Jio Tele -Verification SMS not Received solution

If you have just bought Reliance Jio sim card, data pack for your sim will be activated soon, mostly in one day (if documented submitted by e-kyc). But voice calling or SMS facility for sim will start only after 1st you get Jio Tele -Verification SMS and after verifying by calling 1977 from jio sim.

Before getting sms about Jio Tele -Verification, you will not be able to call even 1977. So don’t try to call 1977 if you have not received the sms about Jio Tele -Verification, it will be just waste of time. Just wait for SMS. The Jio Tele -Verification SMS may come on 1st day of purchase or may come on 20-30 days after purchase of sim, no one predict for sure. You really cant do any thing to receive Jio Tele -Verification SMS fast. So just enjoy the data on jio sim. when you will get sms, than only try to call or sms.

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