LED TV price in INDIA (Latest)- SAMSUNG, SONY Bravia, LG Infinia

Here you can get information about low price models of LED TV available in India. First you should know the advantage of buying LED TV in comparison to LCD TV

1. In LED TV, picture quality is much better than LCD TV. More sharp and true color.

2. In LED TV you will get better contrast ratio so you can get bright pictures. Even if room is full of light, you can see pictures in LED TV without any problem.

3. Low power consumption and low thickness in comparison to LCD TV.

LED TV is basically improved version of LCD TV,  LED lights is used in pixels of LED TV instead of fluorescent lamp is used for LCD TV.

LED TV Price is much more in comparison to LCD TV.

Here is the Price list of LED TV of popular brands in India. (price is given in approx value, actual price may vary) All TV is having general features like USB support (i,e you can connect pen drive to watch movie, listen music, or see photo), full HD resolution etc.


Samsung 32 inch LED TV Price- Rs 61,000

Samsung 40 inch LED TV Price- Rs 1,00,000

Samsung 46 inch LED TV Price- Rs, 1,30,000

all USB 2.0 Support – Insert your Pen Drive and Enjoy Music, Movies

2. Sony LED TV

Sony Bravia 46 inch LED TV Price-  Rs 85,000

Sony Bravia 60 inch LED TV Price-  Rs 1,07,000


LG 22 inch- Rs 20,000

LG 26 inch – Rs- 29000

LG 32 inch  INFINIA – Rs 67000

LG 42 inch- Rs 1,00,000  (INFINIA) and Rs 1,60,000 (Dynamic Contrast Ratio (9,000,000:1)

LG 55 inch- Rs 1,55,000 (low features models)

(Above price list given are approx values only. Actual price may be different and depends on different models of same size. )

If you want to use LED TV at low price, buy LED monitor (for computer use), its price is low, and watch TV in it through TV tuner card.

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