Maruti Celerio Automatic Car : How to manage Clutch Operation

In Maruti Celerio Car which has Automatic transmission facility (AMT), there is no clutch pedal for driver, but there is clutch mechanism in the car which engages and disengages by internal mechanism, automatically by using various signals.

In following situation, clutch will disengages from the flywheel in Maruti Celerio Car

1. When changing gear : Whenever gear changes in Auto or manual mode, clutch will disengage, and engage after gear change automatically.

2. When you press brake pedal, and car is in D or M mode, clutch will disengage, so that engine will not stall. Even if car stop with brake pedal pressed, engine will continue to run because clutch is disengaged in this situation.

3. When you pull up the hand brake: As soon as you pull the hand brake lever, clutch will disengage.

4. When car is in D mode in first gear and you are not pressing the accelerator pedal,  if car stops due to more load or slope, clutch will disengage automatically until you press accelerator pedal.

So the engagement and disengagement of clutch is programmed in such a way, whatever you do with your celerio car, engine will not stall in most of the situation.

There may be chances that above is not fully true or the recommended method to disengage the clutch of celerio car.

For more and most reliable information,  ask the authentic source of Maruti Suzuki.

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