NEFT money transfer Credit Time in India ( NEFT transfer time)

Once you submit NEFT transaction from your bank account (India) to other bank, depending upon the time of NEFT transaction time money will appear in creditors account on same day or next working day.

Once you initiate NEFT transaction, the transaction details goes to RBI. RBI settles all transaction at four time only during working day, it is 9.30 AM,10.30 AM,12.00 PM & 4.00 PM.

Creditors account will get money after around 15 minute of above settlement time. For example if you initiate money transfer on time 11AM. you can expect creditor account will get money at the time of 12:15 PM on same day.

If you initiate NEFT transaction after 4 PM, the money will be credited on next working day.

There is no risk associated with NEFT transaction, if money is not get credited within 24 hour, it will get revert to sender’s bank account. You can track the money through NEFT transaction number.

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