Surviving Life Period (Span) of Indian Flat / Apartment

On an average you can expect your Flat/ Apartment will survive for 40 years in India.   The life span for Indian Flats/Apartment is low as compared to US or European Countries. Cost of the Flat in India is very high. Don’t waste your money in low grade flats.

The life span of flat/ Apartment are depending on following factors.

  • Building Material– Building material should be of high quality.
  • Uses of Steel– Concrete have certain life span, the actual strength of building is comes from the steel rods and steel support used in building. Building will have higher life if more steel is used. In India very low amount of steel is used for construction because of high cost of steel.
  • Good Procedure– Making concrete and building Structure requires a specified procedure, any deviation from specified procedure will result is weak structure. So more qualified and skilled professionals is required in construction job, which is low in India.
  • Layout of building– Layout of building is big factor, any hanging structure will have low life span than non-hanging structure. If number of floor increases, load on the building structure will increase.
  • Whether condition– High humidity makes steel in concrete weaker by corrosion. High temperature variation in one day also makes structure weaker.
  • Pollution– Pollution can cause acid rain, which causes weakness in Structure.
  • Seepage– Any seepage in building can degrade the building structure very fast.
  • Foundation– Building should have very strong foundation with much depth, and soil should be hard and should be of good quality below the building.

Purchase Flat/ Apartment for reputed builder only. Check the above points before purchase. Don’t decide flat life with the cost of the flat.

If all the points are followed, the life span of flat will be minimum 100 year. Otherwise for the low quality flats, you have to vacate the building in 10-15 year only.

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