ITR-2 applicable for salaried or non – salaried person doing no business

If you have income from any source other than salary or registered business, you should pay the income tax in India using ITR-2.

Even if you are having saving bank account, you are getting some income in the form of interest on the money that you deposited in your saving account.You are getting income in the form of interest, so you have to file income tax return through ITR-2. If you get income from your those businesses which are not registered (you are not owner or partner of any registered firm or company), in this situation also you have pay the tax on your income through ITR-2.

In India number of people who pay income tax through ITR-2 is almost similar to number of people who pay tax through ITR-1.

ITR-1 is applicable only when you have only source of income is from salary and you have not got any money as interest, prize, share trading etc in full financial year. ITR-1 form is slightly easy to fill up in comparison to ITR-2, but ITR-1 does not reflect the correct income (If you are getting any money other than salary), so better is to use ITR-2.

Remember that last date to file your income tax return is 31st July 2009.

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  1. emb says:

    i paid tax from last 3 years since i was woring om IT and getting salary.

    BUT from 1 year i am doing my higher studies and my income is ZERo.

    So still i need to make null statement returns with ITR-2.

    or no?

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