Mahabharata On Star Plus: Why to Watch Again on TV

If you are wandering why suddenly most of Indian TV channels are willing to show Mahabharata epic, this is because of quick success of Ramayana on NDTV imagine.

Mahabharata and Ramayana is the most famous epics of Hindu. Hindu are always want to see Ramayana and Mahabharat in serial form. Mahabharat serial on Doordarshan in 90’s was a great success. Most of the the Indian people bought TV only to watch Mahabharat and Ramayana at home. All people want to see this serial sitting together with family and friends. This is not only the story, Mahabharata is attached will faith in god. People want to learn more about the wisdom and great politics in Mahabharat.

After Mahabharat on Doordarshan, nobody was willing to remake it again because of fear of saturation of mind. But now most of TV viewers are of new generation as well as number of viewer now increased to several times compared to earlier number of viewers in 90’s.

The new Mahabharat on Star plus will sure having every hi-tech special visuals effects. Updated technology will be used in this show. Direction will be very professional.

I can still remember of early Ramayana serial, to show arrow with fire, they used to film burning fireworks with tip of arrow. You should not expect this type of special effects now. By using hi-tech computer and software, Mahabharat serial will be much entertaining now.

I hope producers and director of Mahabharat will not go away from the actual story of Mahabharat. Mahabharat is a great epic. This gives nice glimpse of our Past. This serial is directed by Chandraprakash Dwivedi.

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