Nokia care, & on periodical bases.
    our NOKIA CARE services are to LOW & POOR Quality.
    that’s why frequntlly diff. types of problem came in my mobile.

    Nokia Care Addresh:-
    adajan , surat

    pls take a immediate action on this care office.& help us in mobile care,

    this is not my only one complain, but also most of peoples have a complains of this care services.

    every time i can’t found office boss in this office. he have a always work outside. i think you remove him chair & table from this office.

    i am to much suffered with him service,

    still my mobile is not in working condition after repaired from this nokia care service, it’s to much for me….
    after given a money for mobile service, problems remain same & new problems are we welcome in our phones.. & for there repair they tell us ” it is required to send to benglore/pune office for servicing & after 1 month you will get your mobile.”

    pls be needfull….

    & give confirmation of our complain to us.

  343. Sabyasachi Sahoo says:

    Dearest Sir/Madam
    My regards and want to say that yesterday my Nokia 5320d1 set Is not working suddenly. After switching on the Luck is not opening. Kindly get me the information and is it repairable or not.
    Sabyasachi from Baripada,Mayurbhanj,Orissa.

  344. I have recently bought a nokia 5223 and i have a -problem downloading songs from the computer.i have been given a voucher number. using this i have access to download 10 tracks from ovi.the problem is that none of the songs download and the number of tracks left that i have to download decreases every time. if you could please tell me a solution, i would be grateful.

  345. yakshendra chawla says:

    hy sir,
    I want to open a nokia care in bikaner rajasthan.
    Plz get me information what i do?
    Plz give me nokia care rajasthan head contact number and send me terms n conditions of nokia care.

  346. Hitesh says:

    Hello Sir
    I bought Nokia 6303c in Oct. After 1 month got that one side head phone didn’t working. I was contact with nearest Nokia Priority delear’s. he said that it will take 10-15 days for repair. we will send it Gurgaon Office because it’s in warranty. Please sir suggest me what i can do.


  347. ashiah says:

    sir i am not able to get maps on my nokia phone please tell me how can i get maps

  348. Swapan says:

    nokia care
    i have nokia 7210 supernova Fcc ID:-PPIRM-436, IC: 66iu-RM-436,Type -RM – 436, model number 7210c,V 07.23,Date 17-07-2009.Can i Job Sheet Number.

  349. Savresh Babel says:

    Respected sir,
    It is an immense pleasure to use nokia mobile as it is being used by billons of people in the world. But your services dealer is not providing service adequately. I have made a complaint on 15 April and only one-forth of the work has been done. They told me that we are not having U.I of nokia 5310 and we will make you available in 3 to 4 days but today is May 23, 2010 almost 1.5 month is completed and they have not made me available my nokia part. I am facing a lot of problem and I have been calling to nokia service dealer (Rama Telecom, JMB ,oswal complex,sarang marg,surajpole udaipur, , Udaipur313001) that when are going to make me available my part? But there is no response from them they still use to say that in 3 to 4 days.
    I request you to please look into the matter as I am facing lots of problem.

    Thanking you
    Yours sincerely
    Sarvesh Babel

  350. Mradul Kumar says:

    during device software installation of nokia n72, battery goes off, I could charged battry with some other mobile and fitted back, but no switching on mobile, software updation asking to switch on mobile, how to switch on mobile for completion of software updation

  351. Athar says:

    hope less.I don’t purchase anynokia phon because agar gum jata hai to polce me complend karne par bhi koi hal nahi nikalta q k phon ko trass hi nahi kiya jasakta jis se ke pareshani hoti hai.This is not my only one complain, but also most of peoples have a complains of this care servicese jab nokia wale bole hai Nokia is the biggest mobile hand set provider in India. Nokia has 27.5 Crore subscriber in India (June 2008). Nokia is also the number one brand name of India in recent survey to aapko customer ki pareshni bhi hal karni chahiye agar aa[ aisa karonge to 27 Crore se 49Crore bhi ho sakte ho,is baat nokia company ko zara gaaur se lena chahiye Q aaplog sevicr donge to chalonge jaise ,mobile traker,mobile tress,kar ke castomer ko PC se mesage hi to karne hai vaise bhi aaplogo ne custoer care to open hai.
    Mohammad Athar (Maharashtra in Nagpur-440013)

    thank q

  352. Mohit Tripathi says:

    I bought N95 8GB from Qatar before 1 and half year ago and now I am in India. My N95 8GB is having some problem and Nokia care center-India are saying that we can submit and repair it here because its out of country product. They are saying that it will repair in Qatar only.Please suggest me how i can repair my mobile phone in India. Please reply in my mail id.

  353. veda prakash says:

    Iam a user of a Nokia N90 and having a problem of display due to fellon, display is not working due to connectivity problem between key pad and display,
    please send favourable advice,
    thanking U.

  354. Swarupa says:

    Recently I purchased Nokia 2505 CDMA mobile. When I called to any of the customer service and tried to enter options like 1 ,2 … ,its not recognising, its asking for options again and again.

    I tried from other mobiles its working from there.

    Even when I have conference from my mobile, mute option will not work.

    Please help for this two issues.


  355. mukesh bunkar says:

    MUKESH BUNKAR on Junet 1st, 2010 10:15 pm

    The Senior Manager (Customer Care)

    My name is Mukesh Bunkar.My Mobile set is (Nokia E50) has been lost in Chhindwara(M.P.).Can u find it,I already complained in police station,but he don’t work out.So plz plz plz Kindly help me.My important memory attach with this mobile.I need u help.I am highly obliged u.

    Set details are:

    Nokia E50-1M.Black512MB
    IMEI- 351895013224116

    I wants to that set of all functions should be block.
    I want trace that where is my mobile or who is using it.

    can u pls help me to searching. please.. please..
    Please do the needful.

    Thanks and Regards,
    MUKESH BUNKAR Chhindwara (M.P.)

  356. ROHIT GUPTA says:

    dear sir,
    i just want to know about your new accessory.your new release of nokia e-66. about its creation,its cost,its features. are you release a dual sim mobiles.thnk
    rohit gupta

  357. AMIT KESHRI says:

    on 1st june,at 11:41pm i recived a sms stating that my phone no. has won GBP 550,000 POUNDS in 2010 t world nokia draws in UK,TO CLAIM SEND DETAILS ON EMAIL

    i want to know wheather it is a scam or there any draw held by nokia in UK.
    i also saw on internet the comments of various people,saying its a fraud.
    i also gave my details on the email id.i was asked to contact their employee mr.cambell brown their any emploee with such name in nokia company

  358. mohit says:

    hi i am mohit i purchase nokia 2730 3g phone, i have the problem of how the mobile is 3g & wht about maps………..?
    pls send the request……….

  359. sunil joshi says:

    NAME:SUNIL JOSHI MOB:9822724365

  360. avinash yadav says:

    sir iam reqsting for u,my nokia mobile 1209, i going to nokia care,but in my mobil pro in kepade.he care member open all mobil in falt but before 1 month perchej.he care man not making.i am going nokia care in delhe,phase-1

  361. Prashant Magdum says:

    I want start Nokia Care centre Where i get information abot that?

  362. Srinivasan.R says:


    My mobile Model 5130Xpress music Imei No 355246035699164 that mobile was missed .so anybody should can not used this mobile please blocked to this particuler IMEI number. you have get any information for this, Pls inform to (contact): 9994686061

  363. I purchase two mobiles from “The mobile store” sanman complex vastrapur, ahmedabad. The first one was 6303i about 3 weeks back and the second one 6700 slide yesterday only. I preferred mobile store just because of originality issue. However, today morning I experienced a very strange problem with 6303i. The home page “ON SCREEN” display has some sort of thin digital noisy strip at the base. It persisted in subsequent applications also, even after changing the theme. Because of that I am unable to visualize the options displayed at the very bottom of screen. The sales person Mr. Deepak emphasized that in case of any software or hardware related issue our engineer can come to your doorstep to solve the same. Also I never expected so frequent problem with nokia handset as I am using nokia since last 8 years. Please help me to get rid of this issue



    Dr. Satinder Singh
    Deputy Manager- Vaccine Research
    DST C&MB R&D II 3rd Floor
    Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited

  364. chhatarpal says:

    I have Nokia E-63.It is not working on internet mail setup.Please tell me how i can start send receive from my Mobile.

  365. MANJUNATH says:


    I need new back cover for N82 (colour black). Where is it avaliable in Bangalore? if available, please give the address at bangalore. How much? please reply soon.


  366. Sudhakar says:

    Job sheet No: 312465550/100602/14
    Hi this is Sudhakar From India (T. Nagar-Chennai-Tamilnadu-India) i have purchased a Nokia N79 in T. Nagar, in Sri Vasavi Communications (Chennai, Tamilnadi, India) on 5th November 2009, from the date of purchase i have not used this mobile because of phone service issue. I had used this mobile hardly 20 to 30 days, and most of the time it is in the nokia care. And finally i gave this for service on 2nd July 2010, till the date i have not got any update. I called up and checked the status, they said that the mobile is in the head office till. I had spent INR 500 for my transportation for the same. This is purly not acceptable and i wanted to a replacement one for this mobile.

    Thanking you

  367. Hi i m using Noika E71, installing mail for exchange version 3.0,configuration is properly configured,but when i sync my device is is giving “error in exchange server try again later” other than noika E71, other phone is working fine same as current crendentials. please let me know what i can do.

  368. Rahul Palawat says:

    I am using Nokia N70 xpress music mobile phone from last 3 years but recently i am facing the problem with the keypad of my phone. When i give it to nokia care center alwar (Raj) they have charged me for the same. They have solve my keypad problem but they have created much more bigger software problem in my mobile handset like when someone call on my number it will disconnect automatically and some others keys like music player key, menu key, number key are automatically worked or when i make a call it will disconnect automatically and loudspeaker key worked automatically. I have giving my phone back to nokia care center for 2times complaning about the same but they have return my phone as it is. The way they are behaving and providing the services was to bad and disappointed me to much. I will hope that you will solve my problem as soon as possible. The nokia is a brand name and know for its customer service and satisfaction, but the way customer are treated in nokia care center make me very disappointed and even every customer have to wait for minimum 1/2hr to interact with customer service executive to solve their problem.
    My contact number is 9602691064 and if you can call me then i can told you about the whole problem.I hope you can solve my problem as soon as possible.
    My jobsheet no. is 100628/25,100717/18
    Thank You,
    Rahul Palawat
    28/429 kundan bhwan bhikam sayad,
    near, bazaza bazar alwar (Raj)

  369. Ratheesh says:

    Dear Sir,
    Today morning, I lost my Nokia Mobile,
    Model: N70
    Imei No: 356992017466358
    Please block that mobile,
    Yours truely

  370. Ajay says:

    Dear Sir,Recently i brought a E72 phone from maldives but unfortunatly i miss the back cover(battery cover)is it possible to get the orginal cover then where can i get in india or abrode?plse help me…………

  371. sahilsharma says:

    Dear sir,

    I brought a new mobile phone of Nokia X3 from Dubai 2 weeks ago.Now its battery is not working properly and have just battery pack up of 2 hours if i put my phone on please clear me that why this problem occurs in a very short period. please tell me solution of this.why your battery got damage in the short i also gone to nokia care but client of yours says this this is international phone sir there is not any warranty of this phone here.

    yours costumer.

  372. santu says:

    Dear sir
    I brought a nokia N97 mini but. my baterry is problame now. so i replace my baterry to the nokia care.but the care is varry slow service. the service center’s is not batter for costomer service .pls service better now.

  373. srinivas says:

    Dear sir,
    i am using aircel unlimied pocket internet on my nokia 2700 classic,but i am unable to play streaming videos in internet.i asked aircel customer care they said it is cell phone sir kindly tell me settings r suggest any software that will play streaming videos in internet and my browser is opera mini 4.2

  374. Ashith.Karkera says:

    I own an Nokia E90 for about an Year for now. I had an problem with my phone a it was not vibrating so i gave it to an Nokia Care in Bangalore INDIA for the Repair of the Gadget. What i got back after an Week was an E90 with Scratched pannel,3,6,9,8 keys arent Functioning, Pannel broken, Inner Pannel Screw Cover is LOST, & finally the VIBRATOR still not Rectified. I have been an User of Nokia Phones for over an Decade an the Service of the Phone hasnt been so WORSE so far. I hereby request an Stringent action to be Taken against this type of Misbehaviour & Recklesness of the Personnel working in this World Renown Firm.

  375. suman kumar singh says:

    i use nokia 5310 express music hand set but unfortunately my phone’s LCD have been broken.So i want to know the price of LCD of NOKIA 5310 EXPRESS MUSIC.So plz rply hank you.

  376. govind says:

    sir my mobile e63 some time hacking and ten bar nokia care par dia par sahi nahi hua

  377. bhargavi says:

    HI sir

    My phone memmory is protected.But as per my knoweldge i don’t give the security code. When i select the USE Phone memmory it’s asking Security code. I Need the contact Nos . Plese advise me. At any cost I need the phone nos which are saved in Phone memmory. My Mobile Details

    Type: RM-340 Model:2600c-2
    Made by Nokia
    CODE: 0556670
    IMEI: 353207/03/642446/7

  378. Rajat jain says:

    my nokia 6300 is switch off after i doing the software updation process………and still the phone switched off…….what can i do for this……

  379. Arindam kundu says:

    I am arindam kundu,bought a nokia 7210,supernova..(IMEI – 353180037564609),I am not aware about all function of security,so i press some wrong option of security code and PUK no.after that my BSNL no.9476498761 is saying invalid and BSNL sim not support of my mobile.I calling ur nokia care no. but it’s also not a valid no.So, what can i do? kindly do needfull.

  380. pramodparwal says:

    i have recently updated my nokia5800xpressmusic software through your customer care ,but afterupdating i am facing two issue 1.battery drain out quicky 2.ovi store app not working properly,i mean i am not able to download anything from ovi store. please reply

  381. Rajyaguru samir says:

    hello my mobile lost in my house plz search out the location of mobile where the my mobile

    imei no-353385045809181
    item no-002q277

    so plz search my mobile location and inform me on this mobile number-09924835796

  382. Atish oswal says:

    i purchased E72 in July 2010.The problem with the set is that some keys are not working.
    Please guide as what has to be done.

    Atish Oswal

  383. shahazad says:

    sir, i have a nokia 9500 communicator and i am unable to find flex cable for it…..please guide me what to do….i live in dehradun and nokia store people are very rude…..please help me find flex cable for it

  384. chinni says:

    i hav nokia 3110c mobile
    but that is asking that RESTRICTION CODE
    so am suffer with problem

  385. ajeet says:

    i have taken a mobile in USA, while switching it on in india its asking for some restriction code? what is that code, where i can get that?

  386. dear sir/madam

    mu mobile model is 6700slide
    in this mobile battery backup is very low but still facing that problem and sound also very low

  387. I m interested the purchase of Nokia 5530 xpress Music.

    Please tell me that Handset can Support MS office , as like the set 5235

    Please reply as soon as eariler

  388. rajkumar says:

    i have bought a 2690 nokia . but the software of browsing opera mini dose not open now.
    suggest me

  389. Kanika says:

    please give me information about nokia mobile

  390. Anonymous says:

    sir i want to know that why is the price of nokia x2 is less than x3 although x2 has more features which is the best amongst x2 or x3?

  391. prateek singhal says:

    sir x2 has more features than x3 than why x2 is cheaper than x3

  392. Sir,i have bought NOKIA X2-00 model on 28 September.
    now there is one problem in mobile.there is one file
    BGSA_upload_2. because of this file my mobile hangs regularly. I have also tried formatting of memory card.after formatting that file is deleted but when i restart that mobile that file again appears.when i remove memory card from mobile that file appears in Recordings.
    it’s my humble request to you that please quickly give me the solution so that i will be satisfied.

  393. yasir says:

    my nokia7210supernova mob. contactservice please help me to solve this problem

  394. amrit` says:

    how to use gps navigation in nokia e72….

  395. Ravindra says:

    I want to know does skyp works in nokia C3 ?.

  396. Amar Poptani says:

    Dear Sir,
    I had purchased an Nokia C3 hardly 20 to 25 day old. Problem which I am facing is it gets automatically switched off while talking and it also hangs up very frequently.

    Please tell me where to contact regarding this as this is a new phone purchased from nokia dealer.

  397. GAGAN MALHOTRA says:

    i have purchased the nokia E71 with IME NO 352710043739042 near about 3 months before in which the headphones given by the company are faulty . When i made the complaint against this in NOKIA CARE ,BATTAN LAL ROAD,MANDI GOBINDGARH (PUNJAB)-147301.

  398. Ratnakar says:

    Hi, I have recentely purchanse new nokia c3 mobile but right now I am facing problem display color problem, so please advice me what to do?

  399. More Amar says:

    hi, i have purchaced nokia 7210 and now it has speaker problem. This mobile purched from Plannet(MG road Pune). Now almost more than 15 days pass , but i am unble get feedback from them. As this mobile is under warranty and service from nokia care is hirriable . So Please look into matter.


  400. How to reset sequrity code for 3150(xpress music)even the default reset code get me plz

  401. aamir says:

    dear sir,
    i hve purchse a new nokia bh-104 bluetooth ear device,,so many times tried to connect it ,but still i m not able to connnect.i m using e 71 phone,pls rply me on mail id how to connect tht device,is thr any setting?pls give me plry as erly as posble.
    thank u …..

  402. Nishant kumar says:

    i had purchase nokia 7230. But in that mobile i had activate the opera mimi & ovi. What should i do. However i had purchase my mobile on 1st nov. 2010

  403. sakthi says:

    Hi, I have recentely purchanse new nokia c3 mobile but right now I am facing problem display color problem.i also gave to nokia service center and i returned,but this problem is not solved please advice me what to do?

  404. si my ovi is not opening and on the screen it is written that connectin after doing settings also
    and whenever i call the costumer care center the
    we dont kno it

  405. Muktanand says:

    i format n72 memory card in my pc and insert into n72 handset then memoery card corrupted massage show. sir please help me

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