Merge all files of Different Folder into Single folder in your computer Easily

If you want to put all files of different folders into single folder without Copy and paste, you can do this in easy way in following way.

1. Make a new Zip file.

2. Put all folders in this Zip file.

3. Open that Zip file

4. you will see all files in this zip file without folder.

7. Now make new folder

8. After opening created zip file, select all files except one or two

9. drag the selected file of zippedĀ  file into new folder.

10. all selected file will be extracted to new folder without using its parent folder name.

11. extract remaining one or two file of the zip file in the same folder.

12. So the new folder contains all the files of different folder in merged way.

The above method works fine in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 operating system.

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