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If you are a LIC INDIA policy holder, it is most important for you to check your all LIC policy status online regularly. You can check all of Your LIC Policy status by registering yourself at this link

After registering yourself, check your Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India policy status at THIS LINK

On left side click on “View Enrolled Policies ” link on “Policy tool” section . After this click on policy number. You will see all details of your LIC India Policy, It also gives the due date for next premium payment.

You can also pay LIC premium online through internet banking. For this you have to click on “Pay Premium Online” on Customer Services section. Currently you can pay premium through net banking from almost all Indian banks.

You can pay LIC premium online for current financial year only. If Due date of premium is coming in current financial year, you should pay online as soon as possible.

If your policy details is not coming after login, contact your LIC Agent or your LIC branch as soon as possible.

Check all of your details for correctness at your profile link

Many people forget to pay LIC premium on time. Non payment of premium in time may cause a huge loss to you.

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  1. LIC India says:


    That is great. Thanks for spreading the word.

  2. GOPAL JHA says:

    enquiry of lic deposit status there are five policies in my name

  3. mukund lahoti says:

    pls give the website name, so that we can take details of our Policy.

  4. Arun Kumar Sinha says:

    policy no.511636269

  5. K V Theerthesh says:

    please how much premium amount to be paid by me

  6. K V Theerthesh says:

    my police no is 723427610 how much premium to be paid by me

  7. Doulat Singh Panwar says:

    when mature and payable amount

  8. policy no.180881718 when it is matured and amount payable.

  9. akhilesh kumar chaurasia says:

    akhilesh mkumar chaursiya policy no.121694929 started 15/01/2002

  10. smt.sabita chaurasia says:

    policy no.121695181 started dt. 15/01/2002

  11. navnath chandore says:

    my police no is 962404576 how much premium to be paid by me

  12. patakamuri ramanjulu naidu says:

    policy no 655548862 pls give me my status

  13. subin.c.s says:

    policy no 775973674 please give me my status. now i withdraw how many Rupees get me

  14. k.srinivasan says:

    sir, i want to know my policy’s current status as i have not paid my policy for the past two years. my policy no. is 714566388

  15. rakesh kumar yadav says:

    Please let me know the maturity value of my LIC policy No 331644546 at the earliest.


  16. vipin kumar says:

    Plz Give me status this ploice
    Policy No. 26171554

  17. Respected Sir
    My policy No. is 514211272 & 514204558. Please send my policy details

  18. TARAK MISHRA says:

    Please give me status Policy no. 426288102 & 426288103

  19. Anonymous says:

    my monyback policy no.311100862 but my cheque did not come after complition of 11 year.

  20. digambar singh says:

    dear sir ,
    My policy no is 382688191
    I am not deposit premium last three year i wnt to pay the primium . kidly give me guidline how much amount i will paid till now

  21. surya prakash mishra says:

    i want to policy status on line

  22. kamlesh says:

    Pls. give me a policy status of policy no.

    332018638, 332018639 ,332018640 ,332018641

  23. lalit kumar says:

    sir mujha is police ka status chaiye

  24. jeetu says:

    Plz give the details of the policy no 922688547. I have no t paid the premium for last 3 yrs

  25. anil says:

    Respected sir,
    plz let me know how can i check my lic policy status ,………
    plz reply if u know ,,,,……..

  26. Nilesh Mokal says:

    Plz Give me status this ploice
    Policy No. 924743268

  27. rajinder says:

    sir please check my lic

  28. rajinder says:

    my policy no 302160045

  29. chitra says:

    plz show me the payment details of my policy no
    policy no :764862807

  30. Recepted sir

    My Policy No 641537846 Please give me status

  31. rajnish kumar says:

    537420989 and 536403369

  32. Gopal Kumar says:

    Dear Sir

    My Policy No 163722821 Plz. Give Me Policy Status

  33. P.ANNAMALAI says:

    i want to know premium due details for my policy numbers 710555778,710551778,714813937

  34. S N Dixit says:


  35. harpal says:

    dear sir,

    pl.check my policy status (policy no:-132736434)


  36. M.Parvin Banu says:

    Policy No.611815036 please send me the status
    Thanking you

  37. MANOJ DEV says:

    dear sir/madam,
    i want to know the actual status of my LIC Policy no.484627695

  38. N. Ravichandran says:

    sir, pls kindly be sent present status of below mentioned policy number i.e. 425222962 and 426274867

  39. lopa shah says:

    please give me a status of my policy numbers

    policy no: 834677102
    policy no: 835301645
    policy no: 83395211

    please give me a reply on my email id then I pay the cheque immediately

  40. syed akheel says:


  41. baljit singh says:

    plz show me the payment details of my policy no
    policy no :132344586

  42. damodar lal says:

    pls send my lic status
    policy no. is 195731052

  43. present status of policy no.482328576

  44. pls show my lic status
    policy 284973726

  45. swapnil says:

    plz send me my policy status my no is 894026619

  46. Kailash Babu says:

    Please send my lic status
    policy no. is 263667857

  47. anil kumar singh yadav says:

    my policy no is 115661252 please my policy status send my email id.

  48. ravinder kumar sharma says:

    pls send my policy no status 152220709

  49. Tabassum rizvi says:

    dear sir/madam,
    i want to know the actual status of my LIC Policy no.219465103,
    and all important details also.

  50. Tabassum rizvi says:

    Dear sir,
    plz kindly be sent present status of below mentioned policy no.219465103

  51. Inamdar d.d. says:

    pl.send the lic policy status & give me nominee details.polciy number.941343829.

  52. please show me the payment details of my policy nos 124837638,121038814 and next premium due

  53. Mrs.Maya Nigam says:


  54. Nisha says:

    Sir, I want to know the policy status of my friend Mr. Samir Parsekar his policy no is 930923999. Kindly reply

  55. sanatan kar says:

    My name is sanatan kar From Orissa Bhadrakh I Want to my Policy Details and Next Premiu Due Data-and How mutch Amount Please sand me My Email Address and My Policy No-584514994 and Others No-589496862 Thanks Your Policy Holder Sanatan kar

  56. sanatan kar says:

    Please Sir Sand me My LIC Details todays
    Wait for your Ansar Thanks
    My LIC Policy No 584514994 and Others No 589496862 Thanks, Sanatan kar

  57. sanatan kar says:

    I am sanatan kar From Bhadrakh my Policy Details and Next Premium Due Data-and How mutch Amount Please sand me My Email Address Policy No584514994.and Others No-589496862 Thanks Your Policy Holder Sanatan kar

  58. Gautam Mondal says:

    please show me the payment details of my policy nos 415717910 and next premium due

  59. jaya ben p patel says:

    please show me the payment details of my policy nos.835106365 and next premium due

  60. Shivling Bhojraj Swami says:

    Pls. gv us policy no.903439541 premium of Rs.1021/- p.m details.

  61. prashant says:

    please give me status of my policy. policy number is 957003644 bima gold lics golden jublee policy

  62. badri says:

    15-03-2010 wealth plus

  63. kawaljeet singh says:

    please show me the paymant details of my policy no 363991073

  64. satyendra kumar singh says:

    MY POLICY NO-10759310

  65. Anonymous says:

    no result shon on enquary.

  66. Please give me the status of policy no 592073642 ( Jeevan Anand). Other policy no 592077071 ( Jeevan Saral)

  67. Sir, I want to know the policy status of my father Mr.RAJEEV VERMA his policy no is 125584585. Kindly reply

  68. Ganga Ram Tudu says:

    sir,I want to know the policy status of my policy No. are 520309798, many units alloted in ulip fortune plus andd latest NAV

  69. pawandeep grover says:

    pawandeep policy no is 471233031 and pls tell the reasson of not payment of premuim

  70. Harish says:

    Policy no-241436008,

  71. manmohan singh says:

    sir, i want to know the policy status of my policies number 131789849 and 132717161. Kindly reply

  72. santa ranjan mahata says:

    policy no 434733334 pls give me my status

  73. surinder kumar says:

    policy records no.300755675,300755635
    chanchal kansal policy no.300755572

  74. vineet singh says:

    i want 2 knw the details of the following lic policy status no.284813316

  75. INDU SINGH says:


  76. Raju says:

    Licindia policy detail policy no.163994834

  77. MONIKA says:

    Hi, I want to inquire about the total amount of maturity payment by an agent was correct or not and my policy no. was 151426715. Date of maturity of payment was 11/6/2010

  78. Sir,

    I want to know the status of my policy no 194745161 and total payment.

  79. Maya Bhist says:

    Please send my policy status
    Policy No: 242100511

  80. Dayanidhi Dash says:

    Dear Sir,
    I sri dayanidhi dash bearing policy no.582203427.This policy has got matured on July,2010.All premium has already deposited. I have to know how much matured amount with bonus, I will get,and process of getting my matured amount may be known with the email as soon as possible.

  81. I asked my lic life insurance information about transaction payment because my agent not available information about payment


    My policy No 890764331 i want to revive the same Kindly let me know the amount to enable me to pay the same on line
    Kindy expedite


  83. LIC says:

    What will be the maturity if I pay 20000 per month in Jeevan Saral plan?

  84. laxman says:

    sir ple tell me srrender value of my policie. my pol no 674105056

  85. A.perumal says:

    sir, i want to my policy status and total amount, Please send me.
    Policy No: 744954995, money plus policy.
    thank you,

  86. Pusarla Venkata Ratnam says:


    My LIC Future Plus Policy No. 974830361 dt. 31.03.2005 has been matured on 31.3.2010. I have sent my option to pay money. But till date I have not received neither reply nor money.

  87. girdharilal saharia says:

    my policy no. is 69431141. pls send me details of it.

  88. subhash.p.v says:

    my policy-MONEY PLUS

  89. sir, i want to my policy status and total amount, Please send me.
    Policy No: 511371291.
    thank you,

  90. N.HARINATH BABU says:

    please send me my policy details and total amut

    policy no: 600036193

  91. sagar says:

    my lic policy no. is 947072771 please send me details

  92. chandrakant j mhatre says:

    pls show me my policy status of policy no-880529029,

  93. Govinda Prasad Singh says:

    Please send me the policy status alongwith details of premium deposit of my policy bearing No.587458666 & 587468650

  94. chander says:

    please give me the premium status of my friend policy no 262575359

  95. Devkishan Mourya says:

    my lic policy no330955861please send me details

  96. abhijit says:

    My policy has been matured. I want to know the status. My Policy No. 350811528 and 350811530

  97. lakshmi says:

    plz. give my father’s lic policy status, no.711546683 dt.20.11.1992

  98. R/Sir/Madam,
    I would like to know my policy status and how many Rs I have to deposit for the policy in this month with late fine. My policy No is 217612799, premium Rs 7260 yearly and due date is 28th May every year.

  99. Ramachandran Nair says:

    My policy No.77489295, Date 22-07-2004.
    Please provide me the current status of my policy,
    if i can continue the same or i can get the money back.

  100. Shailesh Wadekar says:


    I want to know the status of my policy no 957583142. my ecs can,t instaled this months.
    please reply.

  101. avinash says:

    my policy no.-961339118 pls give me detials about its.

  102. urmila rai says:

    my police no is 513364530 how much premium to be paid by me

  103. arun prasad says:

    my police no is 125414791 how much premium to be paid by me

  104. ROHIT KOHLI says:

    Iam Rohit kohli my policy no.175578766 of money plus. plz tell me status of this policy.policy start date:-04.07.2007.

  105. my police nois 114598255 pls give me detials aboutits.

  106. kalpana chand says:

    my policy no.-242075334 pls give me detials about its.

  107. firoj alam says:

    my police no 814990560 market plus pls give me detials.


  108. GULAB CHAND YADAV says:

    My the details of my Policy and bonus status.

  109. skchopra says:

    my policy no.124565605 jeeven aastha give me details with nav

  110. mohammad ishaq bhat says:

    i am glad to part of lic family

  111. Ganga Ram says:

    My policy 524089036 fortune plus give me details like no. of unit alloted with NAV

  112. pandit solanke says:

    Recepted sir

    My Policy No 985081508 Please give me policys bonus status

  113. let me know what is the value of my policy. policy 823106239 &823255665

  114. Vijay Singh Jagawat says:

    Sir I have two LIC Policies Nos are 231274674 & 233832779. premium due date was 27 and 28 Sep 2010 and that I have made payment through net banking (ICICI)but still I didn’t got any confirmation regarding payment and premium receipt.Kindly inform at the earliest and sent copy of premium receipt to my given email Id for onward submission for Tax benefit. Thanking You

  115. Vinod Kumar says:

    my policy no is 151328989 & 153699503 please my policy status send my email id.

  116. rabindra kumar mohanty says:

    Kindly inform the earlyest an sent copy of premium receipt to my given email ID .

  117. PRAJWAL B H says:

    i want to know the status of my policy recently i took one policy name jeevan anand if i enter the policy no it is showing number entered wrongly so please confirm with my policy no is correct or not
    policy no:616327458

  118. shyam sunder singh says:

    sir, pis check my lic policy no. 216220138 (04/08/2006) market plus policy holder, shyam sunder singh

  119. subinay mukhopadhyay says:

    please let me know about the maturity value of my two lic policy :(1) 08530816
    1 & (2) 085308162 .

  120. Neeraj Sharma says:

    My policy has been matured. I want to know the status. My Policy Numbers are:
    (i) 254742692
    (ii) 252783725
    (iii) 254162814
    (iv) 252221619
    (v) 253455511

  121. GOVIND KUMAR TAK says:


  122. bavandla narayana says:

    sir,i have paid all the premiums for policy numbers 640603082 and 644315585,hence please communicate me their maturity values respectively and procedure to be followed now to receive the amounts.

  123. RADHAMMA says:

    Hi Sir i am currently on a 13 year LIC Policy Plan
    So i would like to withdraw due to personnel reason but i have only completed 12 years ,so i would like to know if it is possible.And my account number is
    no:611790631 and i have this Policy in Bangalore.Please updated me about my current status and how much will i get in hand.

  124. ganesh.d,mule says:

    my policy no 903091227

  125. Nagesh. S says:

    Hello Sir,

    1) i had a policy at LIC but some financial reasons iam not payaing that amount now i want to re start that new policy. what to do the old policy? if any chance to re back to take my amount of 1st policy.
    2) my friend is paying by salary for LIC but he don’t now his policy no. he did’t any policy no. what to do.

  126. plz check my policy status
    policy no. 864848921

  127. UJJAL DHAR says:

    plz check my father`s policy status
    policy no. 418087774

  128. MURTUZA KHAN says:

    plz check my policy status
    policy no.515506251,514938351

  129. T Dutta says:

    my lic policy no 466840786 i have not paid for last 02 years kindly let me know how much i need to pay now.

  130. Satish Kumar Singh says:

    I want single premium policy for Rs 100000/= .
    My birth date 27.07.1970. Please advice me LIC Plan.

  131. aneeshkumar.g.v says:

    pls check my policy status policy no 784237944

  132. BISWAJIT PAUL says:

    I WANT MY LIC POLICY STATUS POLICY NO-425845937,426805519

  133. A.K.Guggari says:

    Dear sir,
    May I know my policy status of the policy numbers 631873663 and 680959312


    i have taken bima gold policy in 2007 i want to know current status of my policy & if i want to withdraw some amt or its better to surrender policy

  135. I have been purchased LIC policy No 512579526 on 28.10.03 table No 50-18 from LIC Office Barh Code No 530 against my son Mr. sangam yadav but till the said Policy not yet provided to me by LIC authority which is a unbelievable Although I have depositing annual premium since 2003 to till date so that my policy could not be bracketed. Kindly take action accordingly and provide my LIC Policy No. 512579526 if any body is sincere in LIC.

  136. Rakesh Kumar says:

    please inform policy status & when next prim is due

  137. kartheek says:

    Is there any other ways to check simply entering policy no. without registration?

  138. ARIJIT BANERJEE says:

    Policy NO: 469249694

    I didn’t get my premium receipt. Kindly send copy of the same in my given email Id at the earlist for submission for Tax exemption.

  139. santoshkumar says:

    pls check my mother’s policy status
    my policy no 511667030

  140. ANIL says:

    GIVE ME SURRENDER VALUEOF 176050819,176050153,176930863

  141. Venkateswar rao says:

    pls show me my policy details and lone details also my poly no 601461896

  142. pls show me my policy details and lone details also my poly no 582537670

  143. P. Ananda Krishna Kishore says:


    I want my polycy status. My Policy No:842807531 of Money plus.

  144. Dear Sir

    I want to know surrender value of my policy No. 353736298

  145. Jeevanandam says:

    I have six policy and want to online payments. so i facing the below error.

    Policy no.746145535
    policy No .746471502 to 504 did not entrol the policy to online payments has occure some hence pl let me the reason to online payments. remaining two policy already entrol to on line payments.

  146. Sraban Kumar Mahato says:

    I invest per month 5000.00 premium for 10 years.
    After 10 years how much money I will get?

  147. MAMATHA S says:

    Dear Sir,

    I want to surrender My Policy No: 363710666

    i would like to know the status of the Total amount of my policy.

  148. Anonymous says:

    Nibedita Swain

    Dear sir my policy no is 587316165 I want to know total details of policy now it is how much.

  149. pradeep says:

    My police no 86577392 please check

  150. SANJAY says:


  151. MAHESH M PATEL says:


  152. Anonymous says:

    My Policy No. is 715723668. When it expires ?

  153. Dinesh J. Indap says:

    Dear Sir,
    My Policy No Is 883956910. What Is The Status. I Sumbmited Dated 11/03/2016.& What is my Actual Amt.

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