Most Secure Investment Options in India

If you have money and never want to loose money but also want to grow your money by investment, here is the list of most secure investment option in India :

1. Fixed Deposit in nationalized Bank: If you fixed deposit your money in Bank and opt to receive interest every month, this will be the most secure way to get income from your money every month, but your return will be very low. After tax deduction, from interest you can  sure get income more than 6% of your invested money per year.  Large Nationalized bank will not become bankrupt unless whole country become bankrupt. Try to put money in more than one bank for more safety. Get and store the FD statement regularly.

2.  Buy Gold: Gold is the most safe investment, there is no possibility of price drop of gold too much, but there is still chance that the price of gold will not rise too much for long time. Downside risk is very low. Keeping Gold in home is also not safe, you should deposit it in bank.

3. Open School– If you have large amount of money, you can open school for children, you will get land from government at low price and if you put good managers and teachers in school you will get a good income.

4. Buy many small flats: If you have really lot of money, you should buy many small flats at different places and if possible at different cities, buying small flats will lower the risk of loosing much money if any thing goes wrong with any flats. Return will be much higher by selling or renting.

5.  Invest in Debt Mutual fund– Investing in Debt mutual fund will reduce the downside risk to very significant level but you should expect lower return from your investment. return will be around 5% to 10% per year.

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