Minimum Broadband Speed for Seamless live IPL Cricket on YouTube

You can watch live IPL cricket match on YouTube/IPL. But for it, you require a high speed broadband connection. The minimum speed of your broadband internet speed should be  512 Kbps for seamless watch of live IPL cricket on internet through YouTube.

If your internet speed is lower than 512 Kbps, you can not enjoy IPL match on YouTube, as buffering of live stream will start.

If you are using Airtel broadband connection with any plan, you will watch YouTube/IPL at a speed of 2Mbps.

If you don’t have unlimited data transfer plan and you are paying for internet data transfer, don’t watch IPL match on YouTube. It will cause too much data transfer that lead to huge bill.

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  1. Anil says:

    Yar i want to know where i can download full free latest indian bollywood movie for free.Not give torrent and give the film in one part.

  2. Manikandan says:

    hi friends if you wanna like to watch IPL 2010 in Online..See at website..It’s having 6 channels. All are stream well @ even 256 kbps..bcoz i regularly watch IPL matches @ Watch and put your comments here…

    thanks and take care…

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