Make Easy Money in India- Genuine Guide For Online Jobs

If you are indian and want to earn easy money online in india in Rupees, not in Dollers (Scams), Here is list of genunie money making ways for Indians.

1. For Indian, Google Adsense is best option for income. You can earn a lot of money through your website if you install Google Adsense, Google Adsense giving money in Indian Rupees through check, so you dont need to give credit card details, You can make website used for different countries. You should always make a unique website different from other websites. Blogging is the easiest way to make easy money in india. Setting a blog is really easy. You can install lot of money making tools in your blog easily.

2.Freelancing job is really good if you have spare time and some specific knowledge in some specific area. Making money in india by freelancing is slightly difficult task for new person. It is not easy to get payment from your client. You need to be expert and also shold have other source of income.
3. Selling some affilieate program can be useful for making money, If you are a member of a social network like Orkut or myspace or Facebook with large network of friends or you are a owner of group with large number of members, you can earn money by reffering people to join some website like paypal,, etc. But before refering to people, you must ensure that your information is correct at these type of website and you have paypal account. Once again reffering people to join some website is not easy job. The most difficult task is to get targated people.You must not spam anywhere.

4. Joinig some website who are giving money for advertising, like or etc.

5. Online Share market trading an be useful for you if you have spare money and risk taking behavior, online Share trading is a kind of game now. Various Websites like ICICIdirct, ShareKhan, 5paisa, Motilal Oswal Securities, Indiabulls, HDFC Securities, Reliance Money, are leading websites services for India, where you can invest money and earn money online easily.

By above online jobs you can make some easy money in India but remember there are many people who are already trying for it, so you must have to do something new, something creative so that people will trust you. In India the big problem is money transaction, so it is better to open paypal account before doing any online money making jobs in India.

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  1. Gary says:

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  2. arvind says:

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