McDonald’s India Menu, Price and Location Details in your City

McDonald’s Fast food restaurants in India is more popular now, its popularity is growing at  fast rate. Currently McDonald’s is having largest network of restaurants in India in comparison to similar fast food chain like Domino Pizza.

If you go at any McDonald’s restaurant, you will find the same menu. The quality of food item will be always be superior. McDonald’s is maintaining the same quality across all the stores in the country. It have a single supply source for all the outlets in the country, so the end products is same throughout all outlets in India.

McDonald’s food menu is protected by patents, so it is very difficult to get similar food in quality and taste  from other restaurants.

Menu at McDonald’s is as follows

(Menu and Price indicated is only for rough idea, they change there menu and pricing very very frequently in India because of various weather seasons). You will get actual price details at outlet only.

Veg Food Item-

  • McVeggie ~  Price is around Rs 40-50
  • McAloo Tikki ~  Rs 20–50
  • Paneer Salsa Wrap ~  Rs 20–50
  • Crispy Chinese ~  Rs 20–50
  • Veg McCurry Pan ~  Rs 20–50
  • Pizza McPuff – ( i forgot the price )
  • Large Fries ~ Rs.40- 50
  • Happy Meal ~ Rs.50-60
  • Combos  ~  Rs.30-Rs.70
  • Soft Drink ~ Rs.20

Non Veg Food Item

  • Chicken Maharaja Mac
  • McChicken –  Rs 50- 55
  • Filet-O-Fish
  • Chicken McGrill
  • Chicken McCurry Pan

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If you want to locate the McDonald’s Fast food restaurants in your area, check here

Some outlet provides home delivery facility also at extra cost.

Call for Home Delivery in Delhi / NCR  (011) 66-000-666

Replace 011 to your city STD code if you are from other city.

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